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The Safe and Effective Knee Keloid Scars Treatment

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Having Knee Keloid Scars Treatment is always a topic that concerns many women. This type of scar makes the person less confident wearing exposing clothes. In this article, we will give you some hints on The Safe and Effective Knee Keloid Scars Treatment.

What causes keloid scars on the knee?

The knee is a part that can suffer injuries when the person plays sports. The process of wound healing will consist of 4 stages: Hemostasis – inflammation (the body will fight against bad agents entering the wound) – Proliferation (fibroblasts, together with collagen, proliferate to form connective tissue) – Regeneration (epidermis is regenerated, collagen will continue to proliferate to help the wound heal completely). The nature of keloid scars is caused by fibroblast proliferation and excessive collagen proliferation during wound healing.

Therefore, keloids on the knee will appear after having open wounds in the knee. Studies show that the causes of these injuries are:

  • Due to surgery in the knee: Ligament surgery, knee replacement surgery,…
  • Severe burns: Because of boiling water, touching exhaust pipe, chemicals, …
  • Knee accident: While participating in traffic, at practice, at work, …
  • Failure to take care of open wounds: Causes wounds to become inflamed, even infected, and form keloids.
  • Body condition: Many people are very susceptible to keloids and when they appear, the scars will grow stronger than usual.
Knee Keloid Scars Treatment
Knee Keloid Scars Treatment

Knee keloid scars treatment at home

Having keloid scars on the knee can diminish your look, forcing you to look for knee keloid scars treatment. Take a look at some simple yet effective knee keloid scars treatment that you can do at home

1. Knee Keloid Scars Treatment with lime

Lime is considered one of the ingredients to help you get rid of keloid scars very well. The composition of lemon contains a lot of acids, which help to remove excess collagen caused by the excessive proliferation of keloids. To treat knee keloid scars with lemon, you need to follow these steps:

Ingredients: A fresh lime.

Implementation steps:

  • Squeeze out the juice of a lime, then wash the skin with keloids that need to be treated with clean water to help the essences in the lime be absorbed more deeply.
  • Then use a cotton pad to soak up lime juice, apply evenly to the skin to treat keloids about 3 times a day with each session last for about 10 minutes, then wash away with warm water.
Keloid Scars Treatment with lime
Keloid Scars Treatment with lime

2. Knee Keloid Scars Treatment with ginger

Ginger root contains many minerals that are very good in the treatment of keloids, such as Mg, Ca, K, … Or vitamins of groups E, C, B, and carotenes. The most special thing about ginger is that it contains many effective antioxidants, which will prevent the aging of the skin better when you use vitamin E to treat keloids.

Implementation steps:

  • Crush the ginger root to get the juice, then add a little honey to increase the effectiveness in the treatment of keloids and stir them well.
  • Apply this mixture to the keloid scars on the knee, leave it for about 15 minutes, then wash it off with clean water.
Keloid Scars Treatment with ginger
Keloid Scars Treatment with ginger

3. Cover the keloid scars with a tattoo

Scars on the knee often leave a raised patch of skin that will darken over time. To be able to cover this defect, you should look for a tattoo artist.

The artist redecorates the keloid area with a tattoo to make it more beautiful and unique. This is the way many people choose to hide away a large keloid scar on their knee.

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Knee Keloid Scars Treatment with Cosmetic Technology

With long-standing, large-area knee keloid scars, the above methods do not give the desired effect. However, with the outstanding development of cosmetic technology, laser keloids treatment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is the best choice to have.

This is a skin treatment technology that has been tested and certified by the FDA for absolute safety and high efficiency in treating keloids.

Laser technology uses infrared light with a wavelength of 10,600nm to thoroughly remove keloid scars on the skin in the shortest amount of time. In addition, the technology also helps to stimulate the proliferation of the epidermis, helping to form new collagen tissue, replacing lost cells, correcting protrusions and wrinkles on the skin quickly.

In particular, the infrared light of Laser technology is highly concentrated and selective. Therefore, it will only directly affect the keloid scar and gently dissect the skin tissue completely without invasiveness or damage.

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The aftercare after having Knee Keloid Scars Treatment

Taking care of the skin after having keloid scars treatment is the final step of this skin therapy service, If you follow the instructions given by the medical staff, the wound will quickly recover without any sign of scarring reoccurrence.

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Here’s what customers need to keep in mind after having done the Knee Keloid Scars Treatment:
  • Take anti-infective medications and change dressings as directed by the medical staff (for clients with scar reduction surgery).
  • Clean the wound after suture removal to avoid infection. Medical tape can be used on the scar to limit scarring.
  • Avoid dirt sticking to the scar.
  • Do not let sunlight shine on the wound after keloid treatment.
  • Do not use alcoholic beverages and stimulants after scar treatment.
  • Limit vigorous exercise to allow the wound to heal quickly.

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This is the information on the Knee Keloid Scars Treatment. We hope that you can find yourself a suitable skin therapy service. We wish you soon have your treatment done to freely dress the outfits that you love!

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