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Pitted Scars Therapy

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Pitted scars, especially those on the face can cause some aesthetical and phycological damages, making you feel self-pity. How can you treat these pitted scars properly for the best results? Let’s take a look at the article below to find out the simple and effective pitted scars therapy that you can apply.

What are pitted scars?

Pitted scars are the results of skin damages caused by smallpox, pimples, accidents, cosmetic allergy, etc. The fibrous cells of the skin were broken and deteriorated at the locations of the scars, causing the skin structure to be alternated. As these cells weren’t repaired or replaced, the skin started to form the hollow areas that we call as pitted scars.

Distinguish the types of pitted scars

Pitted scars are categorized into 3 main types: ice-pick scars, boxcar scars, and rolling scars.

  • Ice-pick scars are those with less than 2mm of width and go deep into the tissues of the skin. Their diameters become smaller from the surface to the bottom.
  • Boxcar scars have sharply defined edges, with their depth ranging from 0.1 – 0.5mm and diameters from 1.5 – 4mm.
  • Rolling scars have sloping and shallow edges, making them similar to the color of the skin. Their diameters can be from 4 – 5mm. The bottoms of this type of scars tend to have fibrous lines attached to the dermis and the hypodermis. For this reason, cutting these fibrous lines can release the bottoms of the scars, which is crucial in treating them.

The main reasons that cause pitted scars

Pitted scars are formed due to the severed Collagen sequences that create deep holes on the surface of the skin. To be more specific, there are 2 culprits that cause keloid scars:

  • Pitted scars caused by pimples

After having acne therapy and care, pitted scars tend to form on the surface of the skin with different levels of severity.

  • Pitted scars caused by smallpox or burns

Smallpox and burns are the two factors that can cause pitted scars on the skin. This can hardly be treated without proper pitted scars therapy. Their densities will multiply by the day, causing the skin to be worsened and ugly.

As traumatizing as they may sound, pitted scars therapy is not as complicated as you may think. The important thing is that you need to treat it correctly and punctually.

Pitted scars therapy
Pitted scars therapy

Types of pitted scars therapy

The suitable pitted scars therapy will base on the type of scars and the desire that the customers have. Can a pitted scars therapy be the silver bullet to your condition? Although there are a variety of pitted scars therapy methods, non has shown to be able to treat the problem entirely.

All the pitted scars therapy procedures that we are having today are pitted scars therapy with autologous cells, pitted scars therapy with micro-needling, and pitted scars therapy with PRP injections. The most optimal technique will be given depends on your type of scars.

1. Pitted scars therapy with autologous cells

A pitted scars therapy with autologous cells is a cosmetic procedure that combines the use of Ultra MicroLaser Light and Autologous Cells Grafting. This, therefore, will bring astonishing results, allowing the active elements to be 2000 times easier to be absorbed than the traditional treatment.

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2. Pitted scars therapy with micro-needling

Pitted scars therapy with micro-needling involves CO2 Laser (0.0106mm or 10.6µm wavelength). With its particle-size, the laser can affect deep into the hypodermis of the skin regions with pitted scars directly. This technique is precise, extremely safe, and non-invasive, filling up the scars quickly while supplementing the autologous cells to stimulate the regeneration of skin Collagen.

3. Pitted scars therapy with PRP injections

PRP (the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma) technology involves the injection of patient’s plasma that is rich in palettes taken from their centrifuged blood onto the skin regions that required treatment.

How to take care of the skin after pitted scars therapy

  • The skin will have redness and mild swelling for the first 24 hours. You can also feel irritating and skin tightened, so put on your moisturizer 2-3 times a day. Remember to apply it gently to avoid scratching the outer layer of the skin.
  • Avoid washing your face for the first 24 hours after the treatment. After that time frame, you can wash your face 2-3 times a day with warm water. Facial cleansers are forbidden during this period.
  • After the rift of 24 hours, your skin will have a brown layer coated outside. After 5 days, this layer will peel itself naturally. You might feel a bit itchy but you must not scratch your face as the layer need to be peeled on itself.
  • Drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day).
  • Avoid the sun for the first month after the treatment. So sunscreen is a must.
  • You can use mild facial cleansers and moisturizers.
  • Do not exfoliate or have sauna for some time after getting the treatment.
  • Attend check-up after 1 week.

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The cost of pitted scars therapy

A pitted scars treatment will require patience and a reputation facility for the best results. The cost for the procedure will depend on the location that you go to.

Each place will offer a different treatment cost. The expenditure will base on the technique applied, the expertise and experience of the dermatologists, the procedure, and the promised final results.

Before getting the treatment, you will first need to choose a quality place to perform it.

In Vietnam, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a safe and reputable location with advanced technology and Korean standardized procedures.

Each customer who wishes to have pitted scars therapy will first be diagnosed by a dermatologist to have their scars defined for the most suitable regimen. By applying cutting-edge technology and safe protocols, the customers will get a satisfying result.

After having their skin treated, the client will be instructed on how to take care of their skin for the best outcomes. For that reason, all of the hospital’s patients achieve perfect and beautiful skin.

The cost for pitted scars treatment at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital ranges from 7,000,000 to 9,000,000 VND depends on the technology applied.

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Over 5000 customers have chosen Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place to treat pitted scars

After experiencing the skin therapy procedures at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, customers have witness outstanding improvement in their skin condition with tightened pores, whiter skin, and better skin surface with little to no sign of pitted scars.

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