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19 Methods Of Acne Therapy That You Should Know

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Everyone wants to have the flawless skin but that desire will always face the barrier of pimples and ance. We all want these problems to go away as fast as possible. But for that to happen, we need to know the suitable acne therapy to get rid of them once and for all.

acne therapy

The signs and symptoms of acne that you should know about

The signs and symptoms of acne are very diverse as they depend on the severity of the condition.


Whiteheads are a kind of acne that forms when the sweat glands are clogged with dead cells, sebaceous, and bacteria. Whiteheads form under the surface of enclosed sweat glands.


Blackheads are formed due to sweat glands’ congestion caused by dead cells, dirt, and bacteria, causing the sebaceous to be trapped. The tips of the blackheads are oxidized and turn black.


Papules are severe pimples. The symptoms of papules are redness and irritation. The papules stems’ locations are very difficult to be determined.


Nodules are the outcome of a skin surface inflammation caused by a type of bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. This type of bacteria can grow rapidly, forming nodules when the sweat glands are congested by dirt, sebaceous, or make-up leftovers.


Pustules are a type of pimples with redness on the skin and yellow or white tips that contain pus (which is made of sebaceous, dead cells, and bacteria). Pustules not only appear on the face but also the back, the breasts, the neck, and wherever the sweat glands are.


Cysts are the most severe form of pimples. These cysts contain pus that forms deep inside the skin. Cysts can leave visible pitted scars on the skin.

acne therapy

The main causes behind acne

To give out suitable acne therapy and regimen, we need to understand the causes of the type of pimple. There are 4 main reasons:

Hyperactive sweat glands

Acne can form easily on those with hyperactive sweat glands, especially the locations with the most number of sweat glands of the body like the face, the chest, the back, or the shoulders.

Congested sweat glands

Acne forms on sweat glands with trapped sebaceous, dead cells, dirt, and bacteria.

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The surface of the skin contains much dirt, dead cells, and sebaceous that create the perfect environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow if not cleaned regularly.

Hyperactive Androgen hormone

Androgen is a type of hormone that is hyperactive once the person enters their teenage or becomes pregnant as it causes the glands to produce more sebaceous.

acne therapy

What makes acne condition more severe?

Some factors that can cause acne condition to be more severe are:

  • Improper face cleansing: By cleaning the face improperly and touching the face with your hands, you are worsening your acne condition.
  • Unlogical diet: A diet with too much starch, sugar, and spicy food with a lot of oil while lacking vegetables and fruits is the reason causing the acne condition to worsen
  • Stress: Regular stress can cause the acne condition to become more severe.
  • Medications use: Some medications that contain testosterone, lithium, or corticosteroid can make the acne condition more severe.

Non-medications acne therapy

Strict and sterile comedo extracting procedure

To treat acne, especially pimples, you need to actively extract the comedones in a sterile process. This will help to lower the risk of skin inflammation and prevent scarring afterward.

Acne therapy with IPL

This is a type of acne therapy using light pulse with appropriate length waves to eliminate P. acnes bacteria, increasing the blood flows, stimulating the healing of the skin, and preventing scarrings.

Face masks

Using face masks will help to clean the sweat glands from deep within and relax the skin from foreign environments, subsiding the acne condition.


Microneedling will remove the old and week cells, unclog the sweat glands, and create the perfect condition for nutrients to enter the skin for regeneration.


Regular skin exfoliation will get rid of the dead and weak cells, dirt, sebaceous to cleanse and unclog the sweat glands, making the ance therapy more effective. However, you should not do this too often, with the optimal frequency being 1-2 times a week.

Chemical peel

This is a type of acne therapy that chemically peels the skin with chemicals like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and retinol to remove the dead surface of the skin. This method will help to cleanse the skin better and hence treat acne conditions more effectively.

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acne therapy

Methods of acne therapy with medications

Treating acne with medications can be separated into 2 forms: using ointment and using pills.

Types of acne therapy using ointment


Resorcinol is a type of ointment used in acne therapy as it can destroy the structure of blackheads and whiteheads.


Retin-A is a Vietnam A extract with acid that can clean and unclog the sweat glands.

Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid is an ingredient existing inside acne ointment. This substance can unclog the sweet glands, control the activities of the sebaceous and eliminate the bacteria. Inside azelaic acid, some ingredients can control papules.

Salicylic acid

This is a type of substance that is inside many acne therapy ointments. It is anti-inflammatory and can reduce the size of the pimples.


Dapsone is a skin ointment that can subside the inflammation condition due to acne. This also has some side effects like skin redness or dryness.


Sulfur is a matter that can stimulate the drying of the comedo and subside the swelling. It is used in treating pustules, whiteheads, and papules.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide helps to treat acne by controlling the sebaceous glands, eliminating the bacteria, and stimulating the generation of new skin cells.

Alcohol và acetone

Alcohol has the ability to disinfect the skin while acetone can remove the sebaceous on the skin. Both of these substances can support acne therapy effectively. However, you might experience some side effects like skin dryness because of alcohol.

