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Transgender breast augmentation is a method for all male-to-female or non-binary patients in the journey to gain their desired appearance. This surgery brings a full and attractive bust and successfully receives the attention of those who are in the process of “finding themselves”.

What is transgender breast augmentation?

The chest area is considered the most important part of a woman’s body. For those who are wishing to transition from male to female, the intervention to change the chest is an indispensable step. After transgender breast augmentation, they will be able to own a full bust like girls.

With the development of the aesthetics industry, many advanced techniques have been invented and are widely recognized globally and domestically. Therefore, not only in foreign countries but also in Vietnam, this method is also known by many people for its absolute safety and outstanding aesthetic effect.

Transgender breast augmentation
Transgender breast augmentation

What are the challenges for transgender breast augmentation?

Although the field of cosmetology is still on the rise, at the same time, transgender breast augmentation still faces certain obstacles.

Transgender breast augmentation is more complicated than normal female breast augmentation. Due to the thin skin structure in the male chest area, the muscles are quite tight and there are no mammary glands. Therefore, this method requires the surgeon to have a high level of expertise to carefully calculate the surgical plan and regimen to bring the best result and ensure that no bad scars are left after the surgery.

The difference between transgender breast augmentation and traditional one

Surely many of you will wonder, whether there is any difference between breast augmentation for women and transgender breast augmentation. The body structure between men and women is completely different, so even though the methods are similar, there are still differences in the technical aspects:

  • Patients of transgender breast augmentation usually have strong and tight chest muscles, thin skin, no mammary glands, cartilage tissue, and flat breasts overall. Therefore, it is important to adjust the breast shape anteriorly and choose the right breast implant.
  • Incisions during surgery will be longer than breast augmentation for women. The reason is that the patients do not have breasts.
  • Because there is no supporting mammary gland, the fixation process during breast augmentation is quite complicated.

How is transgender breast augmentation performed?

Regarding the procedure, transgender breast augmentation is not much different from conventional breast augmentation. However, during the surgery, there will be more complicated techniques used. Therefore, for these customers, the doctor will plan the regimen earlier than usual.

Step 1: Consultation and Examination

Customers wishing to have a transgender breast augmentation should conduct a breast exam about 2 months in advance. The doctor will examine as well as examine and recommend the appropriate breast implant size. Then there is the step of choosing a surgical technology and designing a suitable plan.

Step 2: Pre-surgery health check

At this step, the doctor will check the client’s current health status, and they will have to provide information related to the medical condition or declare the current usage of medication (if any).

Step 3: Measure chest shape and general anesthesia

After determining whether the patient’s condition is eligible for surgery. The doctor will measure and draw the breast shape by the pre-planned proportions.

For transgender breast augmentation, customers will be given general anesthesia before surgery

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Step 4: Perform the surgery

For this surgery, the doctor will use laparoscopic technology to conduct the surgery, open the skin, and put the filler material inside. Then, the doctor will align, shape and fix the breasts accordingly.

For this method, the doctor also combines breast shaping to make the breast skin pink to ensure aesthetics.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After finishing the surgery, the customer will be transferred to the post-operative care room to monitor the response to the filler material and health status. This is also a sensitive time because the chest is very susceptible to contraction reactions, so it needs special attention.

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What type of implants is suitable for transgender breast augmentation?

Because the structure of the chest area is far different from that of women, transgender breast augmentation requires a type of implant that is flexible and easy to put inside. Currently, some of the preferred filler materials for this case include Nano Motiva Implant (USA); Mentor Implant (USA),…

How long does it take to recover from transgender breast augmentation?

Similar to normal breast augmentation, after surgery, patients will need 1-3 months for the chest area to stabilize as normal. Recovery time will vary from person to person.

  • The first 10 days after surgery: You need to wear a shaping bra and take pain relievers.
  • 1 month after surgery: At this time, there will be a slight feeling of tightness, but the implant has gradually shown signs of compatibility with the breast tissue.
  • 2-4 months after surgery: The breast shape has gradually stabilized, you need to wear a medical bra as prescribed by the doctor.
  • From 5-6 months later: Your breasts are mostly settled into form. You can now go back to wearing your bra as usual.

