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Alar Base Reduction – To Slim Down Your Nose

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An alar base reduction is a popular minor surgery that is highly appreciated nowadays. The advantage of this procedure is that it narrows down the nostrils while elevating the dorsum, etc. which helps to bring you a slim and gentle face. Depends on each case, the doctors will give you a consultation on how to ensure the most elegant post-surgery results. Read the following article for a better understanding.

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Alar base reduction – to slim down your nose

What is an Alar Base Reduction?

An alar base reduction is a method of removing a part of the nose wings then stitching it back to make the alar looks more narrow. Usually, this method can be applied at the same time as the nose augmentation if the needs arise. Although the alar base reduction is just a minor surgery, this method still requires dexterity and the carefulness of the doctors. If not carefully measured, the alar base can instead become too small and narrow, which lowers the aesthetic of the nose. The imperfect suture can leave scars if the doctors are not sufficient.

The advantages of an Alar Base Reduction

After a quick minor surgery, you will have yourself an elegant and beautiful nose. Here are some advantages of nose wings resection.

To form natural nose wings

An alar base reduction helps to create a wonderful look and improve the state of having wide nose wings. Besides, this procedure will also make your nose more suitable for your face.

Thu Gọn Cánh Mũi Khắc Phục Mũi To Bè Trở Nên Thon Gọn

A quick, painless, comfortable procedure

Many ladies want to be beautiful, but they are still afraid of the pain that might appear while having surgery. To bring you the most comfortable feeling, the doctors will begin local anesthesia. You can even have a conversation with the doctors during the procedure. In addition, this is rather a simple procedure that requires only a small, well-concealed incision to ensure that no scar is left.

For the everlasting and free from complications nose wings

An alar base reduction is a minor surgery since it only interferes with the soft tissue with a very small incision to guarantee no invasion and pain with a short recovery time. Moreover, this procedure guarantees to give you a long-lasting nose.

The international standard Alar Base Reduction procedure

Although the surgery only lasts for a short time with no complication, The procedure still has to follow these basic steps.

Step 1: Consultation

This is one of the most important steps, yet many cosmetic facilities don’t consider it or even disregard it. During this step, the doctors will point out the flaws on the nose and offer the most suitable procedure for your face features.

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Step 2: General health examination

To ensure your safety, a well-thought examination is mandatory before the surgery. For this step, you will go through a blood, diabetes, blood pressure test… If you have any of this medical record related to these diseases will not be qualified for this procedure.

Step 3: Facial ratio measurement and marking

This step will guarantee your nose to be small, decent, and beautiful without any flaw.

Step 4: Anesthesia

Local nose anesthesia will make sure your nose feels painless and comfortable for the rest of the surgery. Don’t be too worried as the anesthesia happens very fast and safe for your health.

Step 5: Alar Base Reduction surgery

Through meticulous marking, the doctor will then “transform” your nose into something better and more symmetrical. Details:

– If the alar base is wide and thick, a part of the nose wings is removed.

– In the case of the wide and flat nose, the alar will be rolled inside using the previous measurements.

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Step 6: Post-surgery care

After the alar base reduction, you will be moved to a post-anesthesia unit to rest and listen to some guidance from the doctors.

What to notice after the surgery

– Once the surgery is over, your wound will have to be bandaged for 12-24 hours to avoid any infection.

– Ice for 2 days for it to not be swollen and bruised.

– Gently clean the facial skin to prevent nose damage.

– Avoid eating food that can cause inflammation or scars like water spinach, sticky rice, beef, chicken, eggs… For one month from the day of the surgery.

– Take medications as the doctor’s guidance.

– Visit the hospital on schedule.

Post-surgery care plays an important role in bringing you the desired nose. That is why you must be persevering and follow the doctors’ requests.

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Nose makeover price list at Gangwhoo

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3D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 1,720
4D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2,150
6D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 3,000
Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty 4,290 Permanent
Nose Revision (Cases vary) 230 – 310 Permanent
Alar Base Reduction 440 Permanent
Nasal Hump Removal 879 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction (Soft Tissues) 1,080 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction + Nose Tip Enhancement 1,300 Permanent
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    Images of our customers before and after undergoing the Alar Base Reduction

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    Thu gọn cánh mũi Tiểu phẫu nhỏ tạo mũi thon gọn duyên dáng ngay tức thì min

    Alar Base Reduction

    Hình ảnh khách hàng trước và sau khi thu gọn cánh mũi Hình ảnh khách hàng trước và sau khi thu gọn cánh mũi

    Why should you choose Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

    Gangwhoo is a high-quality cosmetic hospital with thousands of good reviews. With over 50,000 cases, we are confident in bringing you the beauty that you wish for.

    Moreover, at Gangwhoo, we have ourselves the best equipment and machinery with constant updates to offer you the most perfect experience and away from all the complications.

    Common questions about Alar Base Reduction

    Does an alar base reduction make your nose looks higher?

    This depends on your current nose since what an alar base reduction does is just to narrow down the nose.

    A nose wings resection will reduce the width of your nose. Those with a natural high nose will have themselves a high nose and vice versa.

    However, if you have a short nose shape, you will receive a consultation from our doctors to see if you also want a nose augmentation for a better nose or not.

    Is an alar base reduction permanent?

    This is a permanent procedure since the resected part will not grow back.

    Does an alar base reduction have any effect?

    Many customers are afraid that the alar base reduction will affect the function of the nose and can easily cause complications. However, this procedure only affects the soft tissue hence the function of the nose remains the same.

    How long does it take after the surgery for an alar base reduction to heal?

    The wound would usually be swollen with minor pain for the first 1-3 days. After 4-7 days, the wound begins to recover and you will need to visit the hospital for suture removal. The nose and the ala will become stable and beautiful after 2 weeks.

    After the resection, due to the nature of the surgery, minor pain is inevitable. This usually lasts for 1-3 days. After this period, the wound will soon recover. After 2 weeks, you can get a suture removal with no worry.

    Does an alar base reduction leave any scar?

    With our advanced technology at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, no scar will be left on the nose since our doctors will perform the surgery inside the nose wings with dissolvable stitches to limit all the possibility of a scar.

    Does an alar base reduction have any complications?

    This is a rather safe technique, however, the risk of infection can still happen inside the operation room. These risks usually occur in a spa or small cosmetic clinic with low-standard equipment. At Gangwhoo 5 star cosmetic hospital, hygiene is always our number one priority. Our cutting-edge equipment is imported from Korea, the U.S… To ensure the quality and standard from the Ministry of Health.

    Feedbacks from our customers after a nose wing reduction.

    Ms. Hang (Ho Chi Minh city) said: “Back then, my nose wings are very wide and big which makes my face look messy and ugly. I already had the intention of getting a nose wings resection since my nose’s only flaw is its wide alar base. Then, I found Gangwhoo while surfing the Internet and the results were phenomenal. After the procedure, my nose is now very narrow and suitable to my face.”

    Ms. Loan (Bien Hoa) stated: “I had my alar base reduction at Gangwhoo half a month ago. My nose is now beginning to become stable and slim. When I had it, there was a promotion hence the price was rather cheap. At Gangwhoo, the doctors are dedicated, while the facility is very clean and beautiful which makes me feel very satisfied.”

    Feedback from Mr.Binh (Binh Duong): “I read a review topic on the Internet about Gangwhoo’s alar base reduction service on the cosmetic forum. I found that the reviews were very positive. Therefore, I give it a try myself and I have to say that the results surprised me a lot. My nose form is so much smaller than before.”

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