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Ultra YEG Melasma Treatment – Say Goodbye To Melasma

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Ultra Yeg Melasma Treatment is Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital’s exclusive method that helps eliminate and prevent melasma completely and recover smooth, young, and bright skin. Many women and sisters are interested in this method – especially those above 30.

Điều Trị Nám Ultra YEG Cho Làn Da Trẻ Đẹp Sau Tuổi 30
Ultra YEG Melasma Treatment – Preserving Young Skin After 30

Melasma is the biggest and most difficult to treat the facial defect. It affects the aesthetic appearance as well as the beauty and confidence of women. Melasma originally comes from the increase of skin pigment so most of the natural methods or cosmetic products are ineffective. By using the latest cosmetic technology Ultra Yeg, all the melasma will be eliminated quickly.

What is Ultra YEG melasma treatment?

Ultra Yeg melasma treatment is the latest melasma treatment technology nowadays that improves weaknesses of older methods. This method gives a quicker, better, and more positive result.

This melasma treatment method uses the intense Nd Yag Q – Switched, Elight OTP/SHR, IPL/RF laser ray with extreme low conflict to directly affect the cause of melasma at the epidermis area. Thus, this method does not affect the surrounding tissue area and cause skin invasion.

The Ultra Yeg Melasma Treatment method also helps limit the increase of skin pigment, harmonize the skin color. At the same time, it also stimulates the natural collagen production of cells under the skin, prevents the formation of melanin pigment, and makes the skin healthier and younger.

Điều Trị Nám Ultra YEG - Tạm Biệt Làn Da Tối Màu
Ultra Yeg Melasma Treatment– Say Goodbye To Your Discolored Skin

The advantages of Ultra YEG melasma treatment

Ultra Yeg melasma treatment is a complex technique that must be carried out by skillful and experienced dermatologists with the help of an advanced machinery system. After undergoing only one course of Ultra Yeg melasma treatment. You will have the best result as follows:

  • Eliminate melasma, skin darkening, epidermal melasma, mix melasma, birth melasma, or hormonal disorder,…
  • Bring back smooth, bright, and young skin.
  • Stimulate natural collagen production under the skin.
  • A safe and mild procedure that guarantees no damage to the skin. The melasma is naturally eliminated.
  • The procedure only lasts 60 minutes without having to rest afterward.
  • The customer will not feel any pain during the procedure and there will be no complications afterward.
Điều Trị Nám Ultra YEG - Đem Lại Làn Da Trắng Sáng
Ultra Yeg Melasma Treatment – Say Goodbye To Your Discolored Skin

The Ultra YEG melasma treatment procedure

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the Ultra Yeg melasma treatment is carried out under the experts’ supervision in the cosmetics field. The procedure is carried out based on the international standard process which is closed, sterile, and safe for the customer. The Ultra Yeg melasma treatment procedure will follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current melasma condition, the cause of melasma. The doctor will suggest the most suitable solution.
  • Step 2: The doctor will perform skin hygiene, cleansing to clean off dirt and makeup waste. Then the doctor will analyze and give a treatment regimen using Ultra Yeg technology.
  • Step 3: Consecutively apply light wave from
    The Nd Yag Q – Switched laser ray: Has PTP function that can cure problems related to skin such as uneven skin tone, large pores, melasma, freckles
    The Elight OTP/SHR, IPL/RF laser ray: Rejuvenates the skin, enhances muscle, improves elasticity, and stimulates natural collagen production. From then the skin defects will be eliminated: acne bruise, oily skin, large pores, telangiectasis,…will be treated so that the skin will be brighter and softer.
    GSH: Prevents the formation of the melanin pigment on the skin, oxidation, aging.
  • Step 4: The doctor will apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin, which prevents the skin from drying and being damaged after the procedure.
  • Step 5: The customer will be instructed by the doctor on how to do self-care at home and do the following check-up.


Why should you choose Ultra YEG melasma treatment service at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital offers the customers a prestigious Ultra Yeg melasma treatment. This is the hospital’s exclusive beauty method which has successfully change hundreds of women and sisters’ appearance. Not only melasma treatment, but Gangwhoo also offers plenty of beauty services for the customers.

Gangwhoo is a Korean cosmetic hospital that has proved its quality through years of operating in Viet Nam. Our hospital constantly updates the latest beauty technology, most modern machines to give the customers the best experience.

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Furthermore, the cosmetologists and experts at Gangwhoo are well-trained with years of experience. Our hospital always organizes training courses and tests for the doctors.

Especially, Gangwhoo international cosmetic hospital offers a reasonable price for their various beauty services. Depending on each service that there would be a different price; however, the prices are always affordable for every customer.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital hopefully helps the customers to get rid of the horrible facial defect they are facing. And after only one course of treatment, women and sisters can confidently be themselves.

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