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Teeth Whitening – For Natural Bright Color

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The teeth whitening method helps get rid of yellow teeth, teeth discoloration…and bring bright teeth back for you. This dental correction method is not complicated so it will be carried out quickly and painlessly. This is also the most chosen dental method nowadays.

Tẩy Trắng Răng Cho Hàm Răng Trắng Sáng Tự Nhiên
Teeth Whitening – For Natural Bright Color

At an adult age, when people consume many kinds of food, their teeth start to lose their color and become yellow and darker. Moreover, to those who often consume alcohol, beer, and smoke cigarette…their teeth will be in worse condition.

As a result, normal dental care methods are not quite effective anymore. Teeth whitening is the best solution for you to regain the original beauty of your teeth.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the most common dental method recommended by dentists. Especially, if you cannot afford the porcelain crown method then the teeth whitening method is the most optimal solution for you.

The teeth whitening method involves bleaching your teeth along with laser light to destroy and remove the carbon bonds of the organic substances stuck on the tooth enamel. This is also the main reason for tooth discoloration.

The tooth bleaching gel is specially created in the dentistry field which is authorized regarding the material and safety. The teeth whitening method applies the latest technology that ensures painless procedures and immediate results.

There are two methods for whitening teeth:

tay trang rang

Teeth whitening trays

Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth to make a mold that tight yet comfortably fit to each size of person’s teeth. The whitening trays are made of soft, transparent plastic which is safe and cause no harm to your gum.

Custom trays fits properly over your teeth that keep whitening gel not leaking out, simultaneously, prevent saliva from get into the mold during the whitening process. Your dentist also provide peroxide-based bleaching agents 10-15% along with detailed instructions and several solutions for issues many occur.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Note: Wearing whitening trays is only indicated for those having mildly stained teeth by aging and external impacts, etc,.

Take-home teeth whitening trays
Take-home teeth whitening trays

Teeth whitening at Dental clinic

Teeth whitening involves bleaching gel combined with laser light to remove and damage the carbon bonds of organic substances attached to the enamel. These are also the direct culprit that renders teeth discolored and less attractive.

Teeth whitening is a specialized type used in dentistry, which has been tested to be safe, not detrimental to tooth enamel. Teeth whitening method applies a new generation of teeth whitening technology that does not cause discomfort or sensitivity ,thus, providing an immediate result after 1 time only.

Teeth whitening may last for 3-5 years, depending on each person’s teeth condition and method that was conducted before.

Teeth whitening at Gangwhoo
Teeth whitening at Gangwhoo

Should I have teeth whitening?

If you want to have no longer stained or discolored teeth, then teeth whitening is the ideal solution for you to achieve bright and lovely smile.

Teeth whitening will help you own a sunny smile, increasing your confidence when having a conversation with others. Not to mention, this method also minimize the risks of several common disease such as bad breath, dental plague

The advantages of teeth whitening

The teeth whitening method have the following advantages:

Improve tooth discoloration

Bleaching, whitening teeth by using the latest technology along with a blue light laser to form a redox reaction that breaks the chains of proteins. This will help remove dental plaque and yellow stains easily, make the teeth brighter.

Painless procedure

This method uses blue laser light to directly affect the color of the teeth. There would be no surgical intervention so the teeth structure and chewing function would not be altered. You would not feel any pain, numbness, or discomfort at the surrounding gums and tissue area.

Safe and non-invasive

Before performing teeth whitening, the doctor will apply a gingival protector to ensure non-intervention to the gums area. This will help the customer feel more confident in the procedure.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Maintaining long-term effects

After the procedure, the new bright teeth can last up to five years without any discoloration.

Prevent yellow teeth

In addition to the teeth bleaching, Gangwhoo’s method also restores tooth enamel which makes your teeth healthier and prevents food crumbs.

The teeth whitening procedure

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the teeth whitening procedure is carried out strictly under the experts’ supervision to ensure customer’s safety and effective outcome. The other teeth whitening procedure will be divided into these steps:

Step 1: Dental examination

The dentist will examine the customer’s current dental condition to analyze the discoloration and possible dental diseases. Then the doctor will suggest the most suitable method.

