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Will Dimple Surgery Cause Swelling? – Answer From Experts

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The appearance of the charming dimples every time they smile is the desire of many women. Nowadays, thanks to the existence of dimple surgery, this is no longer a dream for many. To answer all the questions related to the risk of complications of the surgery, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital would like to present to you the information below.

Will dimple surgery cause swelling?

When creating the dimples, the surgeon will make a small puncture inside the cheek mucosa to connect the muscle to the subcutaneous tissue to form the dimples at the predetermined areas.

This technique is performed inside the mouth to ensure no sign of cosmetic interference is exposed.

Right when the doctors perform the finishing step, you will have yourself the perfect dimples.

Moreover, this is a very simple technique that can be performed gently without causing any invasion or affecting the surrounding tissues. Therefore, you can rest assured that the cheek will only experience mild swelling and can be easily subsided using anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers.

To put it shortly, the answer to the question “will dimple surgery cause swelling” is yes but only for the first 2 – 3 days after the surgery with at a mild level. This condition will subside and disappear 5 – 7 days after the surgery. The cheeks will become stable from the second week and naturally beautiful after 2 – 3 weeks.

Will Dimple Surgery Cause Swelling?
Will dimple surgery cause swelling?

How to deal with persistent swelling?

The dimple surgery can causes “minor” damages that are inevitable after the surgery. Depends on the condition of each person that the swelling will be mild or severe. However, you should not be too worried as persistent swelling actually has very simple ways of handling.

  • Apply hot compression for the first day to stabilize the wounds.
  • Apply ice immediately after returning home by placing ice into a towel and rub it against the dimple area.
  • Drink fluid with warm nature like honey mixed with turmeric to hasten the recovery.
  • Drink water frequently and clean all the food debris (food pieces that stuck between the teeth) inside the oral cavity.
  • Limit the sudden intense muscle movement of the mouth muscle.
  • avoid eating chewy and hard food; instead, you should eat soup or porridge for the first 2 – 3 weeks.

If the swelling persists 2 weeks after the surgery, the patient needs to come to the hospital to exchange the details with the doctors, the same with cases of complications.

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Why should you choose Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to be the place to have swelling-free dimple surgery?

Choosing a renowned facility to have dimple surgery is very important as it can help to limit the amount of pain and swelling. As the procedure must happen gently and precisely, the standing surgeon must be very experienced and skillful. That is why customers should seek a reputable center like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for a dimple surgery.

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Aside from the team of exceptional doctors, we also have ourselves the modern and up to the Ministry of Health standard infrastructure. Therefore, when you use Gangwhoo’s services, you will always feel safe and satisfied with the results.

The reasonable price is also a reason why customers choose to undergo makeover at our facility. We offer a competitive price to all the clients. Additionally, we also give out many discounts and special promotions. For our VIP customers, the care and offer are even greater.

But how much does a dimple surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital cost? This is the question that many ask as the price tends to vary by the facilities.

If you still have questions about whether dimple surgery cause swelling or not, or just simply want to know about the price for the surgery, then don’t hesitate to contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital through our hotline or meet us directly for a consultation!

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