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Lip Rejuvenation– For Charming Lips

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Having charming and sexy lips is the dream of women and sisters. The lip rejuvenation methods will help women and sisters to have attractive lips. There are several lip defects such as lip folds, sagging lips, uneven lips, thick lips, or thin lips… They will be completely improved to enhance your beauty.

Thẩm Mỹ Trẻ Hóa Môi - Cho Đôi Môi Căng Mọng Quyến Rũ
Lip Rejuvenation– For Charming Lips

Understanding the lip rejuvenation methods

Lip rejuvenation is a process of improving lip defects such as lip folds, dull lips, thick lips, thin lips, sagging lips…by using surgical or non-surgical cosmetics methods. After the lip rejuvenation procedure, your lips will become more balanced and younger.

The popular lip Rejuvenation methods nowadays are divided as follows:

Non-surgical lip rejuvenation

Lip rejuvenation using filler 

The filler injection method helps your lips become younger with no lip folds. However, the result only lasts from 6 – 12 months. After this period, your lips will return to the original shape, so you need to do filler injections regularly to preserve the effect.

Botox injection

Botox is a nerve controller chemical that can temporarily prevent the nerve signals to the facial muscle and reduce wrinkles.

Botox injection for lips rejuvenation is applied to reduce wrinkles and folds around the lips.

The advantages of non-surgical lip rejuvenation

  • No surgical intervention
  • The procedure does not affect your facial expression.
  • The procedure is carried out quickly without the need for anesthesia.
  • The customer can return home after the procedure. No resting period is needed.
  • There are fewer bruises and swells, and they will disappear quickly.

The customer can come back to normal life immediately.

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Trẻ Hóa Môi - Tự Tin Khi Cười
Lip Rejuvenation– For Confident Smile

Lip rejuvenation using cosmetics surgery

Upper lip lift (liposuction) or lips reduction

The upper lip lift is a simple minor surgery. This method is suitable for those who have thin lips or sagging lips due to aging. Then the doctor will make a small incision below the nose to remove excess skin and fat. Then the upper lip is lifted, then the pink inner lip is slightly flipped out, which makes your lips naturally thicken.

To those who have thin lower lip, their upper and lower lip are asymmetrical, the lip lift method will be applied to improve this defect.

In the case the lower lip is way thicker than the upper lip, the doctor will apply a lip reduction minor surgery: The doctor will make a small incision on the inner lip to remove excess skin and fat. This step is to reduce the lip volume and make it harmonize with the overall face.

The advantages of lip rejuvenation using cosmetics surgery

  • The result can last for a long time, or permanently. You will not be charged an extra fee to have lip preservation.
  • There will not be any swellings on the lips.
  • Give more natural lips compared to the filler injection method.
  • The wound will heal within a month without leaving any scars.
  • The technique will be carried out differently for each customer.
  • Make your lips more symmetrical, reshape your lips into sexy heart-shaped lips.
  • Partially reveal the upper teeth to make the customer younger.

Autologous Fat Grafting

This method helps fill and tighten your lips. This method is carried out by using fat from other parts of your body (thighs, belly,…) to inject into your lips and make them thicker.

The advantages of autologous fat grafting for lip rejuvenation

  • The grafted fat is compatible with the body.
  • The procedure is quick and safe.
  • The procedure gives a natural result.
  • The result can last longer than the non-surgical lip rejuvenation methods.
  • The lip rejuvenation procedure is carried out at prestigious cosmetics facilities.
Trẻ Hóa Môi - Tìm Lại Sự Quyến Rũ
Lip Rejuvenation – Regain Your Attraction

The lip rejuvenation procedure

Lip rejuvenation or any other cosmetics method all have to follow a procedure that can ensure the customers’ safety. The lip rejuvenation procedure at prestigious cosmetics facilities must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and Consultation

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The doctor will examine the customer’s current lip condition. At the same time, the doctor will carefully answer the customer’s questions related to the lip rejuvenation method. Based on the customer’s desire and their current lip condition. The doctor will suggest the most suitable method.

Step 2: General Health Check

The doctor asks about the medical history and medicines the customer is using. The customer will have a general health check in terms of heartbeat, blood pressure, blood test…to ensure that the customer is qualified enough for the lip rejuvenation procedure.

Step 3: Pre-operative measuring and sketching.

In case the customer wants to do surgical lip rejuvenation, the doctor will measure and mark the surgical positions.

Step 4: Sterilization and Anesthesia

The doctor will perform sterilization before the surgery. For customers who have surgical lip rejuvenation, the doctor will perform anesthesia before the surgery.

Step 5: Performing the surgery

The doctor will perform lip injection or surgical lip rejuvenation for the customer.

Step 6: Post-operative care. 

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

After the surgery, the customer will be transferred to the post-operative care room for resting and further checking. if the customer’s health is stable, he/she can return home.

In order not to leave any cosmetics traces and to preserve the result, you should follow the doctor’s instructions on how to do self-care at home.

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Trẻ Hóa Môi - Tự Tin Khi Đối Diện Người Khác
Rejuvenation– Confident in Yourself

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – Prestigious Cosmetic Hospital for Lip Rejuvenation

The lip rejuvenation methods are not potentially lethal, but they must be carefully performed by high expertise doctors to ensure the new lips are suitable for each customer based on their ages and lip condition.

if the doctor performs the surgery carelessly and inaccurately, the customer may face risks such as Failed surgery, deviated lips, unsatisfying results, swollen lips, infected lips, necrosis,…

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most prestigious cosmetics facilities that offer the best lip rejuvenation service. Gangwhoo has thousands of successful lip rejuvenation cases. We have many advantages to be trusted and appreciated by customers such as:

  • The team of doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital who have years of experience in dealing with complicated malocclusion cases.
  • The procedure uses state-of-the-art technology. The treatment plan for each customer is carefully designed in detail.
  • With a comprehensive care method in coordination with a team of experienced doctors and nurses at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will always be taken care of from diagnosis to operation and recovery stage.
  • We constantly make self-assessment and technique improvement and update simultaneously the most modern beauty technology for malocclusion treatment for customers.

Therefore, the lip Rejuvenation service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is an ideal choice for the customer to change their appearances with young and beautiful lips.

The Lip rejuvenation method is popular among women and sisters. Because lips are one of the most visually impressive parts on your face when you talk to someone. Having young, beautiful lips can help women and sisters become more confident in themselves. Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have a great change in your life.

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