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The V-Line Jaw Surgery Technique At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Your round, stiff, and muscular-looking jaw will become much more harmonious the moment you experience the V-Line Jaw Surgery technique at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

A V-Line jaw must have a slim and narrow angle (which is create by the border line between the jaw bone and the chin bone. The V-Line Jaw Surgery technique will affect the angle bone to get rid of the bone regions with lots of angle, forming the perfect and symmetrical V-Line Jaw.

This technique of Jaw Surgery requires great safety, making the expertise, experience, and skills of the surgeons the most crucial things. In addition to the following factors, the equipment used can also greatly impact the surgery results. At Gangwehoo cosmetic hospital, the machinery used are modern and advanced. The Vectra XT3D technology allows the customers to witness the future results before the operation could even take place. The 3D X-Ray machine allows the surgeons to analyze the features and the porosity of the jaw bone and locate the nervous structure, as well as the surgical areas beforehand.

In addition, the equipment used in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is well-equipped, especially the bone cutter, allowing the surgery to be more precise and safer. The more accurate the surgery can be, the higher the success rate. Furthermore, the operation rooms at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are sterile up to the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

During the Jaw Surgery, thanks to the modern endoscopic technology, the surgeons will be able to view each angle of the bone via a screen, making the incisions nothing more than a tiny cut inside the mouth with no pain, bruises, or scarring. The surgeon can then perform the cutting steps to get rid of the get rid of the excess jaw bone on the 2 sides using an ultrasound bone cutter.

The bone cutter use in the V-Line Jaw Surgery must ensure the safety and the precision of the surgery to allow the operation to be painless without any blood loss. In addition, the cut is made very thin to cause no damage or bone powder, quickly heal the wound, and reduce the edema or swelling problem. The projection of the jaw bone will be deducted as the pre-determined ratio using a 3D X-Ray machine. The machine will also review the parts that need to be fix to allow the face to be most natural and beautiful.

Phòng phẫu thuật đạt chuẩn của Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo.
The standardized operations room in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

At the moment, the hospital is applying 3 main V-Line Jaw Surgery techniques that will be used based on the facial features of the patient. In case of the angle bone is too large, the doctors will measure, mark, and cut a portion of the bone to make the face slimmer. If the face is big due to large fat bags, the patients will have to undergo a minor surgery to retrieve the fat bags to make the face slimmer. And in case of the big jaw line due to big masseter muscle, the surgeons will apply the technique of narrowing down the bitting muscle without needing the V-Line Jaw Surgery technique.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital (576-578, Cong Hoa St., Ho Chi Minh City) is the workplace of many exceptional surgeons in cosmetic surgery. At Gangwhoo, each doctor will be specialized in one major field, with Dr. Phung Manh Cuong being the visiting professor for cosmetic surgery at Catholic Universitiy in Korea.

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