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Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening

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Tartar removal & teeth whitening is the quickest and simplest way that helps you to regain bright and healthy teeth. This dental correction method helps remove more than 90% of the dental plaque accumulated at the root and the space between teeth. Your teeth will be cleaner and brighter and your chewing function will be improved.

Cạo Vôi Răng & Đánh Bóng Răng
Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening

Tartar also known as plaque which is formed over time through the daily meal and careless teeth care. The dental plaque accumulates at the root and space between teeth, and then turns into tartar and makes your teeth lose their color. Heavily accumulated tartar is the main reason for dental diseases such as gum swollen, bleeding gums, bad breath, gum recession, pulpitis,…

Your daily oral care does not give results as expected. Hence tartar removal & teeth whitening is the only way for your teeth to be brighter and shinier.

What are the tartar removal and teeth whitening methods?

Tartar removal & teeth whitening is a method by which the dentist will use special tools to destroy and remove dental plaque inside the oral cavity, root, and the space between teeth to get rid of harmful bacteria. The dental surface will be cleaner and healthier.

According to dental experts, customers should only have tartar removal & teeth whitening done once every 3 – 6 months in order not to weaken and damage the teeth. In addition, it also depends on an individual’s oral health condition to perform this method. Thus, see and consult your dentist to have the best solution for your teeth.

The advantages of tartar removal and teeth whitening

The tartar removal & teeth whitening method can be applied to customers of any age or gender. If you are facing dental problems, you should see a dentist for advice and have your tartar removed. This method has outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Removing dental plaque, tartar accumulated over time and eliminate dental bacterias.
  • Making teeth brighter and healthier.
  • Prevent dental diseases and get rid of bad breath.
  • The procedure is safe, quick, and does not affect the surrounding gum and tissue area.
  • Painless procedure that does not leave any complications or swells.
  • Quick recovery and healthier teeth.
  • Prevent the risks of getting diabetes.

The tartar removal and teeth whitening procedure

The tartar removal & teeth whitening procedure follows a standard and safe dental process. Our customers’ safety is the top priority. After only once for tartar removal & teeth whitening procedure, you will see a big difference.

  • Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current teeth condition, the dental plaque at the oral cavity to suggest the best solution.
  • Step 2: The doctor will clean the customer’s oral cavity with physiology saline to remove bacterias and food crumbs.
  • Step 3: The doctor will use an advanced ultrasound machine integrated with the Korean tartar removal & teeth whitening technique. By using the ultrasound wavelength to gently remove dental plaque and tartar without causing any pain or discomfort to the customer.
  • Step 4: If the customer is suffering from gum recession, gingivitis, or pulpitis, the doctor will perform treatment before removing the tartar.
  • Step 5: The doctor will use ultrasonic tartar remover with the frequency adjusted according to the current dental plaque, tartar. The tartar removal process is performed gently in order not to cause any pain or discomfort. This is highly evaluated compared to the old method.
  • Step 6: After the procedure, the doctor will use a special cream to make teeth brighter and healthier. at the same time, it will help prevent dental plaque reaccumulation.

Tartar removal price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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PERIODONTAL DISEASES Tartar Removal and Teeth Whitening 12 – 20
Tartar Removal and Teeth Whitening for kids  6
Pericoronitis treatment 12
Periodontitis treatment 15

Why should you choose the tartar removal service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is trusted by many customers for doing tartar removal & teeth whitening method thanks to the following criteria:

The team of high-qualified doctors

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has a team of experienced and skillful doctors, dentists. They have years of experience in the dentistry field along with the dedication to the job, they also used to study and practice abroad. Our doctors are among the most dedicated in the field.

Modern Facilities

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has a state-of-the-art machinery system and equipment. In addition to the sterile operation room, post-operative care room along with advanced machines and technology…the hospital also constantly updates the latest cosmetics technology from around the world.

Standard Surgical Procedure

Gangwhoo applies the international standard tartar removal & teeth whitening procedure. The customer will not feel any pain during the procedure thanks to the exclusive Anesthesia technology. After the surgery, the customer will be specially taken care of.

After only one time of tartar removal & teeth whitening, you will regain natural beauty for your teeth. The bright and shining dentures are what impresses people around you. Pay Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital a visit for further information on this amazing service.

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