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Temple Fat Grafting – The Solution For A Well-Balanced Face

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A Temple Fat Grafting procedure makes the face looks more refined, attractive, and elegant. This technique uses autologous fat and thus it is guaranteed to be safe with instant and natural results. Therefore, a Temple Fat Grafting procedure can help to effectively fill your sunken and asymmetrical temple.

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Temple Fat Grafting

The area from the brow’s tail going up to the forehead is known as a temple. The fat layer in this region is rather thin, hence it is easy to be wrinkled and senescent. There are many reasons behind a sunken temple. It can either due to a genetic trait or the lack of fat tissue that makes the face old and hollow.

As the result, the overall aesthetic of the face is affected. However, there is a simple yet lasting and effective solution for this problem, which is undergoing a Temple Fat Grafting procedure.

What is a Temple Fat Grafting procedure?

The Temple Fat Grafting technique was invented to solve the problem of facial cosmetics. It manages to fix the flaws that many have to suffer.

This method grafts autologous fat (the fat from within the body) into the tiny points of the temples and thus helps to fill up the sunken areas. This fat will then be liquified and transformed into its p00ure form for injection.

For this reason, the fat is completely harmless, highly compatible which would quickly form connections with the temples’ tissues. Correspondingly, the face and the skin become much younger and more natural. Additionally, this is a non-surgical method with lasting results.

The advantages of a Temple Fat Grafting procedure

The advantages of a Temple Fat Grafting procedure:

  • Improve the sunken, wrinkled, saggy, disproportionate, or senescent temple areas…
  • Guarantee a painless, safe, and scar-free process. Offer a much safer and quicker procedure compares to other cosmetic methods or filler injections. Eliminate the risks of body rejection and complications.
  • Bring about fast and natural results. Assisted by the latest and most advanced technologies.
  • Require no incision and leave no scar. Done by direct injections of fat into the body through endoscopic punctures.
  • A quick procedure: A Temple Fat Grafting procedure normally takes around 30 – 60 minutes. Additionally, it also requires only a short period of recovery and little care.
  • Long-lasting result: The autologous fat will automatically connect with the surrounding fat tissues of the temples. As the result, a durable layer of connections is formed at the temples.

The safe Temple Fat Grafting procedure

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the Temple Fat Grafting procedure is monitored and conducted strictly under the supervision of senior surgeons. Additionally, the standing surgeons will also be supported by cutting-edge equipment.

  • Step 1: The doctors will check the face and the temple area to evaluate the flaws of the regions. Moreover, any related questions of the patient about the surgery will be answered.
  • Step 2: A general health examination with ultrasound, blood pressure test, etc. will be conducted to ensure that the guest’s condition is sufficient for the surgery.
  • Step 3: The doctors will determine the fat extracting and grafting area of the body.
  • Step 4: The autologous fat extracting area will be sterilized and anesthetized. The specialists will then liquefy and separate the stem of the fat.
  • Step 5: After the fat is handled, the surgeons will graft the fat into the marked areas on the temples. The sunken regions will soon be filled and the forehead skin will become much smoother.
  • Step 6: Once the surgery is finished, the surgeons will apply ointment and tightly wrap the grafted areas to prevent infection. The client will rest and witness the results. In addition, the doctors will provide guidance on post-operative care and schedule the appointment.

Facelift – Fat grafting price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

Perfect Forehead Lift 45,000,000
Mini Face Lift 60,000,000
Total Face Lift 65,000,000
Perfect Face Lift 90,000,000
3D Thread Lifting 40,000,000
4D Thread Lifting 80,000,000
6D Thread Lifting 120,000,000
Micro Collagen Skin Implant 15,000,000

Images of our customers before and after having Temple Fat Grafting

Temple Fat Grafting

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Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

cay mo lam day thai duong min

cat mi don thai duong min

Why should you choose to have a Temple Fat Grafting procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetics hospital?

Customers with the need for a Temple Fat Grafting procedure should seek a reputable hospital like Gangwhoo. We, with our infrastructure, technique, and expertise, are among the top cosmetic hospitals in Vietnam.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we also offer a wide variety of different cosmetic services asides from the Temple Fat Grafting one. While others fail, we succeed. We can salvage what other places cannot to help you be more confident in your look.

Temple Fat Grafting is a suitable method for anyone who is suffering from this region’s flaws. With just one hour of procedure, you will have yourself a new, lively, and rejuvenated face. Let Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital makes you prettier every day.

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