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Installment Cosmetic Services – Is It Worth It?

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Installment Cosmetic Services – Makeover services nowadays have become very popular among those who want to have the most natural, beautiful, and everlasting look. Therefore, these services have been getting more and more advanced by the day. Although just comes into existence lately, installment cosmetic services have been bringing a lot of benefits for their customers.

Let Gangwhoo explains to you the details and why you shouldn’t miss this payment method.

What are installment cosmetic services?

  • Just as the name suggests, installment cosmetic services are a type of makeover that is paid by installment through many periods.
  • The cosmetic facility will cooperate with credit unions to receive payment in the form of unsecured debt. The customers will only have to pay part of the cost, while the remaining balance can be paid monthly.
  • However, to be able to take part in the installment plan, the clients must make an application and must be approved by the credit unions.
  •  Each facility offers a different interest ratio. Recently, most of them offer the 0% interest installment which brings about many great benefits for the customers.

During the installment period, the customer must remember to pay these 2 expenditures:

  • Installment cosmetic expenditure: this is the fee that the customers must pay periodically for the facility.
  • Transaction fee for the credit unions: this is the fee that the clients must pay every 1, 2, 3, 6 months, or annually.

Thanks to this installment cosmetic services, the customers can be relieved from the financial burden of getting a procedure even when they haven’t prepared enough money.

installment cosmetic services
Is installment cosmetic services worth it?

The advantages of the installment cosmetic services

  • The client doesn’t have to make a one-time purchase.
  • The patient can still undergo the makeover that they want even with just a small sum of money at the start.
  • The customer is more flexible in making payments (in small transactions periodically).
  • Most patients can make payments by credit card which offers conveniences and cost no commuting time.
  • Especially, the patient will still get to experience the same quality of services and equipment used to receive the most natural and satisfying look after the procedure.

The disadvantages of the installment cosmetic services

Although this method does bring many great benefits, it still has some drawbacks:

  • The total amount can exceed the original one-time-purchase cost.
  • The customer cannot experience other promotions and discounts.

Có dịch vụ thẩm mỹ trả góp tại BVTM Gangwhoo không? Does Gangwhoo offers installment cosmetic services?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is one of the facilities that offer installment payment with many wonderful promotions.

We guarantee the same quality of service as when you make the one-time purchase; therefore, you can have total fate in us.

We offer both the installment payment and the one-time purchase to bring about total control for our customers.

At Gangwhoo, the price list for the services is public on https://benhvienthammygangwhoo.vn/en/, making sure that our customers will not be facing any further expenditure during the procedure.

We also offer other forms of promotion for every customer.

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Where to get quality cosmetic services in 2021?

Nowadays, with the existence of many cosmetic facilities, customers’ needs for makeovers are fulfilled.

One of the reputable place for a makeover that everyone knows is Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, a facility with guarantee quality that many believes.

At Gangwhoo, we own the latest equipment and machinery and the leading experts to bring a variety of services: face makeover, body makeover, wrinkles removal, etc.

Our procedures are widely appreciated and trusted by many.

All of our customers will be served by a team of well-trained staff.

Moreover, we offer a very reasonable price with quality-warranty to bring about our customer assurance in our services.

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To receive the latest promotions and most detailed consultations, contact us today!

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