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facial nerve palsy in pregnant women – The knowledge that you should not miss out

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Facial nerve palsy during pregnancy: What causes it, and does it affect the unborn baby? Let’s explore the details below to find comprehensive answers to this issue. We’ll also discuss treatment options to ensure peace of mind for expectant mothers.

What is facial nerve palsy in pregnant women?

Facial nerve palsy, both in general and specifically during pregnancy, refers to a condition where patients experience facial distortion and lose control over facial features such as the nose, mouth, and overall facial expression. These symptoms occur due to inflammation and compression of the facial nerve branches. They can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life.

Typically, pregnant women are three times more likely to develop facial nerve palsy compared to non-pregnant women. The condition often arises during the last three months of pregnancy or shortly after childbirth. Common symptoms include:

  • Facial distortion: Pregnant women may notice facial asymmetry, resulting in noticeable signs.
  • Sleep difficulties: Inability to close the mouth or fully shut the eyes during sleep, leading to continuous uncontrolled tearing.
  • Salivary gland dysfunction: Loss of taste sensation, altered taste perception, and discomfort while eating.
  • Increased stress and fatigue: The loss of taste perception can further contribute to stress and fatigue.

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Causes of facial nerve palsy in pregnant women

The primary reasons behind facial nerve palsy during pregnancy include:

Injury or inflammation of the facial nerve

  • Situations such as infections or trauma can lead to facial nerve palsy due to pressure on the affected nerve.
  • Infections may originate from various sources, such as head, middle ear, or peripheral ear infections.
  • Trauma can occur after a stroke or strong pressure in the nerve area

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy

  • Hormonal fluctuations in pregnant women can contribute to the development of facial nerve palsy.
  • Increased hormone levels affect blood flow, cause soft tissue swelling, and elevate pressure on the facial nerve, resulting in facial paralysis.

Symptoms of facial nerve palsy during pregnancy

Similar to other patients with facial nerve palsy, pregnant individuals experience characteristic symptoms:

  • Facial asymmetry: Clear visible signs of facial distortion.
  • Expression changes: Distorted facial expressions, especially while laughing or talking.
  • Swallowing difficulties: Challenges in swallowing food and liquids, leading to drooling.
  • Chewing difficulties: Difficulty chewing and swallowing, causing food to get stuck or fall out of the mouth.
  • Uneven eye closure: Inability to fully close the eyes uniformly.
  • Salivary control issues: Unwanted saliva flow due to impaired salivary gland control.
  • Ear pain: Some cases may also involve ear pain.

Does facial nerve palsy in pregnant women affect the unborn baby?

Facial nerve palsy during pregnancy does not impact the unborn baby’s development. This reassurance can provide peace of mind for expectant mothers. The symptoms primarily relate to the facial region and do not affect internal organs of the fetus.

However, it’s essential to remember that facial nerve palsy can have various underlying causes. To ensure safety, pregnant women should seek timely medical evaluation and treatment from a healthcare professional.

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Facial Nerve Palsy During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Facial nerve palsy during pregnancy is a topic that concerns many expectant mothers. Let’s address some common questions about this condition.

The good news is that facial nerve palsy (also known as Bell’s palsy) does not directly harm the developing fetus. It affects only the facial area and doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. So, moms-to-be need not worry excessively.

However, it can significantly impact the mother’s health. If you experience any symptoms related to facial nerve palsy, seek immediate medical attention for proper evaluation and timely treatment.

Treatment Options for Facial Nerve Palsy in Pregnant Women

Western Medicine (Treatments with Medications)

In case a pregnant woman experiences 7th nerve paralysis, treatment with Western medicine should be treated according to the instructions of a medical expert to ensure safety and avoid risks to the child’s health.

Furthermore, pregnant mothers with 7th nerve paralysis can discuss with their treating doctor about combining traditional Oriental medicine methods, such as acupuncture, massage, or acupressure. This combination can help support facial paralysis safely for both mother and fetus.

Eastern Medicine (Herbal and Acupuncture Treatments)

Understanding the root cause of facial nerve palsy is crucial in Eastern medicine. Techniques like cupping and moxibustion help stimulate circulation and promote nerve healing.

After electroacupuncture and herbal supplements, an Eastern medicine practitioner may perform acupressure and gentle facial massage, often using warm light therapy. Rest assured that these methods won’t harm the baby.

Combining Traditional Eastern Methods

In the field of traditional medicine, it is an important part of treatment to understand the causes of nerve paralysis of pregnant women. Eastern medicine often uses wind segment method and cold dispelling method to communicate meridians, stimulate peanuts, and pierce Jingyang point on the face.

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After receiving electroacupuncture and tonics, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner will perform acupoint pressing and facial massage, combined with heated acupoint lighting. All these measures are cautious, and most importantly, they will not affect the health of the fetus.

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, pregnant women also need to adhere to a balanced diet. This ensures sufficient nutrition for both the mother and fetus to ensure optimal health and development during pregnancy.

What is the best place to treat Facial Nerve Palsy in pregnant women today?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has affirmed itself as one of the leading and best addresses for prestigious, quality and effective treatment of 7th nerve palsy. With standards of safety and effectiveness in surgery, it will bring good and satisfying aesthetic results.

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With years of experience, Gangwhoo specializes in facial paralysis treatment, achieving success for thousands of patients.

They employ advanced techniques like endoscopic surgery and physical therapy, offering up to 95-98% recovery rates.

Their skilled team of aesthetic specialists continuously updates their knowledge and techniques.

Gangwhoo’s modern facilities prioritize safety and hygiene, supporting patients through challenging circumstances.

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The hospital boasts modern facilities and conveniences, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene for each customer. We always support and assist those facing difficult circumstances, helping them regain confidence in life quickly.

Facial nerve palsy during pregnancy can be concerning, but understanding the causes and treatment options will put your mind at ease. Hopefully, the content of this article provides reassurance without compromising the health of the unborn child. Feel free to share this useful information with other expectant mothers!

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