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Comedian Tam Thanh lost 6kg of fat thanks to the fat reduction technology at Gangwhoo

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Comedian Tam Thanh is a very familiar face in many TV  series in Vietnam. He is well-known for his nickname “Tam the boss”. He had a lot of fat at his 50, but that is the story in the past. Let’s take a look at how Comedian Tam Thanh lost 6kg of fat thanks to the fat reduction technology at Gangwhoo.

Having fat reduction is the requirement of any people who wish to work in the field of art. Mr. Thanh shared: “I am sick of this belly. Every time there is a running shot, I have to drag this burden around. I have to rest an entire day for a 5-minute shot. But what can I do about it? After shooting in the morning, the crews have a drink in the evening. And trust me when I say when we drink, we drink our hearts out. Acting is a health-demanding job. That is why having such a chubby body like this can get in the way of my work.”

Danh hài Tam Thanh tin tưởng sử dụng combo cắt mí mắt và giảm mỡ Lipo ultrasound của BVTM Gangwhoo
Comedian Tam Thanh believes in the combo of blepharoplasty and Lipo Ultrasound at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Bring about the slim body with Lipo Ultrasound for middle-aged men

After a long time searching for a suitable fat reduction method, actor Tam Thanh decided to have Lipo Ultrasound fat reduction technology at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

Lipo Ultrasound is the most effective and safe fat reduction technology in Vietnam and at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. This is medically standardized and is suitable for people who are too busy working in an office.

Lipo Ultrasound is a non-surgical and non-invasive technique. The customer can be worry-free because no complications or risks can happen during the procedure. The Micro Focuses Ultrasound can deeply affect the fat layer under the skin (around 4,5mm). At this point, even the toughest type of fat can be completely liquefied using the ultrasound right before the eyes of the client.

Diễn viên Tam Thanh được Giáo sư Hàn Quốc thăm khám và tư vấn tại BVTM Gangwhoo
Comedian Tam Thanh is visited and checked on by Korean doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

The use of high-tech machinery can help the patient to see the result after just 60 minutes. The waist will be reduced by 15-20cm in measurement and your body will be 6-10kg lighter. The most special thing is that after the fat is taken out using 4.0 technology in a sterile environment, a specialized machine will be used to analyze the 2 distinguished parts: The first one being the toxins that got removed in the form of liquid. The other part is the fat that contains the stem cells.

For women under 25 years of age, the doctors will extract the autologous fat taken from regions like the waist, the hip, the arms, the calves, to inject into areas like the temple, nasolabial folds, chin, etc., creating the aesthetic curves for the body. The benefit of this technology is that the customers will not only be able to continue with their normal life immediately afterward but also will have their collagen level supplemented, achieving smooth and tighter skin.

Comedian Tam Thanh is very happy to see his fat belly is nothing more but a memory
Comedian Tam Thanh is very happy to see his fat belly is nothing more but a memory

After 60 minutes, actor Tam Thanh was very delighted: “My body is so much lighter as if I am 18 again. I am very afraid of surgery. I still feel very nervous even regardless of my preparation. However, once the operation took place, I was no longer scared. The doctors were very gentle as they made sure that I wasn’t feeling any pain. From now on, just drink a bit less and everyone will be amazed by how I look!”

Fat reduction will not only get rid of the cosmetic problem but also improve the health of the patient. By taking the fat tissues out of the body, the generation of white blood cells will be supported, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure. In addition, having fat reduction can also reduce the risk of arthritis. By combining this with a logical diet, your body will be much healthier than you could ever believe!

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
Cùng với giảm mỡ vùng bụng, diễn viên Tam Thanh còn lựa chọn dịch vụ cắt mí tại bệnh viện Gangwhoo để trùng tu đôi mắt “hằn vết thời thơi”
Along with abdomen liposuction, Comedian Tam Thanh also chose to have blepharoplasty at Gangwhoo to “remake” his eyes

With the 5-star standard, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital (576-578 Cong Hoa) is made to be a place with advanced equipment and exceptional experts. The doctors here have over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. In addition, each doctor in Gangwhoo is specialized in a different field like eye makeover, nose makeover, skin therapy, etc., ensuring the best results and satisfaction of the clients.

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