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Upper Lid Spraying – Make A Difference, Create The Beauty

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The Upper Lid Spraying can be done quickly to bring about the soft yet visible creases and thus brighten the appearance of the eyes. After just one session of Upper Lid Spraying, you can confidently forget about your eye-lining routines but still retain the beautiful look for your daily life.

Phun Mí Trên Tạo Mắt Đẹp Ai Nhìn Cũng Mê
Upper Lid Spraying – For the beautiful eyes that everybody loves

A lid spraying is no longer a stranger thing to many people, especially since it has become very popular nowadays. However, not everyone is aware of a place for a beautiful lid spraying without causing danger and sight problems. The article below will tell you all the information you need.

What is an Upper Lid Spraying

An Upper Lid Spraying is the ink spraying technique that creates visible creases and the look of larger eyes. This technique only affects the epidermis of the upper creases and thus doesn’t cause any impact on the eyes or the surrounding tissues.

This method compares with the Lower Lid Spraying, has a lot of similarities. However, since the affected area is the upper lid, the doctors must be very precise and careful. After one procedure, you will have yourself the young, visible, attractive, and lasting creases. In addition, you can say goodbye to hours of sitting in front of the mirrors to apply eyeliner. Therefore, it is very understandable why the ladies love this procedure so much.

Phun Mí Trên Giúp Cửa Sổ Tâm Hồn Thêm Hoàn Hảo
Upper Lid Spraying – When perfection is the only option

The advantages of the Upper Lid Spraying

A lid spraying procedure is a technique that is suitable for customers with unclear, asymmetrical eyelids or those with eyelash hair lost. You will instantly notice the positive result of this procedure.

  • The lid spraying technique has these advantages:
  • Create visible and natural creases.
  • Increase the depth and sharpness of the eyes to make them more attractive.
  • Improve the conditions of small, monolid, or bulging eyes.
  • Make use of the specialized ink that is imported from Korea with great longevity and safeness.
  • Can be done quickly without causing any swelling or sight problem.
  • Offer long-lasting and complications free results.
Upper Lid Spraying - When Perfection Is The Only Option
Upper Lid Spraying – When perfection is the only option

The Upper Lid Spraying procedure

Although this is not a difficult technique compares to other forms of a makeover, it still requires a great deal of dexterity and focus of the specialist. This is a requirement to bring about beautiful results and satisfaction to the customers.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the Upper Lid Spraying is done in an enclosed operating room with supervision from experienced experts. Here are the steps of a standard Upper Lid Spraying procedure:

  • Step 1: The specialist will inspect the eyes condition to give out the recommendation for the suitable creases to the face.
  • Step 2: To ensure the safeness of the procedure, the technicians will remove the client’s makeup and use saline to clean the area. This step is to ensure that any dust or bacteria that may affect the result is eliminated.
  • Step 3: Antibiotic ointment will be used to help the procedure becoming much faster and more precise.
  • Step 4: To ensure that the customers are free from worry, discomfort, or pain, the doctors will apply a local anesthetic.
  • Step 5: Based on the marking of the upper lids, the technicians will fill the Digital Permanent Makeup Machine that has a 0.2mm tip with specialized ink. After that, the creases will be gently sprayed to make them more sharp, beautiful, and soft.
  • Step 6: After the lid spraying procedure, the doctors will begin cleaning the area and taking care of the client. The customer will view the final result and receive home care guidance from the specialists.
Quy Trình Phun Mí Mắt
The Lid Spraying Procedure

Spraying and Sculpting price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
Heaven Powder Brow Spraying 2,000,000
3D Effect Ombre Brow Straying 4,000,000
Perfect Particles Brow Spraying 5,000,000
Shading Luxury Brow Spraying 6,000,000
Physiognomy Brow Spraying 8,000,000
Faded Ink Correction 6,000,000
Brow Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
Brow Revision 10,000,000
Upper Lid Spraying 2,800,000
Lower Lid Spraying 2,000,000
Diamond Lip Spraying 5,000,000
Pink Smile Lip Spraying 5,000,000
TBG Microneedles Lip Spraying 10,000,000
Nano Lippi Lip Spraying 7,000,000
Lip Lightening 5,000,000
Nipple Lightening 8,000,000
Multi-Line Brow Sculpting 3,000,000
Sculpting Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting 6,000,000
Ordill Fiber Sculpting 9,000,000
Sculpting Revision 10,000,000
Phun Mí Cho Mắt Thêm Xinh
Lid Spraying – For the lid to be breathtaking

Why should you choose the Upper Lid Spraying procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital lid spraying procedure has become the favorite service among the customers. The results of countless ladies are the clearest evidence of that saying.

100% of the technology and machinery that we received are imported and transferred directly from foreign countries with outstanding quality. In addition, the experts and technicians offer beautiful results that are capable of pleasing even the toughest customers.

If the lid spraying technique is not for you, there are still multiple services left for you to experience. We offer the most advanced and latest cosmetic procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Thus we are confident that we can change every flaw in your body.

We hope that with this information that we have provided, you can now make the choice that suits you the most. Why resist such a life-changing technique with a small cost anyway? Let Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital change your appearance today!

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