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Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment – Guarantee The 99% Smooth Skin

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Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment is the hottest cosmetic technology in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the past year. After one session, the pitted skin flaws will be greatly improved to make a much smoother and younger skin.

Pitted Scar Treatment Using Micro-Needling
Pitted Scar Treatment Using Micro-Needling

Pitted scars are the most feared flaw of any person just behind acnes Pitted scars are not easy to treat like other flaws of the skin and thus require cosmetic interference. But how does it actually work? What technique can truly make pitted scars go away and bring back the original look? We will share with you the Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment procedure exclusively at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

What is a Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment procedure?

Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment procedure makes use of the Laser Fractional C02 light wave (10.600mm) with extremely small dimension to directly affect the hypodermis of the skin areas. This technique is performed precisely and safely without making any invasions to the surrounding skin and tissues. As the result, the pitted scar is filled quickly and the stem cell and Collagen generation are stimulated.

When comparing to other methods of treating pitted scars, the Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment not only is a breakthrough in technology but also brings about a much better result. It is suitable not only for those with mild pitted scars but also for people with lasting conditions of dispersed scars.

Điều Trị Sẹo Rỗ Bằng Công Nghệ Siêu Vi Điểm - Thổi Bay Sẹo Lõm
Pitted Scar Treatment Using Micro-Needling – Send the pitted scars to oblivion

The advantages of a Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment procedure

Quickly improve the state of pitted scars

This procedure makes use of Laser Fractional CO2 light wave to quickly fill the scars and, effectively improve from mild to severe conditions, and regenerate the Collagen.

Recover the tightened and smooth skin

Aside from filling the pitted scars, this method also gets rid of the dead cell, the scales on the surface and ventilate the sweat glands to ensure that the skin is always clean and tightened. In addition, it will also help to stimulate the regeneration of Collagen and Elastin, promote the cell reproduction process to make the skin brighter and smoother.

Make use of advanced and safe technology

The technology safeness is certified by the U.S FDA; as the result, it was allowed to be performed in Vietnam. The procedure causes no harm, complications invasion, pain, or swelling.

Offer fast recovery time and require little rest

This method can be done quickly yet still manage to directly affect each scar region. After the procedure, it should take no longer than 2 days for the client to be allowed to return home. The skin after undergoing the treatment will only show a slight sign of redness and will return to the original state immediately. Therefore the skin will recover swiftly and achieve natural beauty in a short amount of time.

Điều Trị Sẹo Rỗ Bằng Công Nghệ Siêu Vi Điểm - Mang Lại Làn Da Láng Mịn
Pitted Scar Treatment Using Micro-Needling – For the perfectly smooth skin

The procedure of a Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment

  • Step 1: The dermatologists will inspect the pitted scar condition on the outside and use a dermatoscope to evaluate the inside state of the skin and thus offer the correct solution.
  • Step 2: The pitted scar treatment regimen, regions that require immediate recovery are then provided.
  • Step 3: The face will be cleansed thoroughly to get rid of all the dust, leftover makeup.
  • Step 4: The doctors will begin aiming the laser onto the face, especially on the areas with pitted scars. For large clusters of scars, the dermatologist will use specialized tools to extract the scar stems and use the laser to destroy the connection between them.
  • Step 5: Cool Relax 2 Cryo – Electroporation machine is used to cool the lasered regions so that the burning feeling and the risk of infection are minimized. This step also helps to ease the skin and reduce the risk of forming melasma and dark spots.
  • Step 6: The patient will be taken care of and provided guidance on self-care and diet. In addition, the appointment for the next revisit will also be scheduled.

Why should you choose the Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

The pitted scar treating method using super micro-needling is a very skill-demanding technique. Hence a reputable facility like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is very essential in making sure that the process happens safely and smoothly.

  • At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we possess the advanced machinery that got imported directly from countries with superior cosmetic technology. In addition, our operating rooms are 100% sterilized and up to standard. Moreover, our doctors are constantly learning and applying the latest technology to help the customers achieving the trendy look.
  • They are not only qualified in their skills but also have many years working both in and out of the country. Our doctors are dedicated and hard-working. Additionally, they also try their best to understand the customers’ needs and take every step alongside them.
  • Each service is done by the certified standard. We also offer dedicated customer service to make our guests even more confident in making themselves better.

Micro-Needling Pitted Scar Treatment will help you to transform your damaged skin into its young and wonderful original state. So wait no more and come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to let us change your skin completely today!

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