Postpartum Genital Makeover – Make You Feel 20 Again

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During the postpartum period, a woman’s body has to go through a lot of changes. Her genitalia becomes “deteriorated”, which affects the sexual ability. Thus a genital makeover will allow the lady part to be much more tightened and breathtaking.

Postpartum Genital Makeover
A genital makeover after childbirth helps to bring the vagina back to its prime

Why should you never underestimate Postpartum Genital Makeovers?

As mentioned above, the body will have to go through multiple changes after childbirth. These include skin cracks, melasma, saggy breast, and belly, etc. However, it is the deterioration of the vagina that the ladies fear the most as it not only takes away their confidence but also affects their sexual lives. For that reason, a Genital Makeover after giving birth is a very essential procedure.

Postpartum effects on the “Secret Area”

Giving birth is the greatest right of any woman. However, to hold the child in her hand, the pregnant has to suffer tremendous pain. The skin and the body shape may witness some major changes, but it is the genital area that suffers the most damage.

  • The vagina gets expanded and becomes loose. Its elasticity is also not what it used to be anymore. For that reason, it cannot fully wrap the “other half”. Therefore, the sensation of love is also greatly deteriorated.
  • Pregnancy also causes the body to go through hormone situations. The lady part becomes much darker and hence loses its once attractiveness.
  • Giving birth, along with senescence, change the shape and size of the labia minora and the labia majora. These areas become much bigger, wrinkled, and saggy.
  • As the “doorway” is widened, it can no longer protect the vitals and thus allow infection to happen easily. For that reason, many women suffer gynecologic diseases during and after postpartum.
  • These changes cause the lady to develop a fear of sex. At the same time, the sensation cannot reach its peak like it used to. This is the reason why the man tends to become frustrated and seek other “options”.

As the result, many have sought methods of Genital Makeover to make it becomes beautiful and attractive again.

What good can a genital makeover do?

A Genital Makeover is the way for the ladies to take care of themselves. In addition, it is also the solution of keeping the family fire burning. Here are some of its great benefits:

  • Improve the state of aging and withered vagina. Tighten the vagina. Boost the sexual sensation.
  • Lighten the dark “lips” to make them young again.
  • Correct the state of deterioration. Reduce the amount of pain during intercourse.
  • Reduce the size of the hymen, increase the elasticity and firmness.
  • Prevent gynecology diseases.
  • Boost the confidence and attractiveness of the lady.
  • Allow the intimacy to be much more satisfying.

With a lot of benefits, it is obvious that a genital makeover is the rightful need of any woman. No one can stop a lady from maintaining her youth. Thus here are some of the options for you to choose:

Thu Nhỏ Môi Bé, Môi Lớn
Labia Reduction

Vagina shrunken

After childbirth, the vagina tends to be expanded. This method helps to improve the shape of the lady part. The genital area will become much smaller and tighter. At the same time, this helps to limit the intrusion of bacteria. This is a non-invasive procedure with the immediate result.

Labia minora and labia majora shape and size adjustment

This is a minor surgery that is used to get rid of the excess skin of the “lips” They will then become much smaller, symmetrical, and sexier. This process can be done very quickly. Additionally, the lady only has to rest for 1-2 weeks. Last but not least, the vagina will become much younger and beautiful in the eyes of the partner.

làm hồng vùng kín sau sinh, tạm biệt cô bé xỉn màu mất sức hút
Genital Lightening – Say goodbye to your dark and unattractive part

Genital lightening

This method will quickly improve the dark skin after postpartum. Thus the skin becomes much younger and lighter.

Postpartum Genital Makeover at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the modern technology that treats the flaws completely. Therefore, the attractiveness and youthful look are brought back. As the result, the sensation is brought back to the bed.

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