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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – The Top Hospital For Nose Revision in Ho Chi Minh City

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Not everyone was born with a beautiful nose. Therefore, rhinoplasty surgery is the top choice for many people. However, not everyone is “lucky” to be more beautiful after “entrusting” their noses to the doctors.
Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Damaged nose due to failed surgery

After costly and painful rhinoplasty surgery, many people are still not satisfied with their new nose shapes. Things even went terribly wrong when the nose became severely damaged with serious complications.

Please keep in mind these reasons to avoid risks:

  • Doctors’ qualifications: A good, experienced doctor is the core of a cosmetic hospital. The skill of the doctor goes along with the success of the surgery to minimize the risks and vice versa.
  • Improper rhinoplasty method: Not all rhinoplasty methods give the same results. Each method will be suitable for the specific condition of the nose, health status, etc.
  • Surgical environment, equipment:  The surgical environment and medical tools are not guaranteed to be sterile is one of the causes of post-surgery nose infection.
  • Post-operative care: A professional crew will pay great attention to post-operative care to ensure the best nose shape. However, the post-operative care stage is still not really focused on by many cosmetic facilities and customers.
  • Allergy to the rhinoplasty material: Low-quality rhinoplasty with unknown origin or incompatible can lead to a rejection reaction of the body, causing the nose to swell, inflame, even infection – necrosis of the nose in the long run …

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – The top hospital for nose revision in HCM City

When getting into the above situations, the first thing is to stay calm, find a reputable hospital to have a nose revision to fix the problem.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is located at 576-578 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City with modern facilities and experts – highly qualified doctors. Especially at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, each doctor is specialized in their field such as nose makeover, eye makeover specialist, breast makeover specialist, etc. In particular, First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong is known by the name “The Doctor with the Witch’s Hand” who has successfully performed thousands of cases of eyelid revision and nose revision.

In order to give an effective nose revision surgery, the doctor will directly examine the customer’s current nose condition before deciding on the best treatment method.

Depending on the complications and the severity such as material allergies, infections, etc., the doctor will decide the most appropriate treatment method:

Redness on the nose

Usually, because the skin of the nose tip is too thin, the customer is also allergic to artificial cartilage material. As a result, redness is caused on the nose. In this case, the doctor will use autologous cartilage to cover the tip of the nose.

Customer who has nose revision

Dropped rhinoplasty cartilage

The doctor shall remove the cartilage, clean the nasal cavity for 6 to 12 months so that the nose can fully recover. Then the doctor will perform other rhinoplasty methods with different cartilage materials. For this condition, the doctor will use autologous cartilage from the customer’s body to be better compatible with the body.

Customer who has nose revision

Severe nose infection

The doctor will remove the cartilage material, rinsing the infected nasal cavity where there are pus, redness, swellings with prolonged pain. After removing all the festering and pus in the nose, the customer must use anti-inflammatory drugs for at least 10 days. The time for other rhinoplasty surgery is from 3 to 6 months.

Customer who has nose revision

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Crooked nose, leaked filler

In case of complications due to filler injection is not a rare case and the doctor needs to quickly inject to dissolve the filler. After about 6 to 9 days, it is possible to perform another rhinoplasty to correct the nose shape.

Deformed nose due to lots of surgeries

This is a severe condition that is difficult to correct because the nose is damaged not only in the soft tissue but also in the nose structure. Therefore, it is necessary to combine many different treatment methods together.

Customer who has nose revision

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