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The cost of freckles treatment with laser

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The cost of freckles treatment with laser is a topic that has been becoming increasingly popular lately. So how much does freckles treatment with laser cost? You will find out the answers by reading the article below!

The cost of freckles treatment with laser

Laser is the technology used in treating freckles that is highly recommended by leading experts in the world. This method uses a wavelength of approximately 532nm to directly affect the skin regions with freckles, getting rid of the pigments melanin on the skin, freckles, and melasma. For such reason, the skin will be smooth, evenly colored, and white.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the freckles treatment with laser is successfully applied for many customers with a variety of severity, including lasting freckles, large freckles region, or freckles due to hormone disorders.

The cost of freckles treatment with laser is 1,000,000/week/session.

The cost of freckles treatment with laser
The cost of freckles treatment with laser

What determines the cost of freckles treatment with laser at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

The price given above, however, will not remain consistent but rather changes depend on the cases.

  • The freckles condition of the customers:

This is the most important factor in determining the cost of freckles treatment with laser. To understand your condition clearly, dermatologists must first diagnose and inspect your skin first to propose a specific price.

Obviously, a mild freckles condition will cost less than a severe one, the density of the freckles will also affect the cost of freckles treatment with laser.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the severity of freckles is divided into 5 levels, with level 5 being the most severe and costly one.

  • The technology used:

Nowadays, beauty clinics are using many different techniques like burning or micro-needling. At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we apply the latest laser technology to treat your problem.

The laser technology is studied throughout the years with certification and approval by the FDA.

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The risks of having freckles treatment at a non-prestigious facility

Many people who care too much about the cost have fallen right into the trap of disreputable locations. They trick the customers by exploiting the need for a cheap price from the customers and advertising themselves as being able to completely get rid of the freckles with just one session. Some places even lower their prices to 99,000 VND. As the result, the condition doesn’t go away but the money just keeps on leaving your wallet to correct the complications that bad treatments caused. Some common side-effects of this are:

  • Pain and irritation

By using inappropriate wavelengths that caused internal damages to the skin layers, swelling, redness, and itchiness happen. If the condition is mild, it will go away in a few days, while a severe one can last up to weeks and can cause inflammation.

  • Increase/decrease of pigments

Low-quality facilities with their lack of knowledge for freckles treatment could use the type of laser for tattoo removal for freckles treatment. This is a very irresponsible thing to do as freckles are caused by the surge in melanin of the epidermis, meaning that a deep and intensive intervention can lead to the decrease of pigments. A sign of this is that the freckles are now whiter than the other regions. In some cases, the customers even can experience burns due to the rise of pigments (with the freckles turn darker).

Moreover, intensive treatment can make the skin thinner, leaving it sensitive to sunlight and causing the problem to spread.

  • Pitted scars

The use of an old-fashioned laser with unstable heat and energy is the culprit behind pitted scars after having freckles therapy.

To make it easy to understand, using laser will affect the production of skin melanin. When the melanin pigment is lost, the layer that protects the skin is also affected. For that reason, using low-quality laser will make the skin weak and sensitive, forcing melanin to be generated even more. Therefore, you should choose to have your procedure done at a reputable facility with advanced equipment and experienced doctors to bring about the best and safest results.

Why should you choose Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to have freckles therapy?

You should entrust Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to be the place to perform your services for the following reasons:

  • A big brand: Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, for a long time, has been known to be full of reputation that many customers choose to have makeovers in general and freckles therapy, in particular. With many branches, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital can fulfill your need wherever you are.
  • A reasonable cost of freckles treatment with laser: With the price given above, the service provided by Gangwhoo will worth every of your penny.
  • The technology applied: As mentioned earlier, the laser technology applied at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is considered to be the most optimal solution in treating freckles and it is constantly updated every now and then.
  • A team of skillful doctors: The exceptional doctors at Gangwhoo have had a time training in developed countries to bring about the best results for the patients.
  • The effectiveness of the treatment: With the points stated above, the freckles treatment at Gangwhoo will be outstanding and safe.
  • The quality of services: With our swift yet professional procedure, the customer will save a lot of time yet still manage to experience the best services. Our dedicated team of customer service will help you with all of their hearts for free of charge.

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