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Is freckles treatment with laser effective?

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Freckles can make you look older than your real age, making you less confident in showing your true face. When having freckles, many have sought a way to get rid of them using laser. So should you have freckles treatment with laser? To answer this question, we must first understand freckles.

What are freckles?

Freckles are the round dots with diameters of 1 – 2mm that appear in clusters on the skin, especially at the cheeks and the nasal dorsum. Other areas that are exposed to sunlight like the chin, the forehead, the shoulders, the neck, etc. can also have freckles. Normally, melanin will spread evenly under the dermis, determining whether the skin is light or dark, black or white. However, when melanin is being overly produced without being distributed evenly, darker skin regions will appear, forming freckles.

The reasons behind freckles include genetic and foreign factors. They are:

  • Pollution: Dirt in the environment can cause dermatitis, damaging the connective tissues and making the melanin under the dermis be clustered into one spot.
  • Sunlight: The UV light can invade and destroy the foundation of the skin. To make up for this problem, the melanocyte cells will have to work harder to generate melanin to protect the skin. This is the reason that causes freckles and melasma.
  • Low-quality cosmetic products: This will damage the skin, causing rash in mild cases and freckles and melasma in severe ones.
  • Hormone changes: During pregnancy or menopause, the ladies will experience hormone changes that generate uncontrollably melanin, causing melasma and freckles.
  • Skin deterioration: When having skin deterioration, your skin will be much weaker. During this state, the skin’s ability to withstand foreign factors will worsen without proper care, leading to freckles and melasma.

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Is freckles treatment with laser effective?

Although this is a popular makeover method, freckles treatment with laser is still doubted by some on its effectiveness. Understanding general concerns, experts have shared their knowledge and analysis about the technique:

Normally, the energy used for freckles treatment with laser will have a wavelength of approximately 532nm to directly impact the skin regions with freckles and pigments. The melanin pigments on the skin, therefore, will be absorbed, stretched, and broken into tiny particles.

These tiny particles will be dissolved in 2 ways. A small amount of them will the ejected to the outer layer of the skin, while the remaining is dissolved by the Phagocytosis inside the body and excreted naturally.

With the theory above, freckles treatment with laser will deal with the problem to its core. This method will get rid of the reasons that caused freckles from within the body, supporting the skin recovery significantly.

Freckles treatment with laser
Freckles treatment with laser

The freckles treatment with laser procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

  • Step 1: The doctors will inspect the skin and discuss with the customer

The first step is important in allowing the doctors to determine the condition of the freckles by their sizes, depth, and colors. This can be done with naked eyes or with the help of specialized equipment. After understanding the issue, the doctors will discuss with the customer about treatment, the wavelength. the laser frequency, and the number of sessions needed.

  • Step 2: Cleanse the skin

The staff will begin cleansing the surface of the skin and exfoliating with a facial cleanser or other specialized products to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

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  • Step 3: Anesthetize the freckles regions

An anesthetic will be applied on the skin before the freckles treatment with laser to ensure a painless procedure for the patient.

  • Step 4: Freckles treatment with laser

The dermatologist will adjust the frequency and the wavelength of the laser and begin treating the client. The energy from the laser will get rid of all the dark pigments and stimulate the regeneration of Collagen, elevating the elasticity and the whiteness of the skin. Depend on the severity of the condition that the patient might need from 1 – 3 sessions to have their freckles fully treated.

  • Step 5: Cold compression and skincare

This will allow the skin to relax and be supplemented with all the nutrients needed to promote the regeneration of new skin cells, creating naturally white and healthy skin.

How to take care of the skin after having freckles treatment with laser

  • Don’t use to or warm water to wash your face or apply any cosmetic products on the skin regions that got treated in the first 5 days.
  • Let the skin scales fall off by themselves. Don’t apply turmeric or anything during this process.
  • Don’t eat hot and spicy products or take stimulants. Food that can cause allergy like goat meat or seafood is prohibited during the first period after getting the freckles treatment with laser.
  • Drink from 2 – 2.5 liters of water daily.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins for the skin.
  • Protect the skin when going out by using sunscreen, wearing a hat, putting on face masks with or without sunlight.
  • Use prescribed ointment for the skin and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

The facility for quality and reputable freckles treatment with laser

Among thousands of places that offer freckles treatment in the industry, finding a place that can perform freckles treatment with laser is no simple task.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a renowned facility for freckles treatments and is the trustworthy choice of many customers in the country.

With its 10 years of experience working in the industry, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be the place that offers safe and effective treatments for the problems. The place consists of all the requirements needed by the international standard.

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  • Quality and modern environment with branches all over the nation.
  • The constantly updated machinery and equipment from developed countries.
  • A team of exceptional and skillful staff who has done thousands of successful operations for the customers.
  • A team of dedicated and friendly customer service that will guide and instruct the patient during their therapy.
  • All of the services are certified by the authority to be operated and performed.
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