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Is S Line Rhinoplasty Safe?

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S Line rhinoplasty is the most popular nose makeover method nowadays. Asides from the cosmetic quality, the safety of the cosmetic method is the biggest concern of customers. So is S Line rhinoplasty safe? The following article shall provide the necessary information. Please stay tuned!


S Line rhinoplasty originated in Korea, the S Line nose shape has been becoming more and more popular among many people in Vietnam nowadays. For those who love natural beauty, the S Line rhinoplasty method can give you the most natural nose shape. By combining bio-cartilage and autologous cartilage, the newly formed nose shape is not only soft but also well-proportioned and natural.

The outstanding feature of this rhinoplasty technique is that the nose bridge is shaped with moderate curvature, high elasticity, and natural. In addition, the incision shall be located between the two nostrils, so it will not leave scars and ensure high aesthetics. But is S Line rhinoplasty safe?

Is S Line Rhinoplasty Safe?
Is S Line Rhinoplasty Safe?


According to experts, any cosmetic method can be guaranteed safe if it meets all the necessary criteria. If there is a mistake at any stage, there are always complications and risks. Therefore, if you want to be guaranteed safe when having S Line rhinoplasty, it must depend on the following factors:

  • The cosmetic facility has modern and advanced equipment.
  • Highly qualified doctors with years of experience in the cosmetic industry.
  • Standard and safe rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Authentic rhinoplasty cartilage quality.
  • Proper post-operative care as instructed by the doctor.

On the contrary, if you choose an illegal cosmetic facility that has poorly qualified doctors, outdated rhinoplasty techniques, the procedure will be more dangerous and have potential complications. Customers must remember to consider thoroughly before having rhinoplasty.

S Line  Rhinoplasty
S Line  Rhinoplasty


No matter what makeover method you have on your body, it is extremely important to choose a prestigious cosmetic facility. There have been many cases where complications have occurred after having cheap rhinoplasty at an infamous cosmetic facility.
  • Poorly qualified doctors

The doctor’s qualification is an extremely essential factor that will determine 80% of the success of a surgery. Therefore, the cases in which the noses are damaged and not as beautiful as expected are performed by inexperienced and untrained doctors.

The poor quality cosmetic facilities, spas even do not have doctors to perform rhinoplasty. Usually, there are just apprentices who perform the rhinoplasty techniques for customers.

  • Poor quality rhinoplasty cartilage

Whether the S Line rhinoplasty is safe or not shall depend on the type of cartilage used. Cheap, poor quality artificial cartilage is often very hard, easy to grind, which causes cartilage to be exposed, redness on the nose, even skin perforated in the nose tip.

Not to mention the type of artificial cartilage is barely compatible with the body. When cartilage is placed in the nasal cavity, the body will continuously excrete it, which causes some phenomena such as prolonged swelling, pain, festering, bruising, etc.

  • Unlicensed cosmetic facilities
It is certain that small spas, beauty salons that provide cheap rhinoplasty are not licensed by the Ministry of Health because there is not surgical equipment, the equipment is outdated, no operating room, the operating room is not sterile and might be reused multiple times. This not only makes the nose vulnerable to infection but also exposed to dangerous infectious diseases.


Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has a team of highly qualified, experienced doctors. Gangwhoo has Doctor Phung Manh Cuong who has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry to help customers to have a more beautiful overall appearance.

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Among several rhinoplasty methods, S Line rhinoplasty is the rhinoplasty method that is the most highly evaluated by customers and experts. In particular, the biological cartilage material used shall not be eliminated due to the immune system, it also has the ability to regenerate. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about whether the S Line rhinoplasty method is safe or not at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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