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Cheekbone Augmentation – Gives Plump Attractive Face

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The cheekbone augmentation method applies modern technology to form plumped, symmetrical and harmonious cheeks with your face. However, this technique demands high expertise, accuracy, and precision in every action. Therefore, you should choose a prestigious cosmetic hospital to have the best result as expected.

Cheekbone Augmentation - Gives Plump Attractive Face
Cheekbone Augmentation – Gives Plump Attractive Face

The cheekbone area is an important part, it is the bone structure that helps support and shape the face. But if the area of your cheekbone is, unfortunately, lower than usual, it will make your face look older.

Not only does it affect one’s beauty, but people with low cheekbone are also considered to have “poor fates”, and easy to get sick. So, cheekbone augmentation is very important, which affects the beauty of the face and fates in life.

To people with inborn low cheekbone, it is partially improved through eating. Therefore, the cheekbone augmentation method is the fastest way for you to have an elegant and symmetrical face that can last for a long time.

What is cheekbone augmentation?

Cheekbone augmentation is a very complicated aesthetic technique. To fill the sunken areas in the cheeks, we must use specialized filler, to form a plump and gentle look. This filler must be approved, and guaranteed in safety, and authorized by The Ministry Of Health.

This filler is 100% imported from Korea. The doctor will measure the right proportion of filler with the face. Then, using specialized devices to implant them into the cheeks area. This technique will plump the face with natural beauty without exposing cosmetics traces.

The advantages of cheekbone augmentation

The cheekbone augmentation technique is suitable for customers who are above 18, have low cheekbone area, sunken cheekbone area, or asymmetrical on both sides. This defect will be completely improved after one time of cheekbone augmentation.

The most outstanding advantage that you get after having this technique performed are:

  • Completely improve low, sunken, emaciated, asymmetrical cheekbone,…
  • Fill the cheekbone area, create a plump face for a more symmetrical and younger look.
  • The surgery is performed inside the oral mucosa, which leaves no scars, or exposes cosmetics traces.
  • The surgery is painless, which leaves no inflammation, and complications thanks to the exclusive anesthesia.
  • Applying the latest and most modern aesthetic technology.

The International Standard Cheekbone Augmentation Procedure

The whole cheekbone augmentation procedure will be performed by the doctors and experts from Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. The surgery is performed in the sterile room to ensure safety, and give accurate results in a natural, beautiful facial ratio.

The cheekbone augmentation procedure follows these steps:

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  • Step 1: The doctor will examine and suggest the solution for the customer who has defects of sunken cheeks, low cheeks, emaciated cheeks. Every question about the cheekbone augmentation technique will be carefully explained.
  • Step 2: Conducting a general health check to decide if the customer is qualified for the surgery or not.
  • Step 3: Measuring and sketching suitable ratio, and determine the spot where the filler is put into. The doctor shall explain the filler more clearly for the customer to rest assured before surgery.
  • Step 4: Before the surgery, the customer will be sterilized to avoid infection, inflammation, and anesthetized in order not to feel pain, or worried.
  • Step 5: Begin the surgery with a small incision inside the oral cavity. Then, the doctor will use an endoscopic device and suitable equipment to extract and gently put the filler into the assigned spot.
  • Step 6: After the filler is fixed, proceed to aesthetically sew the wound with a medical self-consumption thread to end the cheekbone augmentation process. The surgery is carried out inside the oral cavity, so the cosmetics traces will not be exposed.
  • Step 7: Taking care of the customer in the post-operative room. The doctor will directly monitor the customer’s recovery process, and advise home diet, and schedule re-examination.

Cheekbone Augmentation Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Facial paralysis6,420 – 8,560
Korean implant temple augmentation1,290
USA implant  temple augmentation1,730
NANO implant temple augmentation2,150
Korean implant chin augmentation870
USA implant chin augmentation1,080
NANO implant chin augmentation1,510
Chin augmentation with securing screws1,080
Cheek augmentation1,300
Forehead augmentation1,940
Cheekbone reduction2,790
Cheekbone augmentation2,580
Buccal fat removal1,300
V_Line jaw surgery2,580
Mandibular bone reduction2,150
Chin reduction2,150
Mandibular bone reduction + Chin reduction3,440
Cleft chin creation660
Gummy smile treatment870
Chin-sliding surgery2,150
Overbite treatment4,290
Overbite treatment + gummy smile treatment5,150
Overbite + Underbite treatment6,000
Overbite treatment + Chin-sliding surgery5,150
Lefort 1 surgery (upper jaw)3,860
BSSO surgery (lower jaw)4,275
Lefort 1 surgery (upper jaw) + BSSO surgery (lower jaw)7,720
Jaw angle surgery3,440
Chin grafting with mandibular bone2,150
Jaw angle trim surgery + jaw body trim3,860
Jaw angle trim surgery and adjustment + jaw body trim4,290
Jaw trim + chin alignment correction5,150
V-line jaw trim3,440
V-line jaw trim + chin alignment correction5,150
V-line jaw trim + Chin-sliding surgery5,150
Overbite – underbite correction2,790 – 3,220
Enlarged ear piercing correction230
1 side dimple190
2 side dimple320
Lip reduction – adjustment440
Lipo shaping (1 lip)440
Lipo shaping (2 lip)870
Wrinkles removal, facial correction (nose, cheek, chin)400

Images of our customers before & after cheekbone augmentation

Why should you choose cheekbone augmentation at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

A customer who has defects in the cheekbone area, and needs augmentation surgery to have a more symmetrical face can visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. This is a prestigious Korean Beauty Clinic that has been operating in Viet Nam for the past few years.

The clinic has a team of doctors with years of experience, high expertise, top cosmetic experts who will give you advice for an appropriate solution. In addition, Gangwhoo also focuses on updating state-of-the-art machines as well as new technology to bring you the best result as you expected.

Besides cheekbone augmentation, you are also suggested for many different beauty methods. Every defect on the body can be improved in a short time without having to train or be on a strict diet.

In short, cheekbone augmentation is a beauty method that is worth a try if you, unfortunately, have this defect. Having a young, symmetrical, plump, and gentle face will help you have a lot of opportunities in life as well as in your job.

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