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For women, owning an attractive and sexy breast is an undeniable desire. for that reason, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital would love to introduce a modern breast augmentation technique to help the ladies get the “golden” breast shape – Line X Breast Augmentation. What is so special about this technique? Find out more below!

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Gangwhoo exclusive Line X Breast Augmentation technique

What is Line X Breast Augmentation?

Line X Breast Augmentation technology is Gangwhoo’s exclusive. This method of breast augmentation is the result of the collaboration between Korean and Vietnamese doctors.

With this technique, the ladies will have a voluptuous and sexy breast shape that fits the golden ratio. This will not only “upgrade” their appearance but also helps them to be more confident wearing tight and revealing clothes.

Line X breast augmentation makes use of many modern techniques, particularly the Endoscopic Breast Augmentation through the armpit fold. This technique offers both the beautiful breast shape and the maximum amount of safeness.

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The advantages of Line X Breast Augmentation.

  • The latest cosmetic trend not only in Korea but also in many different countries around the world.
  • Create a sexy, harmonious, and symmetrical shape that attracts the opposite from the first glance.
  • Natural, not too tight, and irritating cleavage.
  • Make use of the endoscopic technique that guarantees the safeness and aesthetic look for the ladies.

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The modern breast augmentation technique

Line X breast augmentation at Gangwhoo makes use of the endoscopic surgical technique and has the surgery done through the armpit fold. This is a modern, aesthetic, and safe technique that is highly appreciated by many breast surgeons.

Line X breast augmentation using trans-axillary incision guarantees to minimize the amount of invasion and thus doesn’t affect the milk glands of the ladies. Moreover, the scar after the surgery will be barely visible and well-hidden under the armpits and hence very difficult to notice.

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Why should you choose Line X Breast Augmentation?

Line X offers a voluptuous, natural breast shape that fits the golden ratio

Thanks to the Line X breast augmentation technique at exclusively at Gangwhoo, the ladies will now have the chance to satisfy their need of having a voluptuous, natural, and proportionate breast. Therefore, they can allow themselves to wear anything that can glorify the sexy curves of the body.

Great safeness

Line X breast augmentation technique makes use of the trans-axillary endoscopic surgical technology and the high-quality Nano breast implants. For that reason, the amount of invasion and bleeding is minimized, all the post-operative complications are prevented, and the safeness is ensured to be at the highest level.


Line X breast augmentation technique at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is performed under exclusive anesthesia technology. Thanks to this, the ladies will not have to suffer any pain during the entire procedure.

In addition, the patients will feel completely comfortable with very little tiredness during the post-operative period and thus require very little recovery.

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Painless Line X Breast Augmentation


Does not affect the mother’s ability

The Line X breast augmentation technique does not affect the milk glands in any way and hence preserves the ability to breastfeeding and breast sensations.

Who is suitable for Line X Breast Augmentation?

This technique is suitable for the following candidates:

  • Women who want sexy, natural, and symmetrical breasts.
  • Ladies with small and flat breasts.
  • Those with asymmetrical breasts.
  • People with saggy breasts.

The Line X Breast Augmentation standard procedure

The process of a Line X breast augmentation happens within these steps:

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will diagnose and evaluate the flaws of the breast. They will also review the most suitable breast size for the customers.

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Step 2: General health examination

The physicians will let the clients go through a series of health examinations to ensure that their conditions are qualified for breast augmentation.

Step 3: Breast marking

From the information that they gathered previously, the doctors will mark the breast shape as determined.

Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization

The doctors will begin disinfecting the surgical area, as well as anesthetizing the region.

Step 5: The surgery

The surgeons will make use of the endoscopic technique to make a trans-axillary incision, followed by placing the implant into the breast cavity precisely to ensure the aesthetic look and safety.

Step 6: Post-operative care

After finishing the surgery, the doctors will ask the customers to stay at the hospital for further monitoring. If no problem occurs, the clients will be allowed to return home after receiving post-operative guidance and follow-up appointment schedules from the doctors.

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Step 7: Follow-up appointment

How to take care of yourself after having a Line X Breast Augmentation

  • Maintain the breast sanitary.
  • Avoid touching or creating pressure on the breast.
  • Wear compression garments under the doctor’s guidance.
  • Avoid doing any intense movement or sport.
  • Avoid having intercourse for one month after augmentation.
  • Avoid eating hard food and tough-to-chew food.
  • Limit the consumption of food that can cause keloid scar, purulence, and allergies like beef, water spinach, chicken, seafood, and glutinous products.
  • Limit the intake of hot, spicy, greasy, fermented, or fast food.
  • Avoid smoking or taking stimulants.
  • Take the medications and revisit the hospital as scheduled. Do not take any medications that are not approved by the doctors.
  • Visit the hospital as scheduled.

How to wear the compression garment

How much does a Line X Breast Augmentation cost?

You can also take a look at our other breast cosmetic services in the following table:

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Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implants Without Chip 75,000,000 Permanent
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implants With Chip 85,000,000 Permanent
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Ergonomix 95,000,000 Permanent
1 Side Inverted Nipple Correction 10,000,000
2-Side Nipple Reduction 10,000,000
2-Side Areola Reduction 10,000,000
Accessory Breast Removal (1-2 breasts) 35,000,000
Gynecomastia Treatment
Breast Reduction 45 – 65,000,000
Breast Lift 45 – 65,000,000
(Cases vary)
Nipple Lightening 15,000,000


Why should you choose the Line X Breast Augmentation procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

  • Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a Korean-standard hospital that is approved to operate by the Ministry of Health in the cosmetic field.
  • We have a team of experienced doctors with great expertise that receives constant training in Korea.
  • The hospital is equipped with a 5-star infrastructure to bring about the most comfortable feeling.
  • Our machinery and equipment are up to date to be able to apply the latest technology that would improve the quality of our services.

Dr.Phung Manh Cuong Explain An Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Images of our customer having Line X Breast Augmentation at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Line X is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to elevate their appearance by getting a sexy pair of breasts that draw one’s attention from the first glance.

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