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Dimpleplasty, Dimple Surgery Purulence – Causes And Treatments

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The Internet recently is flooded with dimple surgery purulence that leads to cheek muscle necrosis. But what are the true causes behind the dimpleplasty purulence? The information below will give you the answer to the question and the best solution to deal with the purulence problem.

Dimpleplasty purulence – What are the causes?

According to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the surgeon who has performed many cases of dimple surgeries at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, dimpleplasty is a very popular procedure in Vietnam at the moment.

This technique connects the muscle at the smiling muscle and structure under the skin using cosmetic threads. Normally, this technique limits is non-invasive and hence causes no side effects or abnormal complications.

However, for this to happen, the sanitary factors must be kept in check before, during, and after the procedure.

If the hygiene conditions are not met, the risk of having inflammation or abscess is extremely high. This is also the culprit behinds 90% of the dimpleplasty purulence (which mostly happens at low-quality clinics)

Besides, there are other reasons that cause dimple surgery purulence:

  • Unqualified surgeons with little expertise.
  • Incorrect dimple surgery technique and improper dimple measurement, causing the result to be unfitting to the customers.
  • Use non-dissolvable cosmetic threads with low quality and sanitary.
  • Improper and unhygienic post-operative care that leads to infection and purulence.

How to handle and take care of dimple surgery purulence

If there is pus at the cheeks for the first 2 weeks after the dimpleplasty, you must follow the detailed treatment guidance below:

  • Take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctors
  • Always keep your dimple clean and apply ice to subside the swelling
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water every day, as well as maintain oral hygiene
  • Minimize the amount of intensive oral muscle movements
  • Eat soft food like soup or porridge for the first 2 – 3 weeks
  • Avoid using beer, alcohol, or cigarettes
  • Attend follow-up appointments so that the doctors can monitor the recovery of the dimples and the overall health

Normally, after 5 – 7 days, the dimple will recover completely. However, the recovery time still depends greatly on the condition of each person, as well as the post-operative care. If the pain and swelling still persist after 2 weeks, you best seek doctors with expertise for diagnosis and treatments.

Dimpleplasty, Dimple Surgery Purulence

When should you have dimpleplasty purulence corrected?

If the result is unsatisfying after a dimple surgery, the customers will not get a revision surgery immediately as the muscle after being attached requires some time to become stable and healed.

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According to the doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, although dimpleplasty is a rather simple surgery, revision surgery demands much more complex techniques.

Therefore, the customers must be very careful in choosing the facility to do the new or the revision surgery as you should not attend too many surgeries that would cause severe damages, pitted scars, and cheeks deformities that are very difficult to treat.

Normally, to have dimpleplasty purulence treated, the abscess condition and the skin to be cured and recover completely. It is estimated that the dimple surgery purulence can be done 5 – 6 months after the previous surgery.

A reputable facility for dimple surgery purulence treatment

If the result of the makeover is not as anticipated, the customers might be concerned about the place to have dimple surgery purulence treatment

Pursuant to the experts working at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, dimpleplasty purulence can be treated completely, allowing the customers to witness their desired charming new look.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the experts and doctors have accepted a large number of patients with dimpleplasty purulence with bad scars and asymmetrical appearances.

With a success rate of up to 99%, our customers are always satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a reputable agency specialized in dimpleplasty that has been approved and licensed by the authority.

In addition, this is also the facility with cutting-edge machinery, sterile operation rooms, and procedures done by the hands of experienced and well-trained doctors.

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Having dimple surgery purulence is definitely not something that a normal person would want. However, you must remain calm while handling the abnormal symptoms after the procedure. The information above has provided you with the causes and the address of a place for you to get your treatment if you are having the problem.

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