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Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation – The Optimal Solution for a Balanced and Harmonious Face

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Not everyone is born with a balanced and harmonious face. Don’t worry and feel insecure if your face has an unattractive Mandible Trim defect. Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation  is the solution that helps you own a perfect and more confident face.

What is Mandible Trim and Augmentation?

Mandible trim and augmentation is a cosmetic process that changes the shape and position of the chin to improve the appearance and balance of the face. The doctor will perform jawbone cutting to change the shape of the chin according to the customer’s wishes. This process may include removing part of the jawbone, moving the jawbone and at a different angle, or even adding materials such as artificial bone clusters to bring balance and beauty for the face.

what is mandible trim

Who is Mandible Trim and Augmentation suitable for?

Mandible Trim and Augmentation is a method suitable for many people. If you belong to the following cases, you should perform this method right away.

  • People with a protruding chin that develops excessively
  • People with a backward-facing chin that is not harmonious and unbalanced
  • People with a crooked chin, leaning to one side without symmetry
  • People who want to change the shape of their face, want to own a V-line face
  • People with square or round faces want a softer and more delicate face

Advantages of Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation

Create a sleek line for the face

Mandible trim Chin Augmentation helps create strong highlights for the face, accentuating the basic lines and bringing harmony to the entire appearance. By adjusting the size and shape of the chin, this method brings a balanced and attractive face.

Improve the shape of the chin with many defects

For cases where the chin is not balanced or beautiful, mandible trim will be performed to restore the structure and improve the bone frame in the facial jaw area. From there, it will help the face become sharper and clearer. 

Safe and effective mandible trim

It cannot be denied that the advantages of Mandible trim and Chin Augmentation are very great. With technology and techniques, it will help calculate accurately to ensure the best results for customers.

uu diem cua got ham don cam ENG

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Fast recovery and less pain

Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation usually has a faster recovery time than other surgical methods. With a simple process and not requiring too much soft tissue expansion, customers often experience less pain and can return to normal activities in a short time.

Long-lasting and natural results

Especially the results achieved are long-lasting and natural. When performed by professional doctors, this technique helps create a chin that is harmonious with the natural lines of the face.

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Safe Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation process applied by cosmetic hospitals

Currently, to have a safe and highly effective mandible trim result, large hospitals often apply specific procedures including the following steps:

  • Step 1: Examination and consultation with experienced doctors in the field to evaluate in detail the condition of the face and chin. Through this process, the factors that need to be adjusted and the appropriate surgical plan are determined.
  • Step 2: Use technology to analyze and calculate results accurately so that customers can know the results of changes before and after mandible trim. At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, AI computer X-ray technology will be applied to analyze the most accurate before-after results for customers. chup x quan ai dien toan eng
  • Step 3: Check health to ensure safety during the mandible trim process. Heart rate, blood pressure and other factors will be evaluated to ensure that customers are eligible for surgery.
  • Step 4: Based on the evaluation and examination results, the team of doctors will plan the mandible trim and chin augmentation surgery. This plan will be personalized to meet the aesthetic requirements and goals of each customer.
  • Step 5: Perform safe anesthesia using plus anesthesia technology with modern methods and close monitoring to ensure comfort and safety during surgery.
  • Step 6: The mandible trim surgery is performed by an experienced team of doctors and supported by advanced technologies. This process takes place in a sterile and bacteria-free environment, ensuring the highest safety and quality.
  •  Step 7: After surgery, the doctor will instruct and guide how to take care at home for quick recovery and best health stability. 

Is the cost of Mandible Trim and Chin Augmentation high?

The cost of Mandible Trim and chin augmentation depends on each level so it is impossible to determine a specific price. Prices may vary depending on many different factors. Usually, to determine the final mandible trim cost, you will need to be consulted and evaluated by a doctor before finally determining the final cost. Refer to the price list in the table below..

