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Eating water spinach when having pitted scars and some common questions that you need to know

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Should you be eating water spinach when having pitted scars? This is the concern of many people with the problem. Read this article to understand the issue and get yourself the answer for it right now!

The causes of pitted scars

Pitted scars are caused due to the fibroblast structure deep inside the follicles got severed and can no longer generate collagen, elastin, and protein. The skin will lose its ability to naturally fill up the appearance of the pitted holes of various sizes and shapes. These holes are called pitted scars and there are 4 reasons behind their occurrence.

Pitted scars caused by chickenpox

Chickenpox is an airborne contagious disease that can cause some skin issues on the body and the face. Chickenpox is curable without leaving any scars. However, in some cases, improper care can lead to holes in the skin surface. Pitted scars caused by chickenpox are round and bigger, yet shallower than acne scars.

Pitted scars caused by acne

Pitted scars are one of the main consequences of having papules and improper pimples popping. Although the acne can be treated, the skin recovery afterward will not be natural, causing your skin to be different from its original look. Normally, after having acne, pitted scars will show up.

Pitted scars caused by surgery

Surgery will definitely leave some scars on your body more or less, even if it is an endoscopic appendectomy. In addition, to appendectomy, caesarean section is also another common cause of pitted scars. 

Pitted scars caused by trauma

The wounds after having trauma or burns can cause scars on the skin. These scars, over time, will harden and become pitted scars. Having pitted scars therapy for this issue is rather a difficult task.

Eating water spinach when having pitted scars
Eating water spinach when having pitted scars

Should you be eating water spinach when having pitted scars?

Water spinach is a tropical plant that is common in tropical areas. This is considered to be the “national” vegetables of Vietnam as it is easy to grow, cheap, and suitable for many dishes. However, although it is almost irreplaceable on the daily menu, it is the number one thing to avoid when having keloid scars (or to be more precise, when having open wounds). So why is this the case?

The answer lies within its composition. Water spinach is a very nutritious vegetable with 92% of it being water, 2.5% being carbohydrates, 1.3% being Ash, 1% Xenlulose, and 3.2% being Protid. The minerals salt (Ca, Fe, P) level within water spinach is pretty high, as well as the carotene vitamins like PP, B, C, etc. For that reason, water spinach can stimulate and increase the generation of skin cells.

We now know that people with keloid scars should not eat water spinach, so should you be eating water spinach when having pitted scars? Some people might believe that the ability to stimulate skin cells generation will help to fill the pitted scars. However, this is incorrect as water spinach contains substances that can toxicate open wounds. Therefore, in all cases, you should not be eating water spinach when having pitted scars to avoid unwanted consequences.

One of the main outcomes of this is infection. This is definitely not good for the pitted scars on your skin. The infection and irritation will worsen on the scars with open wounds or with new skin. Moreover, eating water spinach could also cause keloid scars as the skin will not be able to regulate and synthesize Collagen as there are too many substances that stimulate the skin.

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What should you eat when having pitted scars?

For pitted scars over 3 months old, you should choose to have an external intervention. However, with newly formed ones, you can adjust your diet to support the reduction of pitted scars. The best time to do this is when the wound just forms new skin.

Food that you should eat when having pitted scars

The pitted holes will recover quickly to their original look if you supplement enough nutrients for the healing process. There is some food that you should focus on more instead of wondering if should you be eating water spinach when having pitted scars like:

  • Products rich in vitamin A: Green vegetables, zucchini, carrot, mango, bell pepper, tomato, peach, Dutch beans, etc.
  • Products rich in vitamin B: cauliflower, mushrooms, beans, etc.
  • Products rich in vitamin C: common guava, broccoli, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, etc.
  • Products rich in vitamin D: cheese, mushrooms, beans, seeds, etc.
  • Products rich in vitamin K: Turnip, pumpkin, soybean, spinach, grapes, blueberries, etc.
  • Products rich in vitamin selenium and zinc: net melon, pomegranate, etc.


Drink that you should have when having pitted scars

  • Mineral water (natural and refined).
  • Soy milk, almond milk, etc.
  • Pennywort drink.
  • Orange juice.
  • Tomato, carrot juice.

Persistent pitted scars treatment with cosmetic technology

Nowadays, with the innovation of plastic surgery, pitted scars treatment is no longer too complicated. Micro-needling pitted scars treatment is considered to be the most superior one with a 90 – 95% effectiveness, quick procedure, and safety.

By using infrared light with a wavelength of 10.600nm, new collagen and the growth of the epidermis will be stimulated to replace the lost cells. The soft tissues of the skin contain mostly water, meaning that the CO2 laser can reconstruct the skin and get rid of the pitted scars effectively. Moreover, with the focused CO2 laser energy, Collagen will continue to be generated, making the skin stronger and smoother.

With the information given by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we hope that you understand that you should not be eating water spinach when having pitted scars and seek an effective, suitable, and safe skin therapy for your condition.

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If you are still wondering about the different pitted scars therapy for your skin, you can contact the number 0901.666.879 or leave a comment here to receive a free consultation from our doctors!

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