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Expert Explains – Is It Possible To Treat Keloids With Python Fat?

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Keloids make lots of people worried and lose confidence because they cause extremely aesthetic loss for the owners’ appearance, especially when keloids form on the face. Nowadays, there are plenty of keloids treatment methods that are passed down in generations, including the use of python fat to treat keloids. So is it possible to use python fat to treat keloids?


Python fat is a type of animal fat that is removed from the python’s fat layer. In the past, people always knew how to take advantage of python fat in beauty and health.

Nowadays, python fat is considered a rare kind of “panacea” that you can hardly buy, because it is not available everywhere. In addition to python fat, python blood is also used to make medicine to treat diseases.

In this article, you will be introduced to the use of python fat in beauty. In particular, lots of people are concerned about whether they can use python fat to treat keloids or not.

Treating Keloids with Python Fat
Treating Keloids with Python Fat


python fat can be used to treat keloids because it has a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as glycerin palmiatate, linoleic acid, olec acid, … which are natural active ingredients and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In addition, python fat also has a lot of omega 3 and vitamins, that can penetrate strongly into the epidermis of the skin and enhance cell regeneration.

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In particular, the components in python fat also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin surface and restore the lipid layer on the skin left by scars. Therefore, it is possibly effective to treat keloids with python fat. This is a benign and safe component for all types of scars and skin types, including allergic skin, thin skin, suitable for use by both children and pregnant women.

Therefore, it can be concluded that python fat can be used to treat keloids. You can cook this material, eat or apply it to the skin. Another downside of python fat is its unpleasant smell. Therefore, many manufacturers add other ingredients along with python fat to create a kind of topical medication suitable for the skin.

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Natural python fat has plenty of beneficial skincare ingredients, so it is effective to use python fat to treat keloids. However, like other animal fats, python fat can also cause unwanted side effects if not used correctly. Therefore, when using python fat to treat keloids, we need to remember a few things as follows:

  • If you have large, deep open wounds or skin burns, there is a high possibility of leaving keloid scars, dark scars, … causing aesthetic loss, s wait about 3 weeks for the scars to appear. When the wound is dry, apply python fat to treat keloids.
  • Avoid applying python fat directly to new wounds because it will make the wound fester and itch, making it worse.
  • Those who have oily skin, should not use python fat to treat keloids. Because python fat can cause blockages and clogged pores. This can make the wound or scar more serious and difficult to treat. In particular, this can cause skin breakouts and irritation.
  • We should not overuse python fat because there are a few ingredients in python fat that may not be suitable for the skin, causing allergies, harming the skin.

To ensure safety and the best results, you should consult your doctor to know whether you can use python fat to treat keloids or not. You will be instructed to use python fat properly and treat keloids effectively.

Nowadays, there are many types of fake python fat with poor quality, making it difficult for people to distinguish. Therefore, we should choose a reputable facility to buy python fat and ensure the best result!

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  • Tips to distinguish pure python fat

Pure python fat has a specific yellow color and a greasy smell. In particular, python fat will not freeze unlike pork or beef fat if it is left open at a temperature of over 16 degrees Celsius. And most of all, python fat can be preserved for 1-2 years. To ensure the quality of python fat, please store it in a cool place or keep it in the refrigerator and use it gradually.

These are the instructions on how to use python fat to treat keloids the most effectively. Indeed, this is a natural and valuable ingredient that has many benefits for the skin. You should also consider thoroughly to ensure there would not be any complications.

Therefore, you should not ignore this amazing natural keloids treatment method. Thank you for reading.

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