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V-Line Chin Augmentation – For Modern Beauty

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V-Line chin augmentation is the most popular beauty method nowadays. Standard beauty nowadays involves having a V-line, symmetrical chin. Thanks to the chin Augmentation surgery technology, those who have short or square chin…can have attractive V-line chin.

Độn Cằm - Giúp Bạn Sở Hữu Khuôn Mặt V-Line Mơ Ước
Chin Augmentation – For Your Dream V-Line Chin

Things to know about the chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation is a chin reconstruction surgery that turns short chin, receding chin, square chin, round chin, protruding chin into a slightly pointed and slim V-line chin. After the surgery, your face will become slimmer and gentler.

Thanks to the great development of the cosmetics field nowadays, people have more choices of chin augmentation methods suitable for their jaw bone structure.

  • If you have a receding chin: Silicone or other filler materials will be used to form a longer chin shape proportionate with the facial appearance.
  • If you have a short chin: Your chin will be appropriately pulled forwards and fixed with crews.

Furthermore, to ensure the most flawless result, the doctor might combine chin augmentation with other methods such as Chin trim, jawbone trim, nose augmentation… to help form a well-proportioned V-line face.

Độn Cằm Dáng V-line Thời Thượng
V-Line Chin Augmentation

The advantages of the chin augmentation surgery

  • The chin augmentation method helps you to turn the short chin, receding chin, square chin…into a slimmer, gentler, and attractive chin.
  • The new chin can last for a long time, or even permanently.
  • This method can be performed differently based on your desired chin shape and your bone structure.
  • The procedure applies modern techniques to reduce the risks and complications.
Độn Cằm Dáng V-line Siêu Thon Gọn
V-Line Chin Augmentation – Slimmer Chin

The chin augmentation surgical procedure

Chin augmentation must be performed precisely due to its complexity, potential risks, and complications. Therefore, to ensure safety for the customers and the success of the surgery, the surgery must be carefully performed according to the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and Consultation

The doctor will examine the customer’s facial condition. Then the customer will have their jawbone – chin scanned for further analysis. Based on the result, the doctor will suggest the most suitable solution for the customer.

Step 2: General Health Check

The customer will have essential tests done (heartbeat, blood pressure, blood test,…) to ensure safety during the procedure.

Step 3: Pre-operative measuring and sketching.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The doctor will measure and mark the surgical positions based on the previous analysis.

Step 4: Perform sterilization and general anesthesia.

Step 5: Performing the chin augmentation surgical procedure

The doctor will make small incisions for the procedure. There are two possible incisional positions:

  • Inside the oral cavity: The doctor will make a 3 cm incision inside the oral cavity. Because the procedure happens inside the oral cavity so there would be no scars left. However, the wound can get infected easily due to the great bacteria density, so you need to carefully perform hygiene for this area as well as going on a diet for a few days after the surgery.
  • Under the chin: The doctor will make a 3 cm incision under the chin. After the surgery, you can still eat normally thanks to less inflammation and swelling. There would be no scar left under your chin if you follow the doctor’s instructions.

After reconstructing your chin, the wound will be closed with cosmetics threads.

Step 6: Post-operative care.

After the surgery, the customer will be transferred to the post-operative care room for further checking. After one night, you can return home. You need to follow the doctor’s instructions to quickly recover from the surgery.

Non-surgical Makeover Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Dịch vụ Giá niêm yết Giá khuyến mãi
Jaw Angle Receding 7,000,000
Cheek Receding 7,000,000
Lateral Canthal Rhytid Removal 7,000,000
Corrugator Supercilii Muscle Immobilization 7,000,000
Frontalis Muscle Immobilization 10,000,000
Smile Lip Shaping 9,000,000
Chin Augmentation 9,000,000
Temple Augmentation 9,000,000
Rhinoplasty 9,000,000
Baby Cheek 9,000,000
Heart-shaped Lip Shaping 9,000,000
Lip Rejuvenation 5 – 20.000.000
Nasolabial Fold Removal 7 – 9.000.000
Pitted Scar Filling 7 – 9.000.000
KH Độn Cằm Nội Soi An Toàn
Image Of Our Customer Before & After Chin Augmentation

Safe chin augmentation without complications at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Chin augmentation is a complicated surgery with potential risks if the doctor does not perform precisely. So you should not choose untrustworthy cosmetics facilities with inexperienced and unauthorized doctors.

The most common risks after undergoing chin augmentation:

  • Infection, necrosis.
  • Prolonging pain and swell.
  • Deformed or deviated chin.
  • You are not satisfied with the final result.

To avoid unwanted risks above, you should choose a prestigious cosmetics facility where you can have high-quality services and procedures in a modern sterile room.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Gangwhoo is one of the most prestigious places that offer quality chin augmentation service. Gangwhoo applies state-of-the-art technology and machinery systems to perform chin augmentation. The entire procedure is carried out by skillful and experienced specialists who have trained in many specialized courses abroad.

Gangwhoo is always at the top list for having thousands of successful chin augmentation surgeries that bring great change as well as ensure good health for the customers.

The chin is one of the decisive factors of an attractive and gentle face. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will always offer the best chin augmentation service and help our customers to become more beautiful, elegant, confident in their works and lives.

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