Areola Reduction – For The Pink And Youthful Breasts

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An Areola Reduction helps the overall appearance of the breasts to be much more aesthetic. Many women are even confident that this technology helps to bring about the sensational feeling in bed. Additionally, this method does not affect your ability to breastfeed your baby. Here is some information about this technique.

Areola Reduction
Areola Reduction

What is a 2-Side Areola Reduction?

The oversize Areolas make the overall look of the breasts less harmonious and thus cause the ladies to become less attractive and confident with their “nightlife”.

To get rid of this flaw to its root, many customers have chosen the Areola reduction technology as their savior. This method helps to reduce the diameter of the dark skin of the areolas to make them become visibly attractive. Furthermore, Areola Reduction can be done as Breast Augmentation if you required it.

The advantages of a 2-Side Areola Reduction

2 Side Areola Reduction is the safe technique that directly helps to get rid of the pigmented skin. As the result, the Areola is greatly reduced after the surgery.

A safe procedure

The entire process of Areola Reduction happens around the soft tissue of the body and does not affect the surrounding nerves to be damaged to bring you exceptional breasts.

After the surgery is over, you will get to witness many noticeable changes on your areolas like the symmetrical size and shape with a harmonious and natural overall appearance.

Does not affect the milk glands

Every woman wants to correct the flaws in her body. However, they are still unsure about the effect of the Areola Reduction on their milk glands.

First, you should know that this is only a minor surgery to remove the excess skin and bring about symmetry for the breasts. Second, as the impacts of the surgery are only on the skin of the areolas, the entire surgery can be done safely, quickly, and carefully. Thus you can rest assured that the Areola Reduction does not affect your milk glands in any way.

The standard 2 Side Areola Reduction procedure

A standard 2 side Areola Reduction must meet these following requirements to be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Step 1: Consulting

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In this step, the doctors will inspect the differences between the 2 areolas and the remaining parts. This is done to let them come up with the most optimal Areola Reduction surgery.

The customer will have their health inspected to see whether they are suitable for the procedure or not.

Step 2: Areola anesthesia

This is done to allow you to feel comfortable during the surgery. At Gangwhoo, the anesthetic is applied by the high-quality experts to thus you can be sure that nothing dangerous will ever happen.

Step 3: 2 Side Areola Reduction surgery

From the marked point, the doctors will get rid of the inner and outer areola excess skin. This step is done gently and carefully to ensure that the nerves and the milk glands will not be affected.

Depends on the wish of the patient, the doctors can perform breast augmentation simultaneously.

Step 4: Post-operative care

Being a rather simple surgery, the procedure allows the customer to go home right away. However, the client still has to follow the doctor’s home instructions and revisit the appointment.

Breast makeover price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

1 Side Inverted Nipple Correction 10,000,000
2-Side Nipple Reduction 10,000,000
2-Side Areola Reduction 10,000,000
Accessory Breast Removal (1-2 breasts) 35,000,000
Gynecomastia 40,000,000
Breast Reduction 45 – 65,000,000
Breast Lift 45 – 65,000,000
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implants Without Chip 75,000,000 39,990,000
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implants With Chip 85,000,000 55,000,000
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Ergonomix 95,000,000 65,000,000

Why should you choose the Areola Reduction procedure of Gangwhoo cosmetics hospital?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a reputable place for customers to have a makeover. We have received countless positive feedback on our services from our guests.

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With our professional infrastructure and services, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital fulfills even the toughest demands from our clients.

The team of doctors at Gangwhoo was licensed and trained in countries with advanced cosmetology. In addition, they are also dedicated and full of commitment when taking care of our beloved clients.

Thus we guarantee that our services will worth every penny from your pocket.

If you want to seek further information about the Areola Reduction procedure, feel free to contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Let us make you beautiful today!


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