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2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment Methods

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2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment Methods. How to effectively treat a small and short penis is a big concern of men. What will be the solution to help regain confidence and male physiological health during sex? Let’s learn useful information through the article below, don’t miss it.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment

What size penis is short?

Short penis size is a condition where the size is smaller than the general average. According to statistics in Vietnam, the average size is about 12.8cm, and the penis is less than 10cm when erect, with a diameter of about 2.5cm.

How to measure penis size:

  • Measure length: Start from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans with 3 states: normal, prolonged holding, erect state.
  • Measure circumference: Measure in the middle of the penis shaft also in 3 normal states, horizontal elongation, erect state.

If a man is smaller than the above figures, he will be considered a “modest boy”. Size determination will be calculated from the tip of the penis, not counting the foreskin. The small, short size will make many men feel self-conscious about sex.

How does the size of the penis affect it?

The problem of penis size causes fear in men. Faced with this problem, men are often quite shy and lack confidence. Viewed from many angles, penis size greatly affects sexual relations and related health issues.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment

Affects the ability to achieve orgasm

A small and short penis still has the ability to achieve orgasm, but it requires “good” coordination between both people. It is likely that people with small, short penises often have difficulty achieving pleasure and sublimation while having sex. 

Affects other aspects of psychology and health

With the fear of having a small, invisible penis, men’s psychology will be affected. Especially the ability to be in contact or intimate with “that person” also causes self-esteem and discomfort.

Along with the “psychological ghost” of the size of a “tiny” penis, not having an erection or premature ejaculation during sex,… 

Why are small penises short? What is the reason?

The current phenomenon of “Tiny Boy” is not rare. The cause is determined by many aspects. Accordingly, it will affect the structure and formation of penis size.

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Specifically, there are a few main causes of this condition in men, including the following:

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment


Some cases of small and short penises may stem from genetic factors, when inherited from previous generations. The body is influenced by genes and may exhibit unwanted size.

Overweight and obesity

Overweight and obesity can increase fat in the penis area, causing it to recede inside and not develop normally. This can lead to a feeling of shortness of breath and smallness.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment

The structure of the foreskin is long or narrow

The size of the penis can be affected by the shape of the foreskin. A long or narrow foreskin can prevent excess skin from retracting, making the penis appear shorter.

Decreased male sex hormones

Testosterone is the most important androgen (male sex hormone). Decreased Testosterone can lead to degeneration of testicular cells and reduce the amount of necessary hormones. This can affect the quality of sex and cause the “smallness” of the penis.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment

Too much “masturbation”

Frequent “masturbation” too often can cause the sphincter, smooth muscle and cells in the penis to become calloused and lose important elasticity, causing the penis to shrink and become shorter.

Lack of essential nutrients

Poor nutrition and lack of essential nutrients can cause hormones to decline, leading to inadequate development of the penis. This can happen when men do not pay attention to their diet and necessary nutrients.

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Can a small, short penis be improved?

Men do not need to worry too much about the “humble boy” problem because improving it is not too difficult today. Using many methods and with the support of technology and the ingenuity of andrology experts, improvement is relatively easy.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment Methods

How to treat a small and short penis?

Surgery for a small, short penis will be divided into two ways to fix both length and width. The andrologist will conduct analysis and assessment based on the condition to take appropriate measures and bring the best final results.

Penis enlargement surgery

  • Using the saphenous vein: The doctor uses the saphenous vein to implant into the shaft of the penis. After 9 months, the size of the penis in the deflated state does not change, but when erect, it increases about 1.5 times.
  • Fat grafting to the penis: Fat is transplanted from the thighs or abdomen into the subcutaneous tissue of the penis. This helps increase the girth of the penis and create more uniformity.
  • Biological scaffold implant: A biological scaffold is implanted into the skin tissue of the penis, using artificial skin tissue construction technology. After 24 months, the circumference of the penis increases by about 3.15cm in the flaccid state and 2.47cm in the erect state.

Penis lengthening surgery 

With the lengthening technique, the doctor will perform a technique to release the suspensory ligament of the head of the penis.

Combined with creating a push flap at the angle of the penis with the pubic area to lengthen the penis. This surgery can increase the length from 3 to 6 cm. After 6 months to 1 year, the doctor can perform additional fat grafting at the angle of the penis to restructure the skin and perform fat grafting for long-term results and certain uniformity.

The cost of treating a small short penis at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the current treatment of a small short penis will be determined depending on the level and condition of each person. The average price will range from 40 to 100 million VND. The best way to know the exact cost is to visit a doctor or specialist for more specific and accurate advice and assessment.

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Premature Ejaculation (Medication) 89 – 419
Premature Ejaculation (Laser) 209 – 839
Premature Ejaculation (Minor Surgery) 1,259 – 2,089
Premature Ejaculation (IPP) 29,169
Erectile Dysfunction (Medication) 89 – 419
Erectile Dysfunction (Laser) 209 – 839
Erectile Dysfunction (Minor Surgery) 1,259 – 2,089
Erectile Dysfunction (IPP) 29,169
Extension (Internal Medicine)  129 – 629
Extension (Implant) 1,669 – 4,169
Penile Beading  129 USD/bead
Frenulum Corrective Surgery 1,669

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, an address for safe and effective treatment of small and short penises

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, an aesthetic address providing specialized andrology services to help regain men’s bravery. Small and short penis treatment is also a service the hospital provides so that “men” can be confident about the size and aesthetics of their “little boy”.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment Methods


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When treating a small and short penis at Gangwhoo TM Hospital, it will be done according to the following standards: Safety – Efficiency – Quality. At Gangwhoo Hospital, we are proud to have:

  • The team of doctors and experts at Gangwhoo Hospital have high experience and expertise in the field of treating small and short penises and “hard to talk about” problems in men.
  • Typically there is Dr. Dr. Truong Hoang Minh is the doctor in charge of andrology at Gangwhoo Hospital. Leading doctor with many years of experience in the field of treating diseases in men.
  • The hospital’s expert advisor is Professor Park Sung Hun from Korea with good professional knowledge and experience. Customers can rest assured about technique and efficiency when performing.

2 Effective and Safe Short Penis Treatment Methods

  • The technology to perform small and short penis treatment at Gangwhoo is also invested in state-of-the-art modern equipment. Modern 4K endoscopic equipment allows precise observation and execution during surgery.
  • The treatment process at Gangwhoo Hospital is designed and performed safely, complying with advanced medical standards.
  • During the treatment process, customers will be thoroughly examined. Gangwhoo’s doctors and team will always listen and support to find the best solution for each case.

Treating a small and short penis is not simply a solution to improve men’s health but is also a “key” to help men be more confident in sex. Don’t worry about this problem but put your trust in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to quickly change the size of your penis today.

If you are interested or have many questions about this service, do not hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for early CONSULTATION and SUPPORT.

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