SMAS Facelift – Make Your Youth Forever Yours

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Passing the age of 30, the skin of women tends to show signs of aging. However, this can easily be fixed with SMAS facelift, the ultimate solutions for saggy skin, crow’s feet, etc. Come to Gangwhoo to keep your youth forever yours today!

SMAS Facelift - Make Your Youth Forever Yours
SMAS Facelift – Make Your Youth Forever Yours

What is the SMAS Facelift technology?

LAP SMAS Facelift is a beauty technology that combines Radio Frequency and near-infrared lasers to help your face rejuvenate in a comprehensive way.
With LAP SMAS Facelift, your skin will also produce collagen and elastin to help nourish the skin, keeping it soft and fresh. If you intend to improve your skin but are afraid of surgery or do not have the courage to undergo plastic surgery, LAP SMAS Facelift is the most effective solution.

The advantages of LAP SMAS Facelift

Some notable features of LAP SMAS Facelift technology that you need to know are shared in detail below.
  • LAP SMAS Facelift is suitable for all skin types, from dry to sensitive skin or skin with problems such as aging, pigmentation, freckles, and uneven color. It can be affirmed that LAP SMAS is a great and optimal technology for the customer’s skin.
  • LAP SMAS Facelift is a beauty technology that is not subject to any surgical means. LAP SMAS uses a high-tech machine to inject the essences into the skin, keeping you worry-free about any obsolete problems.
  • After having LAP SMAS Facelift, your face will be much slimmer, so the contours become more delicate and harmonious. Quite a few people after undergoing this technology of lifting and removing wrinkles have confirmed that their faces are visibly rejuvenated.
  • Not only it rejuvenates the skin but also crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds thanks to the stimulation of collagen that helps the skin stay young and healthy from deep within.
  • Cause no pain, swelling, or burns to the patient’s skin.

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Lap Smas LAP SMAS Facelift procedure

A standard LAP SMAS Facelift procedure that meets requirements from the Ministry of Health will satisfy the following steps.

Step 1: The patient must visit and consult the doctors to allow the doctors to assess the current skin aging condition and level. From there, the doctor can advise and choose the most appropriate treatment for the client.

Step 2: Cleansing the skin from deep inside is a quick way to remove dirt and impurities on the skin. When the pores are carefully opened, the essence will easily penetrate deep into your skin.

Step 3: Sterilize tools and equipment before performing LAP SMAS Facelift to ensure that the skin is safe and infection-free after having the service.

Step 4: Carry out the SMAS technique by projecting ultrasonic waves on the customer’s skin surface. The end result is beautiful, firm, and soft. The wrinkles are removed, bringing confidence and beauty to customers.

Step 5: After-care for LAP SMAS Facelift is what needs to be done to give you the skin that you desired.

The results of the LAP SMAS Facelift can last for a long time, so you do not need to worry too much about the effectiveness of the procedure!

The price list for facelift and wrinkles removal at Gangwhoo

LAP SMAS Facelift (Face) 4.000.000 (1 time)
LAP SMAS Facelift (Neck) 1.500.000 (1 time)
Lipo Minfat Fat Reduction 5.000.000 (1 time)
Lipo Thin Max Fat Reduction

(Abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, calves)

5.000.000 (1 time)
Lipo Ultrasound Liposuction

(Abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, calves)

10.000.000 (1 region)
Amino Acid Essence Injection 1.500.000 – 3.000.000 (1 tube)
Supper Muscles Facelift 45,000,000 (10 times)
New Hifu Facelift 21,600,000 (3 times)

Why should you have LAP SMAS service at Gangwhoo?

If you are intending to have SMAS, please head to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – one of the beauty facilities licensed by the Ministry of Health at the moment.

The process at Gangwhoo not only meets the standards from the Ministry of Health but is also transferred from Korea, ensuring that the customer’s skin after the procedure is youthful and flawless.

After only one course of SMAS, your skin will be beautiful in a visible manner, thoroughly overcoming skin defects.

The industry has quite a lot of places that promote the implementation of LAP SMAS, so customers need to be careful to choose a reputable address to avoid wasting their own money.

Contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital now to get advice and thoughtful support from our staff! Bringing customers long-term value and assurance is what Gangwhoo has been aiming for during many years of our services!


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