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Forehead Augmentation – For A Natural and Elegant Face

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The need for a forehead augmentation has increased recently. This is because the forehead is a major facial feature as it makes up one-third of the face. However, not everyone is born with a flawless forehead. Many have to suffer from either a  low, flat, slopped, or wrinkled forehead that makes the face look unaesthetic. Nowadays, this condition can be easily improved with a forehead augmentation procedure.

Forehead Augmentation - For A Natural and Elegant Face
Forehead Augmentation – For A Natural and Elegant Face

What is a Forehead Augmentation?

Forehead Augmentation is the best solution to correct the mentioned flaws on the forehead that would make it more fitting. 

Through this procedure, this area of the face will be elevated or filled with implant materials. These forehead augmentation materials can vary, however, they all serve the same purpose of making the forehead more attractive. Nowadays, the method of augmenting the forehead includes silicone or autologous fat grafting and filler injection.

  • Autologous fat grafting: This technique uses excess fat from other parts of the body (waist, thighs, armpits…) and injects them into the forehead to make it looks refined. With just 10 – 15 minutes of the procedure, you will get to witness instant positive results. Additionally, thanks to the use of autologous fat, the result is guaranteed to be natural and safe. However, this result can only last for 1-2 years as the fat will absorb itself. 
  • Silicone implant: This is the method of forehead augmentation through endoscopic surgery. A small incision will be made near the hairline so that the skin can be peeled for the insertion of the silicone material. The forehead will then be adjusted to fit the face ratio. This method can bring about a lasting result of more than a decade. This is a major surgery that can cause a lot of risks if done at non-prestigious and unlicensed facilities.
  • Another technique of forehead augmentation is filler injection: The main ingredient of filler is Hyaluronic Acid that can form a thick layer of tissue. This layer will increase the area’s volume, fill the slopped region and remove the wrinkles. After the procedure, the skin will become smooth and youthful. As easy as it sounds, this method’s result can only last for 3-6 months. Additionally, it cannot correct the overly asymmetrical and slopped area. Thus this technology has become obsolete and no longer relevant.
Độn Trán Giúp Khuôn Mặt Thêm Hoàn Thiện
Forehead Augmentation – Correct The Imperfect Face

The advantages of a Forehead Augmentation

  • A variety of benefits: Fill and create a smooth look for the forehead, as well as remove the wrinkles for a youthful look.
  • Make the overall appearance of the face to become more elegant (brows, dorsum, temples…)
  • Each specific customer will have their grafting method designed. The material will also be adjusted to fit the curve of the face and the forehead.
  • The post-surgery care period is relatively short with a low chance of leaving a scar.
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Forehead Augmentation – Fill Your Slopped Forehead Today

The international Forehead Augmentation standard

To bring about the best cosmetic and safety potential, a Forehead Augmentation procedure must consist of multiple steps. Here are the steps in general:

Step 1: Consultation

The client consults the doctors on the method of structural adjustment. Once the flaws of the forehead are determined, the doctors will discuss with you the goal and the method of treatment.

Step 2: General health examination

The patients will have to go through some basic examinations (blood pressure and heart rate …). At the same time, the doctors will ask some questions about the medical history and any intaking drugs (both prescribed and non-prescribed). These factors are done to determine if you are qualified for a Forehead Augmentation or not.

Step 3: Meticulous marking and lining

The doctors will calculate and pinpoint the position of the forehead that needs correction.

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Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization

To prevent any chance of infections, the operating room and equipment will be sterilized. After that, the doctors will begin either a General Anesthesia (for a silicone grafting procedure) or a Local Anesthesia (for an autologous fat grafting procedure)

Step 5: The surgery

  • For an Augmentation using autologous fat: Firstly, the surgeon will extract the excess fat from other parts of the body. This fat will then be filtered in a centrifuge to bring about the healthiest and purest stem cell. The purified fat will be grafted under the forehead skin to fill the sloped area.
  • For an Augmentation using a Silicone implant. A small incision will be made near the hairline. Through this incision, the surgeons will create a void and graft the silicone implant into it. They then adjust the implant so that it fits the forehead bone through an endoscopic tool. This surgery tends to last for around 1 hour. After the operation, the incision will be closed and the forehead will be wrapped.

It should take approximately 3-4 weeks after an augmentation for the customer’s routines to be back to normal. You should follow the exact guidance from the doctors on post-operative care to get yourself the best health condition and result.

Quy Trình Thẩm Mỹ Mặt - Độn Trán
Face Makeover Procedure – Forehead Augmentation

Face makeover price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Cleft Chin Creation 14,000,000
Gummy Smile Fix 15,000,000
Korea Implant Genioplasty 20,000,000
USA Implant Genioplasty 25,000,000
Nasolabial Fold Augmentation 25,000,000
Cheek Augmentation 40,000,000
Forehead Augmentation 45,000,000
Temporal Augmentation 30,000,000
Cheek Receding 65,000,000
V-Line Mandible Trim 65,000,000
Malocclusion Correction 65 – 75,000,000
Lobule Reduction 3,000,000
1-side Dimple Cheek 4,000,000
2-side Dimple Cheek 7,000,000
Lip Reduction & Lip Shaping (1 Lip) 8,000,000
Heart Lip Shaping 8,000,000
Wrinkles Removal & Face Adjustment 9,000,000

Why should you choose to have a Forehead Augmentation at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

A Forehead Augmentation is not a simple procedure. It requires not only great precision and dexterity from the doctors but also advanced machinery and equipment to prevent any complications. In addition, a silicone grafting operation is considered to be major surgery and thus contains a lot of potential health risks if it is done by inexperienced doctors. 

Therefore, you should only choose a reputable facility like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – a place licensed by the Ministry of Health to perform complicated surgery.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, thousand of patients have entrusted us with their noses and are satisfied with the results. At Gangwhoo, we are proud to be capable of fulfilling even the toughest requirements for a hospital.

  • We have advanced infrastructure and modern equipment that can guarantee the safety and hygiene regulations given by the Ministry of Health.
  • Our team of doctors, both domestic and international, is rich in experience, and well-trained with high expertise.
  • Additionally, we have a team of dedicated and professional nurses.
  • We offer safe procedures from our experienced team of doctors in the cosmetic field. They are well-trained and certified enough to perform in such areas with lots of nerves like the forehead.
  • In addition, we constantly update new cosmetic trends and technologies to bring you the best bang for the buck.
  • We guarantee our customers’ rights and interests with our great post-surgery warranty.

Forehead Augmentation is an effective method to improve the shape of the face. It is believed that the forehead represents one’s intelligence. It is even considered as the way your luck is illustrated during your middle age. Thus owning a wonderful forehead will not only make you look prettier but also help you to love yourself better. Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital today and let us bring you a better future for your forehead.

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