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Nipple Lightening – Pink on You, Hot with Your Man

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Many married women have chosen the nipple lightening method. This method helps women and sisters to have their young curves again, and make their husbands go crazy. If you are looking for a safe nipple lightening service, follow the below article to understand our method better!

Nipple Lightening


What is nipple lightening?

Laser nipple lightening is becoming more and more popular in the cosmetics field nowadays. With thousands of ultra-thin laser rays, the melanin at the nipples are will be erased.

This method helps your body to naturally eliminate melanin out of your body. Moreover, the laser wavelength irritates the body to generate collagen that makes our breasts softer and gentler than ever.

Nowadays, the nipple lightening method is becoming more and more popular among women because it makes them more confident in their marriage life.

Nipple Lightening

The advantages of the nipple lightening method

This method has amazing advantages as follows:

Reduce melanin at the nipples area

By combining the micro-needling method with natural color ink, you will have natural breasts and your nerves will not be affected.

Painless surgery

Before the surgery, the doctor will carefully perform anesthesia so that you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

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Safe surgery

This method will mainly affect the skin layer, so it will not invade or damage your breasts. Especially, the mammary gland will not be affected.

Quick surgery

The whole procedure will last from 30 – 45 minutes, so you can come back to your work and daily life right after the surgery.

nipple lightening
Nipple Lightening – Light Up Emotion of The Opposite

The process of the nipple lightening spray method

To understand the nipple lightening procedure better, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Consultation and examination.

Before the surgery, the doctor will examine the customer’s current nipple condition and suggest the most suitable solution. To achieve the best result, you should share your desire with the doctor.

Step 2: Sterilization

To reduce the risk of being infected, the doctor will sterilize the nipples area before the surgery. Then the doctor will perform anesthesia so that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Step 3: Performing the surgery

The doctor will use a microneedle to erase the melanin at the nipples area, the doctor will spray ink to make the nipples lighter. Finally, the doctor will apply the cream on the nipples to irritate collagen generation.

Step 4: Post-operative care.

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After the surgery, the doctor will instruct you to do self-care for your new nipples at home. Because this is a simple surgery, you can return home after the surgery.

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The Nipple Lightening Procedure

Tattooing and Sculpting Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetics

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Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Gsoft Implant 2,149
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant Without Chip 3,159
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant With Chip 3,639
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Ergonomix 4,710
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Arion 3,629
Nipple lightening (Free cream) 650
Nipple Reduction on both sides 870
Areola Reduction on both sides 1,080
Accessory Breast Removal (1 – 2 breasts) 1,520
Gynecomastia treatment 1,730
Breast Reduction 1,940 – 2,790
Breast Lift 1,940 – 2,790
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Polytech 4,280
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Ergonomix 3,000 – 4,290
Breast Fat Grafting 2,150
Buttock Fat Grafting 3,000 – 4,290

Why should you choose nipple lightening at Gangwhooo Cosmetic Hospital?

If you are looking for a place for nipple lightening service, please follow the following advantages you will have at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most popular cosmetics facilities for beauty makeovers in general and nipple lightening in particular.

Our team of talented doctors will help you to have the most natural and young breasts than ever. Especially, the ink used in the surgery is 100% made from a natural material, it will not affect the customer’s health as well as prevent swelling or bruising over the years.

The nipple lightening procedure will be carried out in a sterile room. We strongly prevent cross infectious diseases or infection in every beauty makeover surgery at Gangwhoo.

In terms of price, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital offers an extremely reasonable price so that any customer can use our services.

Beautiful breasts and light nipples help heal and enrich marriage life.

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