Services Cost
Chin augmentation (Korea Implant) 20,000,000
Chin augmentation (USA Implant) 25,000,000
Chin augmentation (Nano) 35,000,000
Cheek augmentation 30,000,000
Forehead augmentation 45,000,000
Lower cheekbone reduction 65,000,000
Cheekbone lifting 60,000,000
V-Line chin trimming 60,000,000
Corner of the chin trimming 50,000,000
Shortening the chin 50,000,000
Combination of corner of the chin trimming and shortening the chin 80,000,000
Sliding Genioplasty 50,000,000
Malocclusion Treatment (Upper jaw) 80,000,000
Malocclusion Treatment (Upper jaw) + Gummy Smile Treatment 85,000,000
Malocclusion Treatment (Upper and lower jaw) 140,000,000
Malocclusion Treatment (Upper jaw) + Sliding Genioplasty 120,000,000
Lefort 1 maxillary surgery (Upper jaw) 90,000,000
BSSO lower jaw surgery 100,000,000
Lefort 1 maxillary surgery + BSSO lower jaw surgery 180,000,000
Jaw angle trimming 80,000,000
Jaw angle bone grafting to the chin 50,000,000
Jaw angle + ramus trim 90,000,000
Jaw angle + ramus trim + square chin trim 100,000,000
Jaw reduction + adjustment of the chin bone axis 120,000,000
V-Line Maxillofacial Trim 80,000,000
V-Line Maxillofacial Trim + adjustment of the chin bone axis 120,000,000
V-Line Maxillofacial Trim + Sliding Genioplasty 120,000,000
Malocclusion Treatment 65.000.000 – 75.000.000

Why should you trim your jaw and chin at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, is a well-known name in the cosmetic industry. And now, Gangwhoo has become a trusted destination for many customers to perform jaw and chin trimming services. The reason why Gangwhoo has become an indispensable trusted destination is:

got ham don cam tai gangwhoo eng

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to own a team of experienced and highly specialized doctors in the field of jaw and chin trimming. Doctors at Gangwhoo are deeply trained and always update the latest technologies to ensure the highest safety and quality for customers.

Application of the most modern technology and equipment in the process of jaw and chin trimming. From AI digital X-ray photography to sterile and aseptic surgical rooms, all processes are carried out with precision and advanced technology to bring optimal results for customers.

Professional and attentive service is also a point that many customers appreciate. All customers are served in the most professional way from the time customers come for examination and consultation to the surgical process and postoperative follow-up. 

Safety is always put first when Gangwhoo complies with all safety and hygiene standards during surgery. A sterile and aseptic surgical environment, safe anesthesia procedures, and close postoperative monitoring are important factors to ensure absolute safety for customers.

Effective care after jaw and chin trimming

After jaw and chin trimming, proper and technical care is very important to ensure a quick and effective recovery process. Here are some guidelines on how to care for your jaw and chin after trimming:

  • Always follow the instructions provided by your doctor. They will provide specific instructions on postoperative care and expected recovery time.
  • Wear a compression band to shape and maintain the best shape for your face.
  • Reduce pain and swelling, you can take measures such as applying cold compresses (wrapping cold compresses in thin towels) to the chin area for about 20 minutes each time, rest and raise your head while lying down to reduce pressure on the chin area.
  • Avoid eating hard foods and biting from both jaws at the same time, limit chewing and find soft, easy-to-eat foods such as soup, porridge, soft fruits, and liquid drinks.
  • Oral hygiene is very important in preventing infection. Be sure to rinse your mouth with physiological saline solution or mouthwash prescribed by your doctor after each meal and before going to bed.
  • If the doctor has prescribed medication, be sure to take them as directed. Do not stop taking medication unless allowed by your doctor.
  • Avoid activities such as exercise, climbing mountains, running during the initial recovery period.

Jaw and chin trimming is an ideal method to own a slimmer and more balanced face. There is no reason why you should not implement this solution right away to own a beautiful face as desired. Don’t hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo for advice and support as soon as possible!

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