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12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Doctors have recommended the remedy

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12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. How can erectile dysfunction in males be effectively treated? What is the best way to recover male vitality? In the next post, we will recommend 12 techniques to restore male sexual health. Find out today!

Is treating erectile dysfunction necessary? Why?

The problem of erectile dysfunction is not a fatal condition. However, it has a negative impact on men’s mental and physical health, as well as other physical activities.

According to several research, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is growing in Japan, accounting for up to 28%, whereas it accounts for roughly 15.7% in Vietnam. This condition is particularly prevalent in younger persons, as opposed to the elderly or middle-aged.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction treatment is essential and necessary. This gives men more control over their sexual and reproductive health, while also reducing potential issues.

Proper identification and treatment are critical to preventing this problem from worsening and becoming hazardous. It also need more complicated and effective therapies. As a result, it is preferable to address sexual health issues as early as feasible. It improves one’s health and sexual life.

Is it possible to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is now entirely curable. When the proper procedure is used, effective outcomes may be obtained. When confronted with their spouse, males will soon recover confidence.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. There are more and more answers to “difficult to talk about” concerns among males, especially in today’s increasingly modern and progressive medical profession. So, what is the best way to enhance male sexual health quickly?

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Here are 12 effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction :

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12 effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction

1. Medicine

Taking medication is a straightforward treatment option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Western medicine is an excellent alternative, particularly in the middle stages of serious problems.

Doctors select medicine categories such as tonics, oral or injectable treatments, based on the unique health situation. Among them, nitric oxide-enhancing medicines are frequently selected, since they assist relax muscles, enhance blood flow to the penis, and improve erection ability.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

An other choice is to inject vasodilators directly into the genital region, which enhances the capacity to have an erection for a specific amount of time and boosts blood flow to the penis.

Doctors may prescribe testosterone supplements if low testosterone levels are the cause of erectile dysfunction. Although it takes time for hormones to adjust, this combination improves sexual function.

2. Shockwave laser therapy

Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is another effective approach to enhance blood flow. This enhances blood circulation to the penis substantially.

This non-invasive approach is now popular for treating erectile dysfunction. Its effects are equally important, assisting men to overcome sexual dysfunction swiftly and efficiently.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

3. Minor surgical procedure

Minor surgery to interfere in the anatomy of the “little guy” in order to enhance blood supply to the male “little brother” is another method of treating erectile dysfunction. The method will assist restore function and allow the “little guy” to obtain a regular erection.

4. IPP placement for Erectile Dysfunction

Placing IPP is a novel step that is both safe and effective, with a framework that substitutes the natural cavernous body. It delivers a “active” erection without exertion by adopting the technique of putting the IPP instead. Helps to sustain and extend “lovemaking”

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12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

This is a contemporary approach of treating erectile dysfunction that provides several great benefits. Aids males in regaining physiological health and sublimating while being “close” to their “partner.” It may, in particular, be maintained for a longer period of time than traditional approaches.

5. Work out and use Kgel exercises

Exercising to treat erectile dysfunction not only improves physical health but also improves physiological health. Men should exercise regularly every day to boost their health and sexual lives.

Prostate health is enhanced by exercise, which also improves erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Regular exercise increases sexual desire and improves erections by stimulating the natural synthesis of testosterone.

In addition to a few common daily exercises, you should perform Kegel exercises, which are particularly effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

How to do Kegel exercises

  • Warm up exercise: Tighten the pubococcygeal muscle and hold for 3 seconds, then rest for 3 seconds, repeat 8 times.
  • Acceleration exercise: Hold the pubococcygeus muscle tightly for 1 second and relax immediately after, repeat about 10 times.
  • Strengthening exercise: Tighten the pubococcygeus muscle for 8 seconds, then relax for 4 seconds, repeat 4 times

Important note while performing

  • Workout lasts about 112 seconds, it should not exceed 120 seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise 3-4 times a day and maintain every day.
  • Do this for 15-20 weeks to achieve good results.

6. Get adequate rest

Sleep deprivation is a primary cause of male impotence. It also causes a slew of additional issues with mental and sexual health. Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone levels, which is a key hormone for male sexual function.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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Establish and maintain a 7 to 8-hour sleep schedule to help balance hormones, particularly testosterone, and enhance sexual performance and physiological wellness. It is also important to note that sleeping early might assist alleviate erectile dysfunction.

