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Mini Facelift – Getting Back The Young Days Of Our Life

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Wrinkles and sagging skin are the biggest nightmares of women as they are beginning to age. However, with modern Mini facelift technology at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the facial skin of everyone will return to be as youthful as when they were young.

What is the Mini facelift service?

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The Mini facelift service is a plastic surgery method suitable for customers between the ages of 35 and 40 to improve their facial skin and remove wrinkles or sagging skin, making the face 10 years younger.

By applying Mini facelift surgery, the doctor will tighten the skin at the double chin and temples through an incision behind the earlobe.

Depending on the skin condition and needs of each customer, one of the following two Mini facelift techniques can be applied:

Mini thread facelift

This technique involves using specialized cosmetic thread with extremely thin and elastic texture to thread under the skin. Then the thread will be fixed at each defined point and stretched to support sagging skin, making the facial skin smooth and youthful.

These threads have a biological structure and are easily adapted to the facial skin, making the skin recover from damage, stimulating collagen production to keep the skin smooth and youthful. This support network made by elastic threads helps you maintain healthy, vibrant skin for 8 – 15 years.

Endoscopic Mini facelift

By applying the endoscopic method inside the facial skin, the doctor will know the exact condition and the spots for tightening the skin, then make an incision to tighten the skin to recover the sagging skin.

Who should have the Mini facelift service?

  • Customers who are 35-40 years old and start to age.
  • Customers with sagging cheeks and chin area
  • Customers who want a facelift with a quick recovery or do not want to have other traditional methods.
  • The customer has undergone a facelift but still has not achieved the desired results.

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The facelift procedure at a 5-star international hospital

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The doctor will examine the customer’s facial skin condition to suggest the most appropriate facelift technique to ensure the best result.

Step 2: Confirm the skin areas that need tightening

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After understanding the customer’s skin condition, the doctor shall identify the skin areas that need tightening and mark that area.

Step 3: Sterilization and anesthesia

Before the surgery, the skin areas need to be cleaned carefully, disinfected, and anesthetized.

Step 4: Start the Mini facelift surgery

After anesthetizing the skin areas, the doctor shall start tightening the skin areas by applying a method appropriate for each customer to ensure the best result.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After the surgery, the customer must follow the doctor’s instructions to recover quickly and ensure the desired result.

Facelift price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service Price (VND) Discounted price

Perfect Forehead Lift


Mini Facelift


Total Facelift

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Perfect Facelift


3D Threadlifting


4D Threadlifting


6D Threadlifting


Collagen Injection


Images of our customers before & after facelift

Images of our customers before & after facelift Images of our customers before & after facelift

Things to remember after having Mini facelift

  • Depending on the health condition of each person, the time to heal can range from 10-15 days.
  • Use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid strong impact on the facial skin, do not rub, massage, or use cosmetics on the face.
  • Avoid foods that cause swelling, pus, and scarring such as beef, chicken, sticky rice, seafood, water spinach… or stimulants.
  • During the first few days after a facelift, a shaping mask should be used to stabilize the facial skin.

Why should you choose facelift at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

  • Using advanced technology can help achieve high efficiency and minimize risks.
  • The doctors are professionally trained, have experience in difficult surgeries, are dedicated and enthusiastic to each customer during the service or post-operative care.
  • Using safe and standard biological nano thread.
  • Quickly achieve the desired result and maintain the smooth skin for a long time from 8 to 15 years.
  • Natural and young skin without any cosmetic traces.
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