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Facial palsy on pregnant women – The knowledge that you should not miss out

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When being pregnant, many women tend to be afraid of having diseases that can affect their daily routines. One of the things that they fear the most is facial palsy on pregnant women. Women with this problem are afraid that it can affect the baby inside. So what is the truth about this? Continue reading this article below to find out!

What do you know about facial palsy on pregnant women?

Cranial nerve 7 paralysis in general and facial paralysis on pregnant women, in particular, is the condition in which the person cannot fully control the parts of their face like the nose or the mouth. This is mostly due to the inflammation of the controlling nerve. This condition can cause quite a problem to the patient.

Normally, a woman under pregnancy will have threefold the chance of having this issue than the average ones. This tends to occur during the last 3 months of labor and the postpartum period. This also comes with the following signs:

  • The ladies will find their mouth asymmetrical, with the imbalance medical cleft.
  • When sleeping, the pregnant woman cannot close her eyes or her mouth. Tears will constantly pour out uncontrollably.
  • The saliva glands will be difficult to control, with the tongue losing its taste. As the appetite being depleted, the stress will rise, causing anxiety and discomfort.
Facial palsy on pregnant women - The knowledge that you should not miss out
Facial palsy on pregnant women – The knowledge that you should not miss out

Is facial palsy on pregnant women dangerous?

Whether is facial palsy on pregnant women dangerous or not must be the question that many pregnant women are concerned about. According to studies, having facial paralysis when being pregnant will not affect the baby in any way. However, it can severely affect the mother’s health.

As facial palsy only occurs on the face and doesn’t spread elsewhere, you should not be too worried. Instead, you should seek medical assistance as soon as you find yourself having the symptoms so that you can get treated on time.

Diet plays a very important role during pregnancy to keep the baby healthy and strong. Therefore, you should not be too sad about the problem that you forget to take care of yourself and the baby. In contrast, this is the time that you should try even harder to recover quickly from the condition.

Where to get the best treatment for facial palsy on pregnant women?

Facial palsy on pregnant women for a long time has ceased to be the worry of many women thanks to the establishment of therapy centers. Among all the places, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the most reputable and quality facility that you can entrust your face with.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the facility with advanced medical equipment and exceptional surgeons in treating cranial nerve 7 paralysis. Coming to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you will be pleased with all the diagnoses and modern machinery like the 1.5Tesla MRI, the CT Scanner from GE – an American brand, etc. We can guarantee to take back your beauty with our surgical technique!

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Physiotherapy for facial palsy

For patient who has had facial paralysis treatment at the hospital before, you should combine the following exercises:

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  • Step 1: Uses your 2 fingers to move along the nose contour, all the way to the eyebrows. Repeat this 10 times.
  • Step 2: Uses the 2 fingers to move from the eyebrows to the temples. Repeat this 10 times.
  • Step 3: Massage the areas around the eyes and the lips for 10 times.
  • Step 4: Massage the 2 cheeks clockwise for 10 times.

You should do the steps above for 20 – 30 minutes, or until you can no longer find your face being swollen or you feel that the chewing function and the saliva glands are functional again.

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We hope what Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has shared to you today will be useful to you. We encourage pregnant women with facial paralysis to be positive to overcome facial palsy on pregnant women. Don’t forget to check out our fan page for constant updates on our services!

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