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The Consequences of Rhinoplasty Overcorrection

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PNO –  According to the cosmetic experts at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the majority of clients coming to Gangwhoo to have nose revision are because of overcorrection. In some even more dangerous cases, the nose even “disappears” because of the shrinkage. There are the consequences of rhinoplasty overcorrection at a low-quality facility!

At the moment, there are two types of nose shape that customers choose among when undergoing rhinoplasty: naturally high or European standard nose. The nose is the center of the face, determining the look and attractiveness of the person. It is also a measurement of Fengshui. The golden ratio of a nose is based on the following rules:

  • The nose must be 1/3 of the length of the face.
  • The projection of the nasal dorsum is 11mm.
  • The projection of the peak of the nose is half the length of the nose.

The causes and the potential risks

Rhinoplasty Overcorrection
Prof – Dr. Park Sung Yong – Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital advisor

According to the Korean professor at Catholic university Korea – the advisor at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital: “The natural nose shape of Asians is not high. The most common nose shape are short noses, snub noses, humped noses, etc. The doctors will have to measure the height of the nose, the elasticity of the skin, and the porosity of the cartilage to determine the suitable height with the shape of the nose. If this rule is broken and the condition of the nose is wrongly determined, the harmony of the face will be damaged.

Every day, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital receives dozen of cases of nose revision. Some cases are caused by the skin surface tension being affected by the material, exposing the dorsum of the nose. In some cases, the tissues of the nose have necrosis and shrinkage, causing breathing difficulty.

How to take care of complications caused by rhinoplasty overcorrection

To deal with the consequences of rhinoplasty overcorrection, the surgeons must be specialized in nose surgery. The surgeon will propose a suitable treatment depending on the severity of the damages.

Rhinoplasty Overcorrection
Gangwhoo receives dozen rhinoplasty overcorrection cases caused by low-quality facilities.

– Dorsum exposure

First, the doctors will remove the cartilage and cleanse the cavity for 6 to 12 months to allow the nose to recover fully before performing nose revision.

After that, the doctors will carve the new rhinoplasty material to match the ideal height and projection of the nose. The material cartilage will then be placed inside. In some cases, autologous cartilage will also be used to protect the peak of the nose.

 – Nose redness

Normally, when the skin of the nose is too thin and the nose is allergic to the artificial material, the nose will have redness. In these cases, the doctors will restructure the entire nose. Nanoform cartilage, along with the autologous cartilage (ear or septum cartilage) will allow the nose to be naturally high, preventing future complications.

Autologous cartilage is used to reinforce the structure of the nose to create curves, beautify the nose, extend the tip, and build the columella.

The nano biological cartilage will build the dorsum of the nose, creating the natural S-Line or L-Line shape. Moreover, the nano biological cartilage is very compatible with the body, allowing it to be twisted and withstand tremendous force. The structure of thin and light nano net surfaces is soft, comfortable, and offers a natural look after the rhinoplasty.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
Rhinoplasty Overcorrection
Correcting nose redness in just 60 minutes

– Crooked nose

The complications caused by filler are not rare to see. The doctors will have to extract all the filler out of the nose and operate a nose revision after 6 – 9 days.

 – Deformed nose

Rhinoplasty Overcorrection
Fix a severe case of crooked nose

This is the most severe complication. A revision is very difficult to perform because the damages are not only at the soft tissues but also the structure of the nose. Therefore, multiple techniques are required for the revision. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, when a nose revision is performed, the skin flap is used to take care of the deformities of the nostrils. This will allow the shrunk nostrils to expand. The stem cells will then be used with autologous fat to refill and regenerate the blood vessels that nurture the surrounding regions. After one and a half months, the surgeon will begin with the next step of rhinoplasty.

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