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Periorbital Fat Grafting – Keep Your Eyes Young Forever

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Periorbital fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure that is adored by many. This has brought salvation to many eyes with crow’s feet, wrinkles, under-eye pouches, sunken eyes… It not only removes the excess fat but also offers optimal eye rejuvenation.

What is Periorbital Fat Grafting?

Periorbital fat grafting is a method of implanting autologous fat. Fat is extracted from the lids surrounding area or from other parts and then is implanted into the sunken parts of the eyes. This surgery not only removes the unwanted excess fat but also makes up for the deep orbital cavity or wrinkled skins…

Base on these advantages, it can be said that the Periorbital fat grafting method is suitable for the deteriorated eyes with lots of wrinkles, puffiness, sunken eyes, dark circles…

Thanks to this restoration method, the eyes will no longer appear tired and rigid. Additionally, the surrounding skin becomes much smoother and younger.

Periorbital Fat Grafting
What is Periorbital Fat Grafting?

The advantages of Periorbital Fat grafting?

The Periorbital fat grafting service is very popular among cosmetic facilities for these great advantages:

  • Safety: With the use of high compatibility autologous fat, body rejection risk is eliminated. The surgery leaves no side effects.
  • Lasting results: The various stem cell within the autologous fat can multiply themselves and last for many years. It also helps to beautify and nurture the damaged area of the skin. 
  • High aesthetics: With only a small amount of fat, your appearance will be greatly improved. Not only it pushes back the effect of aging and erase the wrinkles, but  Periorbital fat grafting also makes the surrounding skin become youthful, elastic, and gorgeous.
  • A bang for the buck procedure with the use of autologous fat.
  • Can be done swiftly and painlessly with simple minor surgery and advanced anesthesia technology.
  • Quick post-surgery recovery time.
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The great advantages of a Periorbital Fat Grafting

The international standard Periorbital Fat Grafting procedure

Although a Periorbital fat grafting is rather a simple and safe procedure, the skin around the eyes is still very sensitive. Hence, careful researches and evaluations must be conducted before the surgery to offer the most optimal results.

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will determine the aging issue of the skin as well as the history of any eye disease. During this stage, the doctors will explain the details of a Periorbital fat grafting procedure, including the outcome, the process, and whether is it complications-free… In addition, they will also answer any question or doubt a customer may have.

After getting the grip of the necessary information and the client’s wishes, the doctors will offer the most suitable procedure.

Step 2: General health examination 

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The patient will undergo a series of simple examinations like heart rate, blood pressure test… Moreover, the patient’s medical and drug use history will also be asked to ensure that the surgery can be done as safely as possible. 

Step 3: Meticulous marking

This step will be done after the doctors and the client have discussed the method of surgery. 

Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization

In order to prevent the patient from feeling any pain or getting infected during and after the surgery respectively, this step is a compulsory stage.

Step 5: The surgery

First, the doctors will extract the excess fat from the client’s autologous fat area (the lids area or other parts). This fat will the handled and filtered carefully with centrifugal technology to extract the most healthy and pure cell. 

Lastly, the filtered fat will be injected into the previously marked flaws. 

After the Periorbital fat grafting procedure, your eyes may experience some swellings or bruises. These conditions will soon be lessened within one week. The surgeons’ expertises surely play an important role in the success of the surgery. However, post-operative care is also a crucial part of the recovery rate and the longevity of the procedure. Hence the patient should always follow the guidance from the doctors and take great care of their new and beautiful eyes.

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The Periorbital Fat Grafting procedure

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Images of our customers before and after undergoing the Periorbital fat grafting

KH Tái Tạo Mỡ Mắt
Customers having Periorbital Fat Grafting
Tái Tạo Mỡ Mắt Níu Giữ Thanh Xuân
Periorbital Fat Grafting – Forever youth
Periorbital Fat Grafting
Periorbital Fat Grafting – Bring soul to your eyes
Tái Tạo Mỡ Mắt Bảo Vệ Cửa Sổ Tâm Hồn
Periorbital Fat Grafting – Protect your eyes against the effect of time

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – a reputable place for a Periorbital Fat Grafting

Periorbital fat grafting is known to be a procedure that requires carefulness and precision from the surgeons. Additionally, the process must follow all the safety regulations to avoid causing any dangerous complications. The patient should only entrust their fate in reputable cosmetic facilities like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – a place that brings you the best of both worlds – the services’ quality and the price. 

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, through years of building and developing, has become a cosmetic facility that is trusted and highly recommended by customers.

  • We have advanced infrastructure and modern equipment that can guarantee the safety and hygiene regulations given by the Ministry of Health.
  • Our team of both domestic and international doctors has had years of experience in the cosmetic industry.
  • We also maintain the strictest, safest, and most effective makeover procedure.
  • In addition, we constantly update new cosmetic trends and technologies to bring you the best bang for the buck.
  • Moreover, we also have dedicated and loving post-surgery care. We guarantee our customers’ rights and interests with our great post-surgery warranty.

Here are some overviews on the Periorbital fat grafting procedure. If you are concerned about your wrinkled, tiring, swollen, or sunken eyes, dark circles, etc. then worry no more as Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is always ready to give you consultation and restore the youth to your eyes. A new pair of young and beautiful eyes are the foundation for a happy and gorgeous look and therefore you must always maintain their youthful look.

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