Step 2: Dental hygiene

The doctor will perform proper dental hygiene to remove all the dental plaque and clean the tooth surface. This also helps prevent infection during the procedure.

Step 3: Apply the gingival protector

The dentist will apply the gingival protector to prevent it from affecting the surrounding areas

Step 4: Apply tooth bleaching gel

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The dentist will prepare a suitable amount of tooth bleaching gel to apply to the tooth surface, removing the yellow stains, discolored areas. Then the dentist will use light technology to clean the tooth surface more quickly.

Step 5: Apply blue laser light

The doctor will apply blue laser light to the teeth. The blue-ray will work with the bleaching gel to form a redox reaction which will destroy the dental plaque, help the gel soak into the teeth, and make the teeth brighter.

Step 6: Dental hygiene and care

After the procedure, the dentist will perform dental hygiene once more to reduce numbness. The dentist will instruct the customer on how to care for their teeth at home to avoid discoloration.

Teeth whitening price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Service (VND) Discounted price
TEETH WHITENING Led or Laser Teeth Whitening at the clinic 2,500,000
Teeth Whitening at Home Using Trays 1,500,000
Whitening Strips 500,000

Some notes before and after teeth whitening

  • In case, your teeth is severely stained, you can combine to wear teeth whitening trays at home and undergo teeth whitening at dental clinic.
  • Dentures, porcelain teeth do not respond to whitening agents.
  • You should have dentist take tartar before whitening, brush away colored plague, treat tooth sensitivity, fill of cavities of the neck of the root, etc,.
  • Teeth are extremely sensitive after 1-2 weeks, you should:
  • Maintain good oral hygiene, brush your teeth properly to attain the whiteness of teeth, thus, minimizing the risk of teeth staining again.
  • Use a straw when having colored drink
  • Do not drink or eat foods that are too hot or too cold due to tooth sensitivity.
  • Please notify your dentist when having these symptoms: long-term tooth sensitivity, mouth ulcers, etc.,

24 hours after teeth whitening, you should avoid:

  • Drinking or eating foods with colorants: coffee, tea, alcohol drink, soft drinks,etc.,
  • Soy sauce, mustard, chili sauce, ketchup, etc.,
  • Smoking cigarretes
  • Lipstick
  • Anything that may cause re-colorization.

24 hours after having teeth whitening, you should:

  • Drinks: water, milk, mineral water, etc.,
  • Fruits: Apples, bananas
  • Bread: white bread with Plain white flour, etc.,
  • Cereal powder
  • Dairy products: White cheese, farm cheese, sour cream, white yogurt, etc.,
  • Potatoes, cooked rice, etc.,
  • Noodles: Rice noodles
  • Meat: chicken with no skin, pork, etc.,
Painless Teeth whitening at Gangwhoo
Painless Teeth whitening at Gangwhoo

FAQs about teeth whitening

Why your teeth stained and discolored?

The causes of tooth discoloration can be divided into two main groups as follows:

Causes of staining on the tooth surface:

  • Colored foods and drinks such as juice, ketchup, coffee, tea, beer, etc.,
  • Due to improper brushing, tooth plague cannot be removed
  • Thereby, it will create conditions for bacteria and leftover food to stick to the enamel, making teeth more stained.
  • Long-term smoking  will cause teeth to become discolored. Therefore, smokers have to live with unappealing dark yellow teeth

Causes of tooth decay:

  • Aging: Over time, the outer layer of tooth enamel is gradually worn away and there are more and more types of pigmented foods and beverages in direct contact. Thereby, making the situation of teeth stained, which over a long period of time becomes worse.
  • Heredity: the color of your teeth can be inherited. If most of your family members have stained teeth, there is a high risk that your teeth will also become discolored.
  • If a mother, during their pregnancy, uses Tetracycline- an antibiotic that can discolor teeth from the inside or a child takes it in an early young age, the child can have teeth partially or  completely discolored
  • Use Fluoridated water or the toothpaste you use contain too much Fluoride.

Does whitening teeth cause no pain?

