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Permanent Axillary Odor Treatment – 5 Steps towards an Odor-free Underarm

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Permanent Axillary Odor treatment at Gangwhoo Hospital has long been sought after by many Patients with its effectiveness!

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What is Axillary Odor?

Axillary Odor (armpit smell) is a normal physiological phenomenon and isn’t classified as a serious affliction that needs treatment. However in reality axillary odor causes inconveniences for those with it and people around them. People with Axillary Odor will often have hyperactive sweat glands under their armpit and this results in unpleasant odor after the sweat surfaces their skin and comes into contact with bacteria from the external environment.

For some, their axillary odor can be too intense that cannot be overpowered by conventional cosmetic and hygiene products.

But why?

An average person has sweat glands that are distributed around their body, their main task is to secrete sweat to regulate body temperature, extrude wastes as well as for a few other minor benefits .

Sweat glands are divided into two types: smaller eccrine glands and larger apocrine glands, and the armpit is the location where the apocrine glands are extremely active.

These larger sweat glands excrete thicker fluid containing fat, protein and iron – which is consumed by bacteria outside the environment to create a musky and sour odor that is considered unpleasant by most.

Especially for people who regularly enjoy greasy, hot and spicy food, it unintentionally stimulates the larger sweat glands to work harder, producing sweat with even more of the sustenance that promotes bacterial growth that results in the characteristic body odor.

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Are you suffering from the same predicament? Let us introduce you to our Permanent Axillary Odor Treatment at Gangwhoo Hospital.

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Permanent Axillary Odor Treatment at Gangwhoo Hospital

Gangwhoo Hospital offers solutions to axillary odor both non-surgical and surgical.

  • Laser Non-surgical Axillary Odor treatment:

For this procedure, doctors use a laser to destroy the sweat gland structure under the skin, then proceed to use a non-invasive method to remove the gland that has been destroyed from the armpit.

When performing the procedure, the doctor will numb the area using an anesthetic cream, rendering you painless and unaware of any traces of invasion.

  • Non-surgical Axillary Odor treatment using slimming injections:

Doctors inject slimming agents directly into the armpit area of patients to numb the overactive nerves to help inhibit the process of sweating.

This helps reduce around 75% axillary sweating within half a year, possibly even longer as treatment continues with repeated injections and the process for each is rather fast, safe, minimal pain and leaves no scarring.

  • Surgical Axillary Odor treatment:

Surgically remove sweat glands using advanced endoscopy while being minimally invasive. The doctor will make a very small incision, just below the armpit, then destroy the sweat glands using a plasma scalpel.

The procedure is quick, easy and not very painful due to being done under local anesthesia. It also leaves a small stitch after doctors sutured the puncture wound

operating to remove the axillary sweat glands

Is the treatment of Axillary Odor really permanent?

As with every treatment, results vary between patients due to differences in physiological, circumstance and psychological factors. Depending on your condition, doctors will personalized and conduct your appropriate treatment and give you the proper aftercare instruction.

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With treatment and proper aftercare, the result can reasonably last a lifetime. You can rest assured in coming to Gangwhoo Hospital for a safe, effective and permanent removal of Axillary Odor.


How much should you set aside for an Axillary Odor treatment?

Service List Price Promotion Price
Endoscopic Surgical Axillary sweat gland removal 521
Deep-layer Laser Axillary sweat gland removal 869 652

At Gangwhoo we are proud to be the top cosmetic medical facility in Vietnam and of our responsibility to bring aesthetic beauty to patients throughout many years of operation in Ho Chi Minh City.

With financial transparency at the core of our policy, we offer support for cosmetic procedures for women and our hospital regularly implements attractive incentive programs.

To receive financial aid on procedures, please contact us or directly consult at our hospital at 576 – 578 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District.

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Axillary Odor Treatment Procedure at Gangwhoo

Step 1: Consult

If you are in need of getting rid of this obnoxious sweat gland, go to Gangwhoo Hospital for advice and opinion from our cosmetologists. Here, we will offer solutions that are suitable for each person.

Step 2: Checkup

You will have a subclinical medical examination and necessary tests as required by the doctor before performing the treatment. 

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Step 3: Disinfects and Anesthesia

Medical staff at Gangwhoo will disinfect the operating room, medical instruments and disinfect your armpits.

Step 4: Treatment

The doctor performs the procedure. Depending on the technique chosen, the duration will vary although it should take at most 30 minutes.

The procedure will be performed under anesthesia until complete removal of the sweat glands that cause odor in the armpits.

Step 5: Aftercare Instructions

After the procedure, you will rest for 30 minutes and be guided by our medical staff on how to properly aftercare as well as schedule revisits for sutures removal and reexaminations.

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Patients who may need Permanent Axillary Odor Treatment

Patients looking for Axillary odor treatment should be healthy and have no infectious diseases. You should have a consultation with the doctor before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Aside that, anyone listed below is a good candidate

  • People who are 18 years old and above.
  • People with overactive underarm sweat glands (sweating almost continuously throughout the day)
  • People with overwhelmingly unpleasant axillary odor
  • People whose other method of stopping/ reducing axillary odor proves unsuccessful 
  • Women after giving birth, having stopped breastfeeding whose hormone changes lead to a more active sweat glands, promoting odor.
  • People engaging in frequent outdoor activities lead to an increase in sweating
  • People who had unsuccessful axillary odor treatment from unreputable facilities


Is the treatment of axillary odor painful?

You should experience no pain during the procedure provided you are under anesthesia. You may experience soreness after your anesthesia wears off but should recover quickly afterwards.

After the procedure, the doctor will guide you on how to take proper aftercare, prescribe necessary medication and perform a quick examination before you are discharged.

Does the treatment of axillary odor leave a mark?

With 2 methods to treat axillary odor (non surgical and surgical) at Gangwhoo Hospital, only the surgical method requires a small puncture wound. The size of the wound means if the healing process goes well and aftercare is properly followed, there shouldn’t be visible scarring. If you are concerned about scarring, it is recommended to have the non surgical procedure.

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Aftercare Instructions For Axillary Odor Treatment

  • Keep the armpit area dry to the best of your ability. Do not let the armpit come in contact with water for at least the first 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Perform disinfection according to the doctor’s instructions with medical solutions.
  • 5 days after the procedure, you can shower or wash as usual but need to dry the armpit afterwards.
  • Refrain from heavy physical activity for 3 days after surgery.
  • 10 days After the procedure, you can resume your normal schedule
  • Avoid wearing clothes with little to no breathing room under the armpit and instead wear loose garments made of breathable material or clothes with plenty of armpit space
  • Follow the schedule to have your doctor reexamine the wound on time.

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Contact Us At Gangwhoo Hospital For More Details

  • Address: 576 – 578 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCMC
  • Hotline/Zalo: 0901 666 879 (+84 901 666 879)
  • Email: info@gangwhoo.vn
  • Website: https://benhvienthammygangwhoo.vn/
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You can be completely confident in the axillary odor treatment at Gangwhoo Hospital. We guarantee your body odor gone and leaving no bad scars after only one treatment. Our doctors are highly trained and constantly improving their professional expertise through annual international training to ensure your best results.

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