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Laser Axillary Odor Treatment – 5 Steps to Odorless Underarm

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Axillary odor can significantly diminish one’s confidence in both communication and daily activities. Consider laser axillary odor treatment

Causes of axillary odor

Axillary (armpit or underarm) odor is a condition that, while not life-threatening, does noticeably affect daily life. Sufferers may feel self-conscious during social interactions, communication and daily activities.

During hot, dry weather or intense physical activities, ample sweating makes axillary odor even worse.

The causes of this condition are:

  • Congenital
  • Daily diet high in fat, greasy foods or odorous herbs and spices such as onions, garlic, etc.
  • Improper hygiene.
  • Using too much deodorant.
  • Extensive physical labor or activities which leads to excessive sweating.
  • Plucking axillary hair, using razors or other substances to wax axillary hair.

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment is specifically developed to combat this issue.

Commonly used folk remedial axillary odor treatment methods

When facing axillary odor, people often first look for folk remedies to overcome it. Here are 6 commonly used folk remedies in the case that you don’t want permanent axillary odor treatment

  • Use lemon

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - lemon is an alternative remedial method

Lemon is often used by many people to deodorize and kill bacteria on the skin surface due to its strong acidity.

Using lemon is also very simple: Cut 2 slices of lemon and rub it on the skin under your arms and massage for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Although this method is simple and quick, it is only temporarily and partially effective. You have to repeat it once or twice a week to keep the odor away.

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  • Use ginger

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - ginger is an alternative remedial method

Ginger has mild antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to effectively reduce sweating and prevent bacterial growth that causes odor. Using ginger to treat axillary odor is also very simple. Wash fresh ginger and grind it to get the juice, then mix with a little salt and a little lemon juice.

Finally, clean the skin under your arms and apply the mixture prepared above, keep for about 30 minutes and then clean. 

  • Use bitter melon

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - bitter melon is an alternative remedial method

Bitter melon is a vegetable with very good deodorizing properties. Wash the bitter melon, slice it thinly, then dry it and consume it every day.

Not only bitter melon fruit but also bitter melon leaves have similar deodorizing effects but the way of use is different. Wash the bitter melon leaves, dry them, then puree them to get the juice. Persistently use it every day and after 1 week the axillary skin will have a very good odor reduction.

  • Use mugwort leaves

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - mugwort is an alternative remedial method

Mugwort is dried, then boiled with hot water and mixed with water to take a bath or wipe over the body. Using mugwort leaves can help you sleep more comfortably and significantly improve axillary odor.

  • Use betel leaves

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - betel leaves is an alternative remedial method

Betel leaves are an ingredient often found in shower gels or cleaning solutions of its antiseptic properties. To treat axillary odor with betel leaves, you can grind them, take water, add a little salt to the water and finally use a clean towel to absorb the betel water and apply it to the skin under the arms.

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This method needs to be persistent for 1 month to be able to treat axillary odor.

  • Use alum

Laser Axillary Odor Treatment - alum is an alternative remedial method

Alum is a substance widely used to disinfect, fungicide and treat axillary odor. However, when using alum, be careful not to damage the skin.

Crush alum, then bake it with water until the water evaporates, then let cool and rub it on the underarm area. This method needs to be done every day to best reduce axillary odor.

Although these remedies can somewhat effectively eliminate odors, they need to be persistently applied daily or weekly without stopping, and each preparation is time consuming. Your body will suffer from axillary odor again should you ever stop. 

Hence why many people have turned to the modern method of treating axillary odor non-surgically with lasers.

What is this laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment?

Gangwhoo offers a non-surgical laser treatment for axillary odor. This is a method that uses an intense precision laser to destroy axillary sweat glands and then uses an endoscope to remove the destroyed axillary sweat glands from the body. This method can help reduce sweating and reduce axillary odor.

Advantages of laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment

treatment for a spotless underarm

Gangwhoo Hospital are proud to offer non-surgical laser treatment for axillary odor. This method helps reduce axillary odor significantly with the following advantages over conventional methods:

  • Painless.
  • Non-surgical.
  • No post-treatment downtime.
  • No scarring.
  • Proper treatment is quick, only takes about half an hour.

Aftercare for laser axillary odor treatment

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While treating axillary odor with laser does not require surgery, you still need to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure speedy recovery and that the symptoms don’t resurface.

  • Avoid strenuous activities: for a while after treatment, even though there is no surgery, they will still suffer some damage, so you need to avoid damage from friction and physical stress to your underarm
  • Avoid spicy, hot, and greasy foods: This is the type of food that stimulates the sweat glands to secrete more and thicker sweat, so limit eating these foods.
  • Keep the axillary area clean: After laser treatment you need to limit contact with water and clean the axillary area thoroughly but gently to avoid the growth of bacteria that can cause infection. .
  • Wear comfortable clothes: tight clothing can cause damage to the underarm area, so you need to choose comfortable clothes so that the sensitive skin area can be as comfortable as possible.

Cost of laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment

Depending on the condition of your axillary odor, your doctor will decide whether to treat you more or less often, though most people will only need one session. The price below is for each session.

Service List prices (USD) Promotional Price
Endoscopic axillary sweat gland removal 499  
Endoscopic axillary sweat gland removal with multi-layer wave laser 820 619

Is laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment painful?

When performing laser axillary odor treatment, the doctor will anesthetize the patient so the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort. However, after the anesthetic wears off, the patient will feel pain in the skin under the arm, but this pain is within a tolerable level

Who should treat axillary odor with laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment?

Although this is commonly done, not everyone is suitable for this method. Specifically, this is best fitted for:

  • People with not too severe axillary odor.
  • People over 18 years old, with fully developed sweat glands.

To know if this method works for you, you need to see a doctor for a more thorough consultation.

Does laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment dry out the skin?

Yes. The non-surgical treatment of axillary odor uses a laser to destroy the axillary sweat glands. Therefore, after treating axillary odor with a laser, you should use deodorant rollers that moisturize the skin under the arms.

Is laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment permanent?

According to experts, treating axillary odor with laser helps destroy axillary sweat glands, so after treatment, recurrence may not occur if patients pay attention to keeping their axillary clean and eating well. and live scientifically so as not to affect body odor.

Laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment process

treatment for a spotless underarm - procedure

To ensure that axillary odor treatment is safe and technically correct. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we also apply standard medical laser non-surgical axillary odor treatment procedures:

Step 1: Visit and consult with your doctor about your axillary odor to choose a suitable treatment method.

Step 2: Clean the skin under the arm to be treated and then anesthetize the axillary area.

Step 3: Proceed with laser axillary odor treatment.

Step 4: Clean the skin area after treating axillary odor, and then cover the wound with a suitable bandage.

Step 5: The doctor will recommend and advise on things to note during recovery and how to live after laser axillary odor treatment.

Where to choose reputable axillary odor treatment?

If you are wondering which reputable cosmetic facility to choose to treat axillary odor, Gangwhoo Hospital is for you. We offer:

  • Services are consulted and performed by a team of professional doctors and nurses, regularly sent for training at home and abroad.
  • Non-surgical laser axillary odor treatment technology using Korean technique.
  • Heavily invested equipment and machinery to ensure modernity and effectiveness.
  • 5-star service quality, with each procedure meticulously done.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact directly Gangwhoo Hospital for timely advice and answers.

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