7. Limit your alcohol consumption

Limiting alcohol consumption will help men reduce nitric oxide production, an essential molecule that helps widen blood vessels and maintain erections. Reduces erectile dysfunction in males by assisting in the restoration and function of sexual life.

8. Do not smoke

Smoking cessation is not only a natural approach to treat erectile dysfunction, but it is also a means to restore men’s physiological function. Quitting smoking benefits not just erectile dysfunction but also general health. Simultaneously, it lowers the risk of illnesses such as lung cancer and liver cancer, providing significant advantages to men’s health.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

9. Using psychological strategies to treat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in males can also be caused by psychological factors. Causes men’s physiological function and sexual capacity. As a result, in order to treat male erectile dysfunction, it is vital to address psychological difficulties, regulate mood, and develop a healthy lifestyle.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another method of treating erectile dysfunction in males. It will increase blood circulation and strengthen the toughness of the “little guy” using the method and impact of the acupuncture sites. The principal technique involves inserting tiny needles into critical places on the body to promote energy balance and blood circulation.

The result is a clear improvement in the ability to have an erection and the time to maintain an erection of the “little guy”.

11. Create a nutrient-dense diet for yourself

Creating a scientific diet is another way to improve and increase physiology in males. Including a balanced, nutritious food will have a significant impact on restoring the function of your penis.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, whole grains, and less red meat should all be a part of this diet. Increasing your consumption of zinc, potassium, and calcium-rich foods can also help you improve your physiological health and lower your risk of erectile dysfunction.

12. Use the 6-in-1 approach to treat erectile dysfunction completely.

The 6-in-1 technique is yet another therapeutic option for erectile dysfunction. The method’s efficacy is quite high. The success rate is high, and the recurrence rate is minimal.

This therapy will assist circulate blood arteries in the penis by using a wave-generating electrolysis equipment. Provides a long-lasting erection. You will soon restore your masculine shape when combined with additional procedures such as medicine and psychotherapy.

Where can I get erectile dysfunction treatment that is both safe and effective?

Men who seek to treat or improve their erectile dysfunction should not overlook Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. The Ministry of Health has acknowledged this prestigious, high-quality cosmetic address.

Customers may be confident in Gangwhoo since we completely satisfy the criteria of safety, quality, and efficiency. So, what distinguishes Gangwhoo’s treatment of erectile dysfunction?

  • At Gangwhoo, we have Dr. Truong Hoang Minh, the leading expert in andrology at Gangwhoo Hospital. He has successfully performed thousands of IPP artificial cavernous implantation surgeries for patients with severe erectile dysfunction.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Professor Park Sung Hun, expert consultant, is a world leading expert on IPP artificial cavernous implant surgery. With dedication and in-depth knowledge, he not only performs surgery but also trains and guides many domestic and foreign doctors in this technique.
  • The hospital uses modern equipment technology, especially 4K endoscopy technology. This provides sharp and clear images, helping doctors observe accurately and intervene more effectively.

12 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

  • The standardized process at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is another strong point. From examination and consultation, testing, diagnosis, to choosing treatment methods, performing surgery and post-operative monitoring, each step is performed according to strict procedures to ensure safety and success. high merit.
  • The unique point of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is not only its technology, but also its professional service environment. The hospital has a team of dedicated, thoughtful, friendly medical staff who always listen and meet the needs of patients.

How much is the price list for erectile dysfunction treatment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

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Premature Ejaculation (Medication) 89 – 419
Premature Ejaculation (Laser) 209 – 839
Premature Ejaculation (Minor Surgery) 1,259 – 2,089
Premature Ejaculation (IPP) 29,169
Erectile Dysfunction (Medication) 89 – 419
Erectile Dysfunction (Laser) 209 – 839
Erectile Dysfunction (Minor Surgery) 1,259 – 2,089
Erectile Dysfunction (IPP) 29,169
Extension (Internal Medicine)  129 – 629
Extension (Implant) 1,669 – 4,169
Penile Beading  129 USD/bead
Frenulum Corrective Surgery 1,669

Hopefully the 12 ways to treat erectile dysfunction that we have shared above will help men quickly restore physiological health. I hope men will apply it successfully and confidently regain their form in “lovemaking”.

Please connect with Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for CONSULTATION and SUPPORT if you have many other questions that need answering!

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