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Non-surgical Jaw Angle Receding – For The V-Line Mandible

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The ladies always want to own a V-Line mandible like a Korean star; however, many of them are afraid of surgery because of the pains and complications. This non-surgical method, therefore, is suitable for them.

What is a Non-surgical Jaw Angle Receding procedure?

A Jaw Angle Receding procedure is done by injecting Botox into the 2 sides of the mandible.

Botox is a field that is made from treated Botulinum bacteria. This field once injected into the lower end of the jaw will then affect the lower muscle of the mandible. This causes the muscle to become stiffer and thus slims the mandible without the need for a Mandible Trim surgery.

The amount of Botox needed for each case is different depends on the body condition and the state of the jaw.

Non-surgical Jaw Angle Receding - For the V-line mandible
Non-surgery Jaw Angle Receding

Who is suitable for a Jaw Angle Receding Using Botox?

A safe and effective method for:

  • People with a lot of facial fat that cause the face to look round and unattractive.
  • Those with the round, wide, and expanded mandible.
  • Individual with large masticatory muscles.
  • A person with a small mandible but a great amount of facial fat makes the face disproportionate.
  • People with a normal jaw that but still want to aim for the perfect V-Line.

A prohibit method to:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Women with menstruation.
  • Those with issues on the face or the injection area.
  • People who are allergic to Botox.
Thon Gọn Góc Hàm Mang Lại Diện Mạo Hoàn Mỹ
Jaw Angle Receding – The Method For The Perfect Look

The process of a Jaw Angle Receding

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will inspect and get a grip of the condition of the jaw to give out a suitable solution.

Step 2: General health examination

The customer will have to go through a general health examination to ensure that their body is normal and qualified for the procedure.

Step 3: Equipment sterilization

The equipment that is used in the procedure will be cleansed procedure will be sterilized to ensure the safety of the customer.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Step 4: Meticulous marking

The doctors will begin marking the mandible area to determine the place for the Botox injection.

Step 5: Local anesthesia

Before receding the jaw, this area must first be sedated by the exclusive anesthesia technology to ensure a painless procedure for the customer.

Step 6: The procedure

Using the specialized injecting tools, the doctors will inject Botox into the marked area. The entire process takes around 10 minutes.

15 minutes after the injection, the area will be nice to reduce the amount of swelling.

Once this is over, the doctors will provide guidance on what to notice to guarantee the final result.

Quy Trình Thon Gọn Góc Hàm
The Process Of A Jaw Angle Receding

Mandible Trim price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
Jaw Angle Trimming 7,000,000
Cheekbone Reduction 7,000,000
Crow’s Feet Removal 7,000,000
Corrugator Supercilia Removal 7,000,000
Glabellar Reduction 10,000,000
Smile Lip-Shaping 9,000,000
Chin Augmentation 9,000,000
Temple Augmentation 9,000,000
Rhinoplasty 9,000,000
Baby Cheek 9,000,000
Heart-shaped Lip Shaping 9,000,000
Lip Rejuvenation 5,000,000 – 20,000,000
Nasolabial Removal 7,000,000 – 9,000,000
Pitted Scar Treatment 7,000,000 – 9,000,000

Care guidance after a Jaw Angle Receding

  • For the first 3 days after the procedure, intense movement on the face must be limit, especially on the jaw. Always keep your head straight regardless.
  • Avoid eating, chewing hard food, or using the lower jaw too much.
  • Avoid any form of intense activity or sport as they tend to destabilize the new Botox fluid and cause them to shift to other regions.
  • Limit the use of cosmetic products on the face for about one week after the procedure.
  • Minimize the direct contact with sunlight.
  • Consume plenty of water, vitamin and take enough rest to ensure the health of the body.
  • Avoid drying the hair with high temperatures as it can cause the fluid to be unstable.
  • Avoid wearing a tight mask for a long period.
  • During the first 3 days after the procedure, gently massage the face and do some exercises to keep the jaw stable.
  • Take the prescribed medications.
  • If an abnormality occurs, seek immediate treatments from the doctors.
Jaw Angle Receding – Bring You The Confidence You Need
Jaw Angle Receding – Bring You The Confidence You Need

The advantages of Jaw Angle Receding Using Botox

  • Fast recovery time with little rest requirement.
  • The high aesthetic effectiveness offers a thin and elegant face.
  • Non-surgical and safe procedure.
  • Reasonable price. At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the cost for one Jaw Angle Receding is 7,000,000 VND. Each procedure offers a 6-8 month result.
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