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Perineoplasty – For The Breathtaking Hidden Part

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Perineoplasty is the technology that brings about the soft, elastic, and much tighter hidden area. After a few postpartum periods, the genitalia tends to have many scars that look unaesthetic. This surgery will allow the women to be more confident in their bed. Read the article below for the detail that might change your marriage life today.


What is Perineoplasty?

This is a surgery done to correct the ugly and keloid scars of the women’s genital area after giving birth. In addition, this procedure is also suitable for those who want to change the look and the size of the genital scar.

This cosmetic procedure is very effective in treating the perineum with deep and big keloid scars so that the overall aesthetic is improved.

The benefits of a Perineoplasty

this procedure has become very popular nowadays. With this technology, women will not only have their perineum corrected on the outside but also shrunken.

  • Gets rid of ugly and keloid scars of the genitalia, allowing the ladies to be more active in their sex lives.
  • Offers the outstanding result for a reasonable price. The ugly and unaesthetic perineum will be transformed completely after the procedure.
  • Does not affect the sensational nerves and ability to have a baby in any way.
  • Offers fast recovery. Therefore, your work and personal life will not be affected.
  • Tightens and brings elasticity and the sensation of your prime by getting rid of the wrinkled and ugly skin after giving birth

The international Perineoplasty procedure

Perineoplasty, in fact, is a very simple procedure; however, for the final result to be satisfying with no side effects, you should only seek quality and safe services. Below is the process of a perineoplasty at a reputable hospital.

Step 1: Consultation

The doctor will diagnose the ugly scar of the genitalia and provide the details of the procedure so that the patient will know what they are going to go through.

Step 2: General health examination

The client will go through some examinations like the heart rate, blood pressure, blood, drug reaction, etc. so that the doctors can be sure if the patient is qualified for the procedure.

Step 3: Equipment sterilization

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All the equipment that is going to be used in the perineoplasty must be completely disinfected.

Step 4: Genital anesthetization 

This step is done so that the perineoplasty can happen gently and smoothly.

Step 5: Perineoplasty

The doctor will remove all the ugly scars and adjust the overall appearance of the genitalia to be more aesthetic. After that, the patient will listen to the guidance from the doctors in the recovery room and schedule the follow-up appointment.

Genital makeover price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation 7,000,000
Mesotherapy Vaginal Rejuvenation 9,000,000
1-Layer Vaginal Rejuvenation 10,000,000
3-Layer Vaginal Rejuvenation 15,000,000
Vaginal shaping 15,000,000
Hymen Rejuvenation 7,000,000
Perineal Scars Treatment 7,000,000

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is very reputable for its perineoplasty. This is one of the most popular services that is believed by many customers.

Arriving at Gangwhoo, our clients will get to witness:

  • The state-of-the-art machinery that allows the procedure to be done correctly with the wonderful final result.
  • A team of doctors with great expertise to satisfy the need of any customer.
  • Extremely sterile operating rooms to ensure no infection happens to the patients.
  • Professional post-operative care.
  • Reasonable price.
  • International perineoplasty procedure to ensure our customers’ fate in Gangwhoo.

Aside from the elements above, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also certified by the Ministry of Health for our safeness and quality, making Gangwhoo a trustworthy facility for everyone.

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This is our information about perineoplasty. We hope that the information we provided will come in handy for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive the best support.

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