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Signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis

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For the past few years, cranial nerve 7 paralysis is becoming increasingly common. For that reason, the signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis are plenty. If you have some of the symptoms below, you should take some time to have a health check-up. Otherwise, the condition might never be treated entirely and your life expectancy might be reduced significantly. But what are the signs of cranial nerve 6 paralysis exactly?

The causes of facial paralysis

Facial palsy can occur due to many reasons, both directly and indirectly, internally and externally. However, in most cases, this is due to sudden cold exposure or toxic winds.

You may not feel any difference when having cold exposure at first. But after a short while, the signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis will begin to show.

In addition, there are some other reasons that can cause cranial nerve 7 paralysis like brain trauma or sinusitis.

The signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis

As mentioned above, there are plenty of signs that can lead to facial paralysis. Therefore, this article will summarize the most common symptoms of this condition.

The signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis
The signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis


  • The face got saggy not because of aging and constantly become stiff.
  • The face is suddenly asymmetrical, with half of the face being unable to move and losing the forehead wrinkles.
  • The mouth is crooked to one side.
  • One of the eyes cannot be fully closed.
  • The patient will have difficulty eating or drinking as the food and drink will fall out the mouth.
  • One side of the face will be numb and significantly weak.
  • All of the basic functions of the face like smiling or laughing will be more difficult to be produced.
  • The patient will have a constant headache, earache, and loss of taste.
  • The eye cannot be fully closed and the brow will be dropped.
  • The tear and saliva will be constantly produced uncontrollably.

These are the easiest to noticed and common signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis. Although facial paralysis doesn’t cause any dangers to the patient, it can greatly affect the mental health and daily routines of the patients. If the condition is found out early and treated correctly, the chance of recovery is exceptionally high. For mild cases, treatments can be a combination of a few weeks of physiotherapy and massage. For more severe cases, this could be up to a few months.

In addition, some individuals are more vulnerable to this condition. You can check out right here to see if you are on the list or not.

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People who are easily getting facial palsy

  • People with immunodeficiency.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Those with blood pressure problems or atherosclerosis.
  • People who suffer constant stress and stay up late.
  • Alcoholic.
  • Early bird and late-nighters.
  • People who do little exercise.

How to diagnose facial paralysis?

To diagnose if the person has cranial nerve 7 paralysis or not, the doctor will base on the clinic symptoms of the patient. By analyzing the basic symptoms and the activities of the facial muscles, they can pinpoint the location of the damaged nerve.

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In addition to that, the doctors can also inspect other body parts like the ears, nose, mouth to check for tumors. In some cases, the doctors can also run some tests with MRI to determine whether the nerve damage of the patient is peripheral or central.

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With this article, you have known the basic signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis. Remember, to determine if the condition is truly facial paralysis or not is the job of a doctor. So instead of making a wild assumption, you should have a check-up with a specialist at a hospital like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the best diagnosis!

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