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Vaginoplasty – The Best Weapon For Women To Keep The Relationship Burning Hot

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Having vaginoplasty is the desire of many women after giving birth. The vagina became enlarged and no longer attractive as before, makes lots of women feel self-conscious when having sex with their husbands. To keep the fire of family happiness burning, follow the article below for more information!

What is vaginoplasty?

After giving birth, the women’s vagina is seriously degraded. This makes a lot of women sad, even guilty while having sex, making the relationship with their husband no longer as hot as before.

Thanks to the great growth of beauty technology, you don’t need to worry about this problem anymore. Because after only a small surgery, the women’s private area will be younger as before, making the wife and husband’s life as passionate as the first days of marriage.

Vaginoplasty is a minor surgery that involves removing the excess sagging vaginal skin, reduce the size of the vaginal opening, brighten the vagina, enhance vaginal elasticity and hydration.

The advantages of vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is one of the most popular beauty services and is favored by many customers for the following advantages:

  • After the surgery, the vagina will be more attractive and tighter, making women more confident in sex with their partners.
  • After undergoing vaginoplasty, the vagina will be tighter, making your partner “crazier” in sex.
  • On top of that, vaginoplasty can be applied to reduce the risks of inflammation, itching, fungus, and infection.
  • Long-lasting result.
  • During the surgery, the customer will not feel any pain thanks to the anesthesia.
  • No scars or resting is needed, the customer can go home after the surgery.
  • No effects on the nerves in the vaginal areas, which does not affect the sex’s life.
  • Quick surgery.

The vaginoplasty procedure

Although vaginoplasty is a simple beauty service, you must choose prestigious a cosmetic facility that meets the procedure below to reduce the risks of infection.

Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current vaginal condition and suggest the most appropriate method.

Step 2: The customer must undergo a general health check to decide whether they are eligible for the surgery or not. In case the customer has drug resistance or hemophilia… they must not undergo this procedure.

Step 3: The doctor will anesthetize the surgical area so that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. Customers can rest assured because the surgery will be carried out safely and carefully.

Step 4: The doctor will start the vaginoplasty surgery including labia majora reduction, vaginal opening reduction… for customers.

Step 5: After the surgery, the doctor will instruct the customer on how to care for the surgical area properly to quicken the recovery time.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The surgery is carried out precisely and carefully. Therefore, customers can rest assured to have beauty makeovers at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Vaginal makeover at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

ServicePrice (VND)Discounted price
 Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation7,000,000
Mesotherapy Vaginal Rejuvenation9,000,000
1-layer Vaginal Rejuvenation10,000,000
3-layer Vaginal Rejuvenation15,000,000
Hymen Rejuvenation7,000,000
Episiotomy Scar Treatment7,000,000


Why should you choose vaginoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

If you are looking for a cosmetic facility that provides quality vaginoplasty services, come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has been one of the top cosmetic hospitals that provide successful vaginoplasty surgery for thousands of women for years.

At Gangwhoo Hospital, you will not only have quality vaginoplasty service but also have the chance to experience the most modern cosmetic equipment.

The surgery will be carried out precisely, carefully, and professionally to ensure no problems arise in the future.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the vaginoplasty services. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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