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Autologous Breast Augmentation – You are what makes your own beauty

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A lacking pair of breasts is definitely something that no woman would want to have. Therefore, in recent years, the top and the most chosen cosmetic procedure is breast augmentation in general and autologous breast augmentation, in particular. So what is this technique is about exactly? Is it safe? Let’s find out in the article below!

What is autologous breast augmentation?

Autologous breast augmentation is the latest and most recommended cosmetic procedure nowadays. Almost everyone will have some excess fat on their body at the abdomen, the waist, the armpits, the arms, etc. This excess fat will be taken out of the body using Lipo Ultrasound technology.

After being taken out of the body, it will be centrifuged to retrieve the highest quality fat, along with lots of stem cells to reconstruct the breast. This, for easier understanding, is known as the fat injection for breasts to fulfill the breast areas that lack the necessary fat layer.

Autologous Breast Augmentation – The natural way to make you sexy
Autologous Breast Augmentation – The natural way to make you sexy

Which candidate is suitable for autologous breast augmentation?

Autologous breast augmentation is a safe technique that you can have at a quality cosmetic facility. The autologous fat injection for breast technique has the following advantages:

  • It is non-surgical.
  • It will only use the excess fat from the abdomen of the thigh.

Your body, therefore, will not only have a pair of new and sexy breasts but also have some fat reduced at some body parts. This technique doesn’t leave any scar, has high compatibility, and offers a very low chance of allergies. However, some people may not have the adequate amount of excess fat to undergo the operation. For that reason, not everyone is suitable for the service. To be more specific, the candidate has to meet the following criteria:

  • Autologous fat injection for breasts is suitable for those with only some flaws of the breasts that need correction. In this case, the amount of fat injected into the breasts is recommended to be under 200cc to ensure the survivability of the fat. In contrast, if the injected fat exceeded the advisable volume, it might not be able to survive and could cause calcification.
  • Autologous breast augmentation is only suitable for those with non-saggy breasts that only require an injection to enhance their beauty.
  • This technique is fitting for those who wish to combine both the autologous fat and the breast implant in the same procedure to achieve flawless, beautiful, and symmetrical breasts.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The best facility for autologous fat injection for breasts

Known the best one of the most prestigious cosmetic facilities in HCMC, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the place that many women had put their fates in.

When choosing to have autologous breast augmentation at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the customers can totally rest assured that they are surrounded by the best team of surgeons and the most advanced equipment. Gangwhoo promises to turn all ladies into a more beautiful version of themselves.

Moreover, all customers at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will get to experience a new technology that is highly appreciated and widely applied by experts in plastic surgery to subside the pain and enhance the safety aspect.

In addition, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also proud to possess the outstanding factors needed for any autologous fat injection for breast:

  • A team of professional doctors: 100% of the specialists at the hospital is well-trained in plastic surgery. They have had time training in countries like Korea, Germany, France, England, etc. These individuals are the first to catch up to any beauty trends in the world.
  • A dedicated attitude towards our customers: With a team of customer service that is well-trained in both quality and expertise, we promise to bring you the most comfortable and luxurious environment possible at our hospital.
  • A modern line of equipment: All of the tools and machinery used at Gangwhoo are imported from countries that are ahead in the industry.

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The perfect breasts will elevate your confidence greatly in life. We hope what we shared with you about the autologous fat injection for breasts will help you to make the wisest decision for your beauty. Don’t forget to leave a message at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital if you ever have any questions that need our help!

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