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What are the complications of facial paralysis?

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Cranial nerve 7 paralysis, or facial palsy, is a condition that can occur in people with immunodeficiency. Statistics show that facial paralysis is a very common condition in our life right now but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated. However, some side effects can still be left on a treated person. They are the complications of facial paralysis. So what complications can this condition leave in our life and how to treat it? The article below will show you how.

What are the complications of facial paralysis?

The damages caused by cranial nerve 7 paralysis can affect our daily lives. Everyone can be the victim of the condition as it can occur due to either sudden cold exposure, head trauma, or ear tumor removal surgery.

When having the condition, the patient can have symptoms like losing the nasolabial fold, having an asymmetrical mouth, or experiencing difficulties in eating and communicating.

If the person doesn’t get proper treatment, it is very likely that complications will happen to the face. Some dangerous complications are conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, or keratitis due to the inability to close the eye.

What are the complications of facial paralysis?
What are the complications of facial paralysis?

In fact, not all patients with facial paralysis will have complications after being treated. In cases of early notice and treatment in the first or second week after having it, the condition can be treated up to 90% and leave no dangerous complications. One small problem is that the person should maintain inside the house or keep warm when the weather gets cold.

In contrast, if the condition is found out and treated late, the chance of a full recovery is unlikely. Treatment at this point will only serve as a way to get rid of the majority of symptoms as the facial muscles are now too stiff to be altered. For that reason, complications will be left on your face.

The majority of complications of facial paralysis will be related to the inability to close the eye fully and asymmetrical mouth. In addition, you eating habit will not be the same as a normal person, so are your facial expression like smiling or laughing.

Are the complications of facial paralysis dangerous?

All of the side effects listed above, in general, are not dangerous or harmful to the person. However, the appearance of the patient would be severely affected as the natural functions of the facial muscles are lost.

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Moreover, the complications will cause the facial features to lose their balance and harmony. Therefore, if you have the time and the money, you should have these complications of facial paralysis treated, especially when you are still young. The longer you leave it be, the harder it will be for the treatment to be effective.

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How to deal with complications of facial paralysis

These complications cannot be treated with medications as they are not diseases. Some recommendations acre getting acupuncture or physiotherapy. In fact, acupuncture is actually a great way to deal with cranial nerve 7 paralysis, and so is physiotherapy.

These 2 methods will take on the complications to some extends. However, their effectiveness is not miraculous and the treatment time needed is quite long. Not to mention all the pain and suffering that the patient will have to go through undergoing these techniques.

Therefore, the best solution for the complications of facial paralysis is surgery. With a short operation time, the patient will have all their problems taken care of without enduring too much pain. Of course, the better the treatment, the greater the cost would be.

However, recently, as plastic surgery becomes more of a common theme, the price for surgery is also reduced as well. If you are still wondering about some details related to this, you can check out the services at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for further understanding.

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With this article, you must have fully known the complications of facial paralysis and their effects on yourself. Feel free to leave a comment or message or fan page if you need any help!

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