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Breast Keloid Scars Therapy – The Causes And Treatments

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Breast keloid scars, although do not affect the ladies’ health in any way, can plunge their confidence easily. Breast keloid scars therapy is a very long procedure as this is a very sensitive skin region. So is there a way for breast keloid scars to work permanently? Let’s take a look at the article below to find out.

Types of breast keloid scar

Some areas on the body have a higher chance of having keloid scars after an injury like ears, breasts, arms, back, and areas with hair while the palms of the hands and the feet do not form keloid scars. Today, we will take a deeper look into breast keloid scars.

Breast keloid scars therapy
Breast keloid scars therapy

1. Thick, dark, and stretched breast keloid scars

Breast keloid scars come in all different sizes and appear on the surface of the skin like thick tumors with dark color and a reflective smooth outer layer.

Some keloid scars form on the breast are due to acne conditions or diseases with small sizes and great projection on the surface of the skin.

Normally, keloid scars will be stretched the previous wound is problematic and deep. According to a survey from experts, 4 out of 6 cases of keloid scars cases have stretched or deformed keloid scars.

2. Protruding, itchy, and painful-to-touch breast keloid scars

Protruding keloid scars form on the damaged skin regions with no sign of invasion and will spread to the surrounding area. The breast scars will develop and thicken, causing itchiness and pain when coming in contact with clothes. This type of keloid scar is red with a rough outer layer and is visible to the naked eyes. After some time, these scars will flatten (although it can take years to do so), less itchy and with their colors faded.

Reasons that cause breast keloid scars

Breast keloid scars are formed during the healing state of the skin’s open wounds. Some types of skin damage that can cause keloid scars are:

1. Breast keloid scars due to acne

All types of acne conditions can hardly cause any scar. However, when popping pimples, bacteria can invade the open pores, causing inflammation and infection that lead to keloid scars.

2. Breast keloid scars due to trauma

Wounds caused by traffic or work accident can also cause great trauma to the breasts and lead to keloid scars.

3. Breast keloid scars due to surgery

Almost all of the surgical sutures will leave ugly keloid scars on the skin, especially if they are done by inexperienced doctors.

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4. Breast keloid scars due to improper tattoo removal

During tattoo removal, doctors will beam the laser at the tattoo to vaporize the ink molecules, making the tattoo fade away. This laser beam can be as hot as 60 degrees Celcius, causing burn or damage on the surface of the skin that leads to scarrings.

Is breast keloid scars therapy simple?

Once you have keloid scars, you will never truly be able to get rid of keloid scars. The only thing breast keloid scars therapy can do is to minimize and blur them so they can look more aesthetic.

According to experts, keloid scars can be treated by 90% and with a limited chance of reoccurrence if you choose the right therapy for your condition. However, the correct therapy can only be given at a reputable and quality facility to ensure your health and prevent the scars from protruding or spreading, otherwise, skin therapy would be very difficult.

Effective breast keloid scars therapy methods

There are a variety of breast keloid scars therapies, ranging from using a tattoo to cover the scars, applying ointment, or other traditional homemade techniques.

However, according to experts from Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, breast keloid scars will hardly go away using the methods above. In contrast, the scars can even become more severe, causing difficulties for future treatments if the technique is not correct.

Nowadays, modern medicine has developed so rapidly that many breast keloid scars therapy techniques can treat up to 90% of your scars.

The doctors will base the severity of your scars to propose suitable technology for the best results.

1. Breast keloid scars therapy with injection

Breast keloid scars therapy with injection, in fact, is making use of a specialized suppressor substance to flatten the Collagen fibrous tissues. This can be done quickly and painlessly with no waste of time.

Breast keloid scars therapy with injection will not only help to excrete the fibrous nucleus but also suppress its reoccurrence, minimizing the sizes of the scars and whitening the skin to be more evenly colored.

Suitable candidates:

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  • Customers with small breast keloid scars (due to diseases or acne) that are newly formed and not stretched.
  • People who don’t want surgical intervention.
  • Clients with not a lot of time and require swift treatments.

However, this therapy will only flatten the scars for a short time with its chance of reoccurrence being relatively high.

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2. Breast keloid scars therapy with laser

In cases of severely stretched keloid scars with sizes ranging from small to medium, you will not be able to treat them entirely with essence injection.

This is because these scars tissues are now very complex and require laser interference from within to extract the nucleus for the best therapy results.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is currently developing and applying this keloid scars therapy with CO2 laser successfully.

By using multiples wavelengths, the customers will have their scars corrected completely on the body’s sensitive regions without worrying about health problems.

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  • Ensure a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure for the customers.
  • Đảm bảo được sự an toàn của khách hàng, không bị xâm lấn, không gây đau đớn trong suốt quá trình thực hiện.
  • Rút ngăn được liệu trình, tiết kiệm được thời gian.
  • Kết quả điều trị sẹo lồi ở ngực cao, trả về cho làn da láng mịn, hồng hào.
  • Trẻ hóa da toàn diện, vùng sẹo sau khi điều trị săn chắc và đàn hồi tốt hơn.
  • Kích thích sự tăng sinh của collagen mới.

Suitable candidates

  • People with persistent small to medium scars that are stretched and deformed.
  • Old people who wish to reduce the operation and recovery time.
  • People with keloid issues need non-surgical intervention.

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How to take care of the skin after having breast keloid scars therapy?

Having a proper care regimen is crucial in treating breast keloid scars. After the breast keloid scars therapy, you will need to follow the routines and diet instruction below:

  • Clean the keloid scars 1-2 times a day with saline.
  • Apply ointment as the doctor’s instruction.
  • Do not let the treated skin come into great impact.
  • Cover the region carefully before going out.
  • Do not use cosmetic products, soaps, etc.
  • Avoid food that can cause scarrings like chicken, water spinach, seafood, beef, and glutinous products.
  • Supplement the body with plenty of vitamins from fruits.

Reputable facility for breast keloid scars therapy

If you are looking for a place to have reputations, quality, and professional breast keloid scars therapy, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the perfect choice for you with its 6 amazing benefits:

  • Many years leading the high-tech cosmetic industry.
  • Advanced equipment imported from foreign countries.
  • International standardized technology that is leading the cosmetic industry.
  • Experienced, dedicated, and well-trained team of doctors.
  • Competitive prices with promotions and discounts every month and special holidays.
  • Long-term warranty and post-operative care.

We hope that the information given in this article has helped you to be fully equipped with knowledge on breast keloid scars therapy and a place to find the best treatment for your condition.

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