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Can Hygrophila Seeds Treat Blind Pimples? 89% Of People Doesn’t Know The Answer

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Hi doctor. I heard that using face masks made from hygrophila seeds can help to treat blind pimples effectively. I have had this condition for a long time, so I want to try this method out. It is just that I’m still a little bit worried about it. Can you tell me if hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples? Thank you.

Ms. Minh Thu (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Thu. Thank you for trusting Gangwhoo as the place to answer your question. If you also want to know if hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples, you can take a look at the article below!

Can Hygrophila Seeds Treat Blind Pimples?
Can Hygrophila Seeds Treat Blind Pimples?

What is hygrophila seed?

Hygrophila seed is a type of herb used in Chinese medicine. It can be rubbed on the regions with blind pimples to suck out the comedones, subsiding and treating acne conditions. Its scientific name is Hygrophila Salicifolia.

Hygrophila seed has very small sizes and dark brown colors. When bring soaked into water, the seeds will form an adhesive mixture that can hold on to the skin. Combining with its ability to treat acne, the mixture can be used as natural face masks.

Answer – Can hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples?

According to many studies, there is a great volume of alkaloids that can prevent inflammation and subside swelling inside of hygrophila seeds. In addition, using hygrophila seeds as face masks will help to push the comedones of the pimples and moisten the skin.

Moreover, thanks to their adhesion, using hygrophila seeds as face masks will take away all the dirt and sebaceous from deep inside the pores, helping to unclog the follicles and prevent this from happening.

This is the benefit that all blind pimples therapy products must have.

So can hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples? The answer is a solid YES. Many have used them and given positive feedback that the blind pimples condition will be much improved after some time.

Hạt ngũ hoa là phương pháp trị mụn ẩn dưới da hiệu quả
Hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples effectively

How to use hygrophila seeds face masks properly

Using hygrophila seeds as face masks is so simple that you will only have to follow the instructions below:

  • Prepare hygrophila seeds from a trustworthy source.
  • The number of hygrophila seeds will be from 20g to 30g depends on the size of the face. The seeds will be soaked in warm water in 5 minutes.
  • Clean your face and wipe it dry.
  • Once the mixture starts to become sticky, place it on the areas with blind pimples.
  • Rest until the mask dry, or for 20-30 minutes then wash your face clean with warm water.
  • Do this 2-3 times a week to get the best blind pimples therapy results.

What to remember when you use hygrophila seeds to treat blind pimples

A few small things that you must remember when treating blind pimples with hygrophila seeds are:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • Buy hygrophila seeds from trustworthy and transparent sources with good quality.
  • Always remove makeup and wash your face clean before using the masks.
  • Do not use used masks.
Lưu khi đắp mặt nạ hạt ngũ hoa để trị mụn ẩn tại nhà
What to remember when you use hygrophila seeds to treat blind pimples

Common mistakes when using hygrophila seeds for blind pimples therapy

Some mistakes that people tend to make when using hygrophila seeds to treat blind pimples are:

  • Reuse old masks.
  • Leave the mask for too long (20-30 minutes would be enough).

How many times should you use hygrophila seeds masks in a week?

Hygrophila seeds face masks have been proven to be beneficial for the skin, especially in treating blind pimples. However, to gain the maximum effects out of the product, you should do this only 2-3 times a week.

You should avoid abusing these face masks as hygrophila seeds can dry out the skin moisture, causing it to be damaged and rough.

Is using hygrophila seeds face masks daily good?

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t use these masks every day as they can cause the skin to dry and damaged. That will not only worsen the acne condition can but also make your skin look much more terrible.

Why is using hygrophila seeds make your blind pimples’ condition worse?

There are 3 reasons why using hygrophila seeds masks will make blind pimples worse. They are because you haven’t clean your face properly before using the mask, you leave the masks on too long, or you use them too frequently. All of this will cause the skin to be allergic and lose its moisture, leading to worse acne conditions.

How long should you leave the hygrophila seeds face masks on?

The best duration should be around 15-20 minutes. 30 minutes is the final threshold in case you want to leave it longer.

Big or small hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples better?

The seeds’ effectiveness in blind pimples therapy is the same regardless of their sizes. However, you should choose small seeds as they will be more cost-efficient.

Final words

You now have the answer to the question: “Can hygrophila seeds treat blind pimples?”. We hope that this answer satisfies your curiosity. If you still have any queries that need explanation, contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital right now!


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