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Retinol has the ability to normalize the certification of the skin, keeping the pimples from forming. You must keep in mind that when treating using retinol, the acne condition will worsen at first but soon improve drastically.

Types of acne therapy using pills


In severe cases of acne, the doctors can prescribe antibiotics for the patients to prevent infection and inflammation.

To increase the effectiveness of acne therapy using antibiotics, it is recommended to combine taking them and applying retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.


Isotretinoin is a type of capsules that is very familiar in acne therapy, especially in severe cases. Although its effectiveness is very high, it also has certain side effects. Therefore, when treating acne using these pills, you need to monitor your condition carefully.

Pregnancy pills

Not many people know the effect of pregnancy pills on ance therapy. Inside pregnancy pills, some substances can control the androgen hormone and keep the sebaceous glands from being hyperactive.

One thing you must remember is that this method of acne therapy is not suitable for anyone over 35 years old, has hemophilia, or smokes.


Spironolactone can control the acne condition of women thanks to its ability to restrict the activities of sebaceous glands. The pills work best for cases with severe acne due to menstruation.

Treating severe acne condition by Corticosteroid injection acne therapy

Another very effective acne therapy is the dilute corticosteroid injection. This compound has the ability to prevent scarring and inflammation afterward; as well as stimulate the recovery of the skin at the acne region.

acne therapy

What need to notices when undergoing acne therapy using medications

  • When undergoing acne therapy using medications, you need to strictly follow the instructions and guidance from the doctors.
  • You must not stop taking medications on your own.
  • You should not take other medications without consulting the doctors.
  • Medications can cause side effects but will subside once stop taking them.

acne therapy

How to take care of the skin to prevent acne reoccurrence

To ensure the acne therapy is effective and you should remember the following:

Not popping pimples by yourself

Improper and unhygienic pimples popping can worsen the acne condition, creating inflammation. Therefore, you should not pop pimples at home unless you don’t want your condition to over.

Not touching the pimples

When having pimples, people tend to touch them. This habit can worsen the condition as our hands contain a lot of bacteria, meaning that touching the pimples will expose the pimples to the bacteria.

Wash your face 2 times a day

Keeping the skin clean is the thing you must do to prevent the forming of pimples. You need to remove wash your face regularly to get rid of the sebaceous, dirt, bacteria, and left-over makeup on the skin and the sweat glands.

The optimal number of face wash that you should do daily is 2 times to lower the risk of forming dimples on the face.

When washing your face, you should rub an adequate amount of facial cleanser with water and put them on your face. Next, you massage in a spiral direction all over the face but the eyes and wash your face with water.

Choose the correct type of facial cleanser

Regular facial cleanser can contact strong disinfectant to clean the face better; however, it can also take away the moisture of the skin, breaking the pH level of the skin. This causes the skin to create more sebaceous to make up for the lost moisture, causing the acne condition to worsen.

This means that you should choose a facial cleanser with mild nature to prevent pimples from growing.

Using oil-free skincare products

Cosmetic products with oil ingredients can cause sweat glands congestion, allowing the pimples to reoccur. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, you should choose oil-free ones only.

Moisten the skin

The skin with enough moisture will produce less sebaceous to prevent the sweat glands from clogging. Therefore, you must keep your skin moist all the time.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight

The heat from the sun can cause the skin to sweat and produce more sebaceous. Moreover, UV light is one of the culprits of making the pimples darker.

Have a logical diet

Aside from treating acne with ointment and pills or other therapies, you need to have a logical diet. Meals with vegetables, fruits, and plenty of water will help to prevent acne, rejuvenate the skin, whiten the skin, and make the skin stronger.

Avoid being stressed or depressed

Persistent stress and depression are the reasons causing the sebaceous glands to be hyperactive. Therefore, to ultimately treat the acne condition, you must keep yourself from being stressed.

Where to have an effective ance therapy in Ho Chi Minh City?

In-depth acne therapy needs to be done in a reputable and quality facility to get the best result. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, with its acne therapy techniques (Skin Get – IPL) is the location that you can put your fate in.

acne therapy

Skin Get – IPL at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Skin Get – IPL is a type of acne therapy that can treat pimples to their cores by getting rid of the bacteria, reducing inflammation, controlling the sebaceous glands, and recovering the damage of the skin. Skin Get – IPL can treat acne, blackheads, cysts, pustules, etc.


The advantages of Skin Get – IPL in-depth acne therapy

  • Can treat acne effectively and safely after one session.
  • Stimulates the regeneration of the skin.
  • Prevent the forming of inflammation.
  • Doesn’t damage the skin.
  • Prevent dark spots effectively.
  • Strengthen and reverse the discoloration of the skin.
  • Prevent acne from reoccurring.

Coming to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you will get to experience the most in-depth acne therapies performed by the hands of an experienced and skillful team of doctors, bringing you the best and safest treatment possible.

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acne therapy

Final words

The above is a list of acne therapies that treat mild to severe conditions. We hope that the information provided will come in handy for you. If you have any other questions, contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for consultation!

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