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The Place For Beautiful Dimple Surgery

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Although dimpleplasty is still a relatively new service in Vietnam, many facilities have already had this procedure on the menu. However, regardless of the great number of facilities, it is finding a place for beautiful dimple surgery what the customers aiming for.

What is the dimple surgery technique?

Dimples are the great features of the face to make you more attractive and charming to the eyes of the opposite. Moreover, in physiognomy, anyone with dimples is considered to have a prosperous and happy life in the future.

Therefore, if you don’t have these features, come to a place for beautiful dimple surgery for a change of appearance.

A dimpleplasty is a very simple procedure in which the doctors will mark the positions of the dimples and connect the area between the cheeks muscle and the skin to form the natural sunken areas that appear every time the person smiles.

However, to ensure the most symmetrical and harmonious results possible without encountering any unwanted risks, you should only find a reputable and quality place for beautiful dimple surgery to receive advice from the leading experts in the industry.

Where is the place for beautiful dimple surgery?
Where is the place for beautiful dimple surgery?

Is dimple surgery dangerous?

According to cosmetic experts, dimpleplasty is a very simple and non-surgical procedure. The doctors will use cosmetic threads to connect the cheeks muscle and the skin so that whenever they smile, the muscle will contract and form natural dimples. The operation will also be completely safe, causing no harm or complications afterward.

The dimple surgery technique will not cause any invasion to the surrounding tissues as the doctors will only make a tiny puncture inside the oral cavity without touching the veins. This method leaves no sign of cosmetic intervention, allowing the customers to have the most natural dimples. The medical equipment will be sterilized before the operation can take place to ensure the least chance of causing infection. Therefore, after only 6 – 7 days, the clients will have the beautiful and gorgeous dimples they desired. This is the result that you will get undergoing services at the place for beautiful dimple surgery.

Where is the place for beautiful dimple surgery?

Dimpleplasty using Korean technology is a relatively simple and quick procedure, creating beautiful and symmetrical dimples that can last for a long period of time. Although it is easy to perform, finding a facility to get it done beautifully is an important step in keeping you safe. Among all the locations, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is highly recommended by many customers as the best facility in 2021.

1. How can Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital create such charming dimples?

We have a team of professional and skillful doctors to create precise dimples with a great aesthetic. The dimples will be formed naturally and symmetrically.

The technique we applied is up to Korean standard with a scientific and safe process from the beginning to the very end. The operation time is rather short, causing no pain or long recovery after the procedure.

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Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also licensed by the Ministry of Health to be fully qualified to perform cosmetic makeovers.

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khach hang tao ma lum dong tien

2. The dimple surgery procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Dimpleplasty is a relatively simple procedure that only takes 15 – 30 minutes of standardized operation.

Step 1: Consultation: The patient will be diagnosed directly by the doctors to ensure the most optimal technique can be given for the best result possible.

Step 2: Anesthetization: To guarantee that the patient will not feel any pain, the doctor will first apply an anesthetic to the cheek region.

Step 3: Operation: Depending on the method the doctors used that a small incision will be created inside the oral mucosa or threads will be inserted.

Step 4: Post-operative care: The hidden incision made inside the mucosa will not be exposed; therefore, there would be no need for any dressing. The customers can return to their home immediately to rest without needing for inpatient. In addition, when having the service at the place for beautiful dimple surgery, you will not be left with any scar.

3. How much does dimple surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital cost?

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the price for 2-side dimple surgery is 7 million VND. This is the final price, meaning that you won’t have to pay any extra fee as the cost is carefully calculated. This price is suitable for all the customers.

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Although this is a simple procedure, you must choose the place for beautiful dimple surgery carefully. We hope that the information we shared can help you to prepare your mind and your health, or know more about dimpleplasty and where to find the most quality facility for one.

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