Notes for those who want transgender breast augmentation

With the characteristics of a major surgery requiring many complicated factors, there are many things that customers need to keep in mind before deciding to perform transgender breast augmentation. However, first of all, you need to focus on the following two main issues:

Choose a reputable address

Currently, there are many cosmetic units specializing in the application of breast augmentation. However, not every address can meet the conditions to perform transgender breast augmentation. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the following issues:

  • Choose a reputable cosmetology unit, approved by the Ministry of Health, and have a medical system that meets strict criteria for ensuring customers’ health.
  • Modern technological equipment and examination environment are guaranteed according to international standards.
  • Doctors with high expertise, high education, and guaranteed license to practice plastic surgery.
  • Cosmetic hospitals are highly appreciated by many customers for their effectiveness.
  • Good care for customers in the postoperative period.

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Precautions before surgery

  • About 2-3 weeks or preferably 1 month before breast augmentation surgery, customers will be prescribed to stop injecting hormones and stop using functional foods that stimulate hormone growth to ensure good health condition, and psychology and prevent complications.
  • Stop using drugs, and pharmaceuticals containing ingredients including Aspirin, Heparin, and Paracetamol, …
  • Keep your mind at ease and avoid negative emotions that may affect your psyche.

Post-operative care

Regardless of whichever method, after the surgery, the customer needs to undergo a careful care process to avoid the occurrence of cases that affect health. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • After removing the bandage, you need to wear the fixative 24/7 for the allotted time after surgery. If wearing a bra, give preference to tight-fitting bras, thin frames, and thick push-up padding.
  • Do not expose the chest area to water for the first 2 days after surgery. You can clean this area by gently wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • Limit movement, touching the mammary gland. Abstain from heavy work or vigorous exercise to avoid a deformed chest area after lifting.
  • Abstain from dishes made from foods including Beef, chicken, salmon, glutinous rice, water spinach, etc.
  • Abstain from unhealthy drinks such as alcohol, and coffee, and do not smoke.
  • Only use prescription drugs prescribed by the doctor himself, and do not arbitrarily buy external drugs but have approval from the doctor.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach, and abstain from sex for the first 2 months after breast augmentation.
  • From the 2nd month onwards, you should combine breast massage to create roundness and attractive cleavage.

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Video of actual transgender breast augmentation patient at Gangwhoo

Leading hospital in transgender breast augmentation in Viet Nam

In the past years, finding a cosmetic hospital that applies transgender breast augmentation in Vietnam is quite rare. That’s why many people choose to go abroad for surgery, but the cost to perform in another country is quite large, which has become a dilemma for many people who want to have surgery to live their life with the look they desire.

However, now you can rest assured because owning a sexy bust is no longer a difficult thing to them. Gangwhoo Hospital is one of the pioneering units that successfully conduct this cosmetic method. There have even been many cases of successful implementation and positive praise for the hospital.

This is considered as a method that opens a big turning point for Gangwhoo Hospital. With a team of doctors with many years of experience in performing breast augmentation in general and for transgender breast augmentation in particular, you can be assured of owning a full, attractive chest that is no different from women.

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Sharing about her decision to have breast augmentation at Gangwhoo, Trieu Vi – a girl with non-gender beauty always chases after the dream of being true to herself said that she had experienced a lot of gossip from the public, the support from her family had become the motivation for her to participate in breast augmentation surgery. Gangwhoo Hospital is the place she trusted in her journey to change herself for the better.

It is known that this is an important first step for Trieu Vi to have a complete “makeover” and perfect herself before continuing her dream of becoming Miss International Queen Vietnam.

If you still have doubts and worries about transgender breast augmentation and are not really confident to do it, come directly to Gangwhoo Hospital or immediately contact Hotline (24/7) at 1900 5128 or 0901 666 879 to receive detailed consultation from experts. And you can rest assured because in the journey of self-improvement, Gangwhoo will always be with you.

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