Tooth whitening method is not painful to many people, however, some may experience tooth sensitivity after whitening process. This is not permanent and will disappear after a few days.

Besides, you should have teeth whitening at accredited dental center with modern facilities. The whitening procedure should be performed by highly-skilled and experienced dentists, Apart from it, bleaching agents should be safe and do not harm the tooth enamel.

Is Teeth Whitening safe?

Nowadays, there are many methods that can change teeth color, and among them, teeth whitening is a method that widely applied in many countries around the world, and Vietnam is no exception.

But, there is a false belief that whitening can cause negative effect to our teeth such as weakening teeth, or enamel wearing away. In fact, British Dental Association (BDA) has been reported that clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening technology does not change tooth structure or damage enamel. This method ensures the safety of oral health when having it done properly.

In reality, many people experience tooth sensitivity after bleaching process. This is because when the enamel layer is affected during the bleaching process, the soft dentin containing the nerves is exposed, causing sensitivity in teeth. This is common and may lasts for just a few days.

Tẩy trắng răng chỉ thực sự có hại khi bạn tự mua và sử dụng thuốc tẩy không rõ nguồn gốc bên ngoài với nồng độ tùy ý mà không có sự hướng dẫn của bác sĩ nha khoa, việc này có thể gây ra một số bệnh lý về răng miệng.

Để đảm bảo an toàn và đạt kết quả thẩm mỹ tối ưu, bạn nên tìm đến cơ sở nha khoa uy tín, có sử dụng thuốc tẩy trắng chính hãng, có hệ thống công nghệ máy móc tẩy trắng hiện đại.

Safe and effective teeth whitening
Safe and effective teeth whitening

Who is a suitable candidate for having teeth whitening?

Women in their pregnancy or breastfeeding should not undergo teeth bleaching, as whitening agents can pose negative affects to the child.

Those having dental illnesses such as abrasive, tooth decay, periodontitis, etc., need to be treated before teeth whitening

Besides, children under 16 years old should not have teeth whitening, because at this age, bleach can irritate the tooth pulp, making teeth become numb and sensitive.

=> Except for the above cases, you can whiten your teeth at any time.

Should I have teeth whitening at home or at dental clinic?

If you have a tight budget, you should choose a way to whiten your teeth at home, but provided that the bleaching time is slower (5-7 days). If you want to bleach quickly, you should bleach at a dental facility, your teeth will be brightly white right after the first session, but the fee will be higher.

At the dental clinic, modern equipment technology is applied with a combination of bleaching agents and laser light to help lighten teeth as quickly as possible ( time usually lasts from 90 to 120 minutes).

However, you should know that which method to choose depends on many different factors.

If your teeth only have a normal staining condition, you only need to bleach them once at a dental facility. In case the teeth are severely stained, the bleaching time will be longer or divided into several bleaching times.

At-home teeth whitening also needs the supervision and guidance of a dentist, the improper implementation of bleaching techniques or the use of poor quality bleach not only makes teeth whitening less effective, but also harmful. can cause serious dental problems.

Teeth whitening with laser light at Gangwhoo
Teeth whitening with laser light at Gangwhoo

Why should you choose teeth whitening at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Many people seek teeth whitening nowadays to have a bright and beautiful smile. Thus, this service is becoming more and more developed at dentistry centers, cosmetic facilities all over the country. It is not as difficult to do teeth whitening as other methods. However, if you come to untrustworthy facilities, you may have your teeth, enamel and gums weaken or damaged in a short time.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital offers a prestigious, safe teeth whitening service. This method is performed by skillful dentists and doctors who have years of experience in the dentistry field. Furthermore, the hospital is equipped with standard machinery systems and devices authorized by The Ministry of Health. We can help you to have beautiful teeth without having any inflammation, pain, numbness afterward.

In addition to the teeth whitening service, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital also offers various beauty services. Everybody’s defect can now be treated and removed quickly and effectively.


The teeth whitening method should be done regularly to ensure healthy and bright teeth. Therefore, seek for yourself a prestigious place to have a bright and healthy set of